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Passions Update Monday 7/9/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Sheridan is thrilled to see Gwen and wonders where she's been.  Gwen says she's not ready to talk about that yet, but when she is, Sheridan will be the first to know.  Gwen tells her that she's just here to finalize her divorce and clean up her old life because she's started a new life somewhere else.  Sheridan wonders about Ethan.  Gwen says he hasn't changed and is still chasing after Theresa.  Sheridan reminds her that Theresa is married to Jared.  Gwen says that a little thing like marriage has never stopped Theresa before.  Gwen says it will be hard because she still loves Ethan and she always will, but she deserves more.  Sheridan asks her to think about this and not let Ethan go because she'll regret it.  If anyone knows about that, it's Sheridan.

Fancy gets in to see Luis and the guard lets her on the prisoner side.  They wish this visit could be like the last one.  That one was magical.  Luis says he's going to hold on to those memories as long as he can.  When Fancy says she agrees, Luis tells her she can't, she needs to forget about him and move on.

Pilar tries to encourage Theresa to come with her to see Luis.  There may not be much time left and she should spend all the time she can with him.  Theresa knows that Luis can read her like a book and she doesn't want to upset him with her problems.  Pilar thinks maybe if she can't get through to her, Luis can.  She wants Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, but Theresa won't risk losing him.  Pilar is worried that Ethan will find out from someone else, but Theresa says they're never going to find  the blackmailer so she's not worried.  Pilar thinks she could be wrong.  Theresa says that the blackmailer is always one step ahead of everyone so no one is going to catch him.

The blackmailer tells Ethan that once he learns Theresa's secret, their love affair will be over.  Ethan says that nothing could change his love for Theresa.  The blackmailer knows that Ethan thinks he's a monster, but once he finds out Theresa's secret, he'll find out who the real monster is.  Ethan tells him to stop it.  The blackmailer agrees to put that to the test and tell Ethan the secret.

Luis wants Fancy to find someone else after he's gone.  She doesn't think she can do that.  He asks her to do it for him.

Theresa says she is torn between wanting to hide the secret and setting Luis free.  Luckily, she doesn't have to make that choice because the blackmailer will never be found.  Pilar asks her what she would do if she found the blackmailer.  Would Theresa turn him in to free her brother?

The blackmailer keeps toying with Ethan and dangling his knowledge of the secret in front of him.  Ethan tells him to just spit it out.  The blackmailer asks if he has any idea what the secret could be.  He admires Ethan's honorability for not forcing Theresa to tell him.  The blackmailer wants to tell him so they can be together.  He fantasizes about when he can pull off the mask and reveal the real person behind it.  Before he'll tell him though, the blackmailer wants to be paid.  The blackmailer wants Ethan to promise that if he tells him Theresa's secret, he will give up Theresa forever and be with him.

Luis doesn't want Fancy pining after him the way his mother did with his father.  Fancy tells him this is different, but he doesn't agree.  Luis wants her to start  a family.  Family is very important to him.  Everything she knows about family she learned from him with his mother and siblings.  Her family is not exactly known for love and support.  He asks if she's talking about Pretty and she says yes.  He tells her that since he doesn't have much time left, now might be a good time for her to tell him what happened.

Sheridan tells Gwen that if she truly loves Ethan not to give him up.  Gwen tries to change the subject by asking about Chris and James and why they left Harmony.  Sheridan says it was awful, but she's talking about Luis.  Gwen says their situations are different because Ethan loves someone else.  She has some pride.  She wants to keep some dignity.  Gwen tells her that recently she has had this overwhelming urge to kill Theresa.  Sheridan says she understands because she's had that same feeling.  It scares them both.  The demon elf says it should scare them because one or both of them is going to commit murder.  Gwen is glad she could stop herself so far.  Sheridan assumes it's because she doesn't really want to see Theresa dead, but Gwen says she just doesn't want to get caught.  She says that the feelings she has now are totally different than when she attacked Theresa before.  The demon elf says it's because his demons are too powerful.  Gwen just wants to get all this over with and leave town before she does something she'll regret.  Sheridan wants to leave, too, but Luis is on death row.  Gwen kept up with everything on the internet and can't believe that Luis did all these things.  Sheridan tells her he's being set up.  Sheridan tells her there is a way for Luis to be freed but the price is really high.

Fancy agrees to tell Luis everything that happened with Pretty.

Theresa can't believe her mother would ask her about what she would do if faced with turning in the blackmailer to save Luis or not to keep her secret from Ethan.  Pilar thinks it must be a difficult one and one she might want to discuss with Father Lonigan in confession.  Theresa is just grateful she doesn't have to make that decision.  Pilar says there is no decision to make, she should save her brother.  Theresa says it's an impossible situation because she loves both Ethan and Luis and doesn't want to lose either one of them.  She  says again that it doesn't matter because they're not going to catch the blackmailer anyway.  Pilar asks her not to talk like that because catching it is the only way to free Luis.  She tells her mother that she is praying for Luis and praying that this will all be over soon.   She also secretly prays that Ethan never learns the truth.

The blackmailer asks Ethan if they have a deal.  Ethan says no way.  The blackmailer tells him he won't want to be with Theresa once he knows her secret.  Ethan says watch me.  Ethan tells the blackmailer he's crazy.  The blackmailer then starts hearing voices from the past calling him crazy and a freak.  The blackmailer finally screams and says that he's human and he has feelings.  He thought Ethan was different and would understand him.  If he can't have Ethan's heart, no one can.

Theresa feels bad, but she really hopes that they don't find the blackmailer so that Ethan won't find out her secret.

The blackmailer tells Ethan that he's just like all the others and he hates him.  The blackmailer comes at Ethan with a knife, but Ethan manages to wrestle it away from him and put it to his throat.  The blackmailer is so upset that the man he loves thinks he's a freak.  Ethan says he never called him a freak.  He wants to know why Ethan is like this towards him because he can be so beautiful.  Ethan is afraid the blackmailer will cut his own neck.  The blackmailer doesn't care because everyone thinks he's a monster.  Ethan offers to be his friend.  The blackmailer is shocked and asks if he's serious.  Ethan says he could be his friend and wonders if he's ever had a friend.  The blackmailer doesn't know how to be a friend.  Ethan says it starts by shaking hands.  They shake hands and then the blackmailer falls into Ethan's arms sobbing.

Fancy is worried that if she tells Luis what happened between her and Pretty that he'll hate her.  Luis is sure that couldn't happen.  She is ashamed of what happened and it's pretty terrible.  She starts to tell him and then Pilar comes in.  The guard let her use the microwave since she bribed him with tamales.  She cooked Luis' favorite.  Pilar takes Fancy aside and says she heard them start to talk about Pretty.  Fancy tells her she was just about to tell Luis what happened.  Pilar begs her not to do that.  Fancy says that's funny coming from her since she always says the truth will come out.

Gwen says Sheridan should do whatever it takes to get Luis freed.  The demon elf agrees, she should kill Theresa.  Sheridan says that even if she did it, Luis  wouldn't be with her because he's still with Fancy.  Gwen says she should tell Luis about Pretty. 

Fancy can't believe that Pilar doesn't want her to tell the truth to Luis.  Normally, Pilar would, but not when it looks like he's going to be executed.  Fancy doesn't want to think about that, but Pilar says they need to look at this with open eyes.  Fancy tells Pilar that she knows it wasn't her fault and she never meant to do what happened.  Pilar only knows that after it happened, the house was filled with pain and she doesn't want to expose that to Luis.  They go back to Luis and put up a happy front.  Luis is just happy with his tamales.

Gwen tells Sheridan that if Pretty came to town and told Luis what happened, Luis would dump Fancy real quick.  Sheridan tells her that only one person knows where she is, the blackmailer.  Gwen asks if this is the weird thing she's been hearing about.  Sheridan confirms it is and the one that did all the crimes that Luis is being accused of.  Sheridan tells her that the blackmailer wants her to kill Theresa in exchange for bringing Pretty home.  The demon elf says that Sheridan will kill her and that Theresa is going to die.

Theresa gets a phone call and tells whoever is on the other end that she's on her way.

Ethan tries to console  the blackmailer.  The blackmailer is so affected by his kindness.  Ethan tells him that if he's honest with other people, he'll find there are other people who will be kind to him out there.  The blackmailer wants kindness.  Ethan tells him the only way to get that is to stop hurting people, stop doing what he's been doing.  The blackmailer wants to change.  Ethan says the first thing he needs to do is to turn himself in.  He needs to exonerate Luis.  The blackmailer's not sure.  That's a big step.  Ethan says he'll take him through every step in the process.  The blackmailer begins to cry and decides to let Ethan call Chief Bennett to end this nightmare.

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