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Passions Update Friday 6/29/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Esmeralda asks Tabitha to tell her what she wants and then be gone.  Tabitha says she owes her and she's come to collect.

Fox gets a little push from the demon elf and pulls Miguel off from making love to Kay and starts punching him.  Kay yells for help and then asks the demon elf to help.  He tells her he's just a wee little elf and can't help.

Eve comes home and fills Whitney in on what happened to Jessica, that Spike tried to bury her alive.  She tells her that Spike is in jail now and Jessica will be ok with a little loving care from her family.  Eve tells her that Valerie found her and Julian's son and is setting up a meeting.  Whitney is really happy for her.  She tells her about Theresa's good news that she might finally be with Ethan.  Whitney thinks that maybe things are finally turning around in this town.

Rebecca and Gwen walk in on Jared and Ethan fighting.  They can't believe they're fighting over Theresa.  They see Theresa lying on the floor unconscious and Rebecca wonders if they should help her.  Gwen says she'd rather die.

Esmeralda doesn't know what Tabitha is talking about that she owes her.  The other good witches discuss how horrible it is that their beloved supreme good witch has to be in the same room with the baddest witch of all.  Tabitha and Esmeralda explain that they didn't always despise each other.  They were paired up as roommates at the Royal Academy of Magic based on their personality profiles.  Tabitha figures it must have been some sadistic professor's idea of a joke.  Esmeralda thinks they thought Tabitha might learn from her.  Whatever the reason, it turned out to be a complete disaster because they are complete opposites.

Kay tries to get the demon elf to stop the fight between Fox and Miguel, but he tells her that this is the deal they made when he agreed to help her find her sister.  He gets to release his evil.  This is not what she wanted, but he says that's just tough.  Julian comes in and sees what's going on and tries to stop the fight as well.  That's the demon elf's cue to leave.  Julian tries to pry Fox off of Miguel, but Fox punches him and goes back to it.

Rebecca wonders if they shouldn't get some help because Gwen's husband is getting beat up pretty bad.  Gwen says he won't be her husband for long.  Rebecca says it doesn't have to be that way since Jared is obviously fighting for his wife.  She should fight to get Ethan back.

Eve can't wait to meet her son and feels happy but guilty at the same time that she's missed so much time with him.  She wonders what he'll look like.  Whitney hopes he takes more after Eve than Julian.  Eve says she has two gorgeous daughters so she's sure it will be fine.  Whitney goes to check on Miles and realizes he's not in his crib.  Eve reminds her that she had to go out and save Jessica so she had to leave him with someone.  After grilling her mother, Eve tells her she gave him to Chad.  Whitney can't believe she left him with Chad.  She calls Chief Bennett to report a kidnapping and asks him to meet her over at Chad's place.  Eve really doesn't think this is necessary, but goes with Whitney.

Tabitha and Esmeralda remember back to their first day of school together where it was hate at first sight.  The flashback turns into a Broadway musical with a younger Esmeralda and Tabitha singing about how perfectly frightful the other one is and how they will not work out as roommates.  There is even a chorus of other witches in nightgowns singing along.

Whitney bangs on Chad's door demanding her son.  Chad says he's sleeping.  Sam shows up and wants to know what's going on.  She tells him that Chad kidnapped her son.  Chad says he's the father and he can have him anytime he wants.  Sam wants to know what's going on with the two of them.  Eve begs Whitney not to go there, but she does and tells Sam all about Chad's affair with Vincent.  Sam asks Chad if he's gay.  Chad says he is not.

Fox apologizes to his father and says he didn't know it was him.  Julian asks what's going on and Fox tells him he walked in on Miguel making love to his wife.  Miguel says he's proud of it because it's time everyone knew that he loves her and she loves him and they're going to be together.  Fox objects to that and continues punching him.  Julian asks Kay if she sees what she's done and goes back to trying to stop the fight.

Jared becomes unpossessed but doesn't realize what happened.  Ethan goes over to check on Theresa and Jared wonders what happened to her.  Ethan tells him that he did this to her.  Gwen says that this is why she can't fight for Ethan.  Jared is not going to end up with Theresa because Ethan will not let her go.  Gwen says the joke is on Theresa, however.  Rebecca wants to know what she means by that.

Tabitha recalls that she was never in to being pretty or popular.  She was powerful.  She recalls Esmeralda and her friends making her the butt of their jokes and being mean to her because she looked and acted differently.  In order to stay away from that, she buried herself in her school work and became a more powerful witch.  We go back into Broadway musical mode and younger Tabitha sings about how she's leaving the school and that she'll get everyone back for how they've treated her.

Whitney asks Sam to arrest Chad for kidnapping.  Sam explains to her that unless a court gets involved, there's nothing he can do.  Chad gets an arrogant, told-you-so attitude.  Whitney doesn't want him anywhere near her child.  Chad says she has nothing to worry about because he loves Miles and vice versa.  Whitney is afraid that Miles will walk in on him having sex with another man the way she did.

Julian spills the beans to everyone and tells them about the deal Kay made with him to stay faithful to Fox if Julian had him released from prison.  Miguel can't believe she would sacrifice her own happiness to stay with someone she doesn't love for him.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she has a lead on where J.T.'s USB stick might be.  Rebecca loves the power she could have if she knew what was on it.

Ethan tells Jared that once the blackmailer is caught Theresa is going to leave Jared to be with him.  Jared is going to find the blackmailer so he can find out once and for all what's going on.  Theresa doesn't want that because then he'll tell Ethan the truth that he is Little Ethan's father.

Rebecca asks Gwen if she's upset that Ethan is going to end up with Theresa.  Gwen says he's not going to end up with her because Theresa is going to be dead.

Miguel thanks Kay for sacrificing her own happiness for him.  Julian tells him to save it because now that she's broken their agreement, he is going to have Spike recant his testimony to Judge Reilly.  Kay tells him he can't do that.  Julian tells her she made her bed so now she can lie in it.  The demon elf has a good laugh after watching all of this.

Tabitha remembers going back one last time to say goodbye to Esmeralda.  They decided that they had both changed each for good.  Tabitha says she trusts Esmeralda with Endora and knows she'll keep her safe.  She  asks her to help Endora the way she tried to help her.  Esmeralda says she won't make the same mistakes she made with Tabitha.  Tabitha then flies off on a broomstick as Endora waves.  We see skywriting that says "Be good, Endora.  Mummy loves you."

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