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Passions Update Thursday 6/28/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha is fixing breakfast and is worried about protecting Endora from the evil that has come to Harmony since Kay brought the demon elf to town.  Kay comes downstairs and is really happy with the way things turned out last night.  She thinks Tabitha is being a spoilsport with all of her worry talk.  She's sure that the demon elf is gone.  Meanwhile, the demon elf is out in the hallway lamenting that Kay has more powers than she knows.  He also says that Spike just didn't have enough evil to recharge his demons.  He tells the boys in the basement not to worry because he has a plan to recharge their batteries and then there will be hell to pay.  Kay is mad at the toaster for burning her finger, and Tabitha suggests she use her wonderful magic powers to make her breakfast appear.  Kay thinks that's a wonderful idea and says some chant to make scrambled eggs.  Instead of that, we hear clucking and Kay gets raw egg and shells poured on her head.  Tabitha has to laugh at how destruction follows everything that comes out of Kay's mouth.

Miguel comes upstairs to talk to Fox.  Fox wants to know what he's doing in their bedroom.  Miguel tells him that he, Fox and Kay need to clear thinks up right now.

Whitney comes over to Theresa's bedroom and says she got her message and wants to know what the good new is.  Jared comes out from behind the covers and says he wants to know what the good news is, too.  Whitney looks like she made an oops.

Ethan and Theresa are so happy and wonder if it was a dream.  Ethan says it was reality that he asked her to marry him and she said yes.  He says he has a lot to do and the first thing is to go tell Jared because it's the honorable thing to do.  Theresa tells him he can't tell Jared.

Tabitha tells Kay to look on the bright side, egg yolk is good for your hair.  Kay doesn't find it humorous.  Tabitha wishes that Kay would listen to her.  If she can't make a simple breakfast, how is she going to heal Fox?  Kay says she will.  Tabitha tells her that Endora is way ahead of here in magical training and she still makes mistakes on a daily basis.  Endora doesn't appreciate that little remark.  Kay says that she is going to use her powers and Tabitha can't stop her.  She is going to make her life perfect.  She runs off and Tabitha tries to stop her, but decides that she will just have to solve her own problems.  Endora figures the least she can do is clean her off, and Kay says thanks.  Tabitha has to figure out how to protect them from the demon elf.  She knows he's still out there causing chaos and they can't see him if he doesn't want them to.  He could be closer than they think.  He's actually right next to them and burps.

Kay comes upstairs to find Miguel and Fox fighting.  Miguel tells her that they need to clear the air.  Kay gets rid of him by telling him to get Maria to spend the day with his mom.  Fox tells her that he has a bump on his head from a painting that fell off the wall.  She remembers the walls shaking from her spell yesterday.  She tells him that she wants him to lie down and relax.  Fox thinks she wants to have sex or play a little doctor/patient like his father and Rebecca.  She asks him not to compare her to Rebecca ever again.  While he's laying with his eyes shut, she says a little spell to tell the spirits to carry his disease that has run amuck in a truck.  The demon elf is excited because he is going to use her magic to recharge his minions.

Whitney is sorry about waking up Jared.  Jared wonders where Theresa is.  Whitney says she probably went to get breakfast and she'll send her right up.  Jared says he feels odd.  He remembers having a horrible dream where Ethan asked Theresa to marry him and she said yes.

Ethan says he needs to tell Jared.  Theresa says he can't tell him.  Ethan says she must be playing another mind game with him and he's had it, they're through.

Tabitha tries to teach Endora how to protect herself by showing her how to create a beast.  She then asks Endora to make one, but she makes a puppy appear.  Tabitha realizes there's only one thing to do, but it is so drastic.

Kay thinks she might have cured Fox using her magic.  While he's asleep, she runs down to get Miguel.  The demon elf is thrilled because he can use her powers to increase his own.

Theresa asks Ethan not to tell Jared they are getting married until they catch the blackmailer and Luis is free.  After that, then they can tell, she will divorce him and marry Ethan.  Theresa says if he really loves her, he'll understand that.

Tabitha continues to try to teach Endora to protect herself.  This time she conjures up a parrot that sings opera.  That will hardly protect her.  Tabitha was hoping she wouldn't have to do this, but she has to betray her ancestors and go to a horrible place in order to protect Endora.

Kay goes to see Miguel who wants to talk to her about what's going on with them.  She says that their lives will be perfect.  He wants to know when because Fox is still around.  Kay manages to freeze him and then wonders if she should make any improvements to him while she's got him like that.  No, she decides he's perfect and that's why she loves him.  He is like a living doll.  She wonders how she should dress up her doll to fit her fantasies.  She liked the movie 300, so she decides to turn him into Sparta and asks him to attack her in a sexy way.  He ends up chasing her around the room with a spear.  Not quite what she had in mind, so she turns him back the way he was.

The demon elf sends out his recharged minions to wreak havoc on Harmony.  He's also standing by Fox and has him possessed and teaches him that Miguel must die.

Ethan agrees to keep their engagement a secret until the blackmailer is caught.  However, after that, she is getting the fastest divorce ever and they are going public with their relationship.  Theresa is ecstatic.  Whitney comes along and is happy that someone is happy.  Ethan understands that he has to keep his mouth shut but Theresa is going to tell Whitney everything.  Of course!  Before Theresa can start to tell her the good news, Whitney tells her that she just saw Jared and he's looking for her.  Theresa knows she should go tell him good morning.  But first, she has to tell Whitney that after all these years, she and Ethan are finally getting married.  Theresa tells her that there is nothing that can stand in the way of her happiness.

Jared remembers the events of the night before, but tries to convince himself it was only a dream.  Finally, he realizes it wasn't and can't believe Theresa would do this to him.  He throws a vase across the room.  Then he gets possessed and says that they will pay and keeps repeating "death."

Tabitha brings Endora to the good witch school.  There is a whole lot of sugary goodness going on with students learning how to make rainbows and candy canes and dancing the happy dance.  As soon as they see Tabitha, however, they run screaming in fright.

Kay regrets dressing her man in costumes and says it's too much like something Rebecca would do.  She decides to have him give her a massage instead.  She puts a massage table and makes a spell to make him forget what just happened.  He comes back to and wonders what happened and where the massage table came from.  Kay just thought he might want to give her a massage.  He has no interest in that and wants to know what's going on with the two of them and Fox.  Kay puts another spell on him and then all he wants to do is make love to her.

Whitney thinks it's great about Theresa and Ethan getting married, but wonders about her husband, Jared.  Theresa tells her that she asked Ethan to wait to tell him until the blackmailer is caught and Luis is freed.  Whitney can't believe Ethan was ok with that.  Theresa explains that he's not really ok with it, but he's going to do it.  Whitney tells her she just needs to tell him the truth.  Theresa tells her she can't do that until Luis is free and the blackmailer is out of commission.  Whitney wants to know what she means by "out of commission".   Theresa tries to tell her she meant once he's in jail, but Whitney knows she meant that she hopes he dies so he won't be able to tell Ethan the truth.  She hopes they get the truth out of him and then kill him.  Whitney tells her it's a pipe dream.  Theresa says she knows, but the only threat to her and Ethan right now is the blackmailer.

Ethan is talking to the office telling them he'll be in soon.  Jared comes in behind him and without a word just hits him with an uppercut and knocks Ethan to the floor.  Then Jared tells him that he'll pay.

Tabitha asks for Endora's help to calm everyone down.  Endora conjures up some unicorns and butterflies.  Everyone wants to know how the baddest witch can create those.  Tabitha interrupts them and says that she is still a bad bad witch, but that she might (emphasis on might) be raising a good witch.  She needs their help to teach Endora how to protect herself.  They have to go get the one person who can approve of Endora being in the school.  They're worried about this since these two have a long standing rivalry.  Tabitha can't believe the horrible thing she's doing for love.

As a possessed Fox looks on as Miguel makes love to his wife, the demon elf encourages him to do something about it.  Fox decides that Miguel must die.

Theresa hopes that Whitney can be happy for her.  She's trying but she's worried about her.  Finally she realizes that with all the evil that's going on around there, someone deserves to beat the odds.  Theresa  asks her to pray that nothing else is out there that could tear them apart.

Ethan wants to know what is going on with Jared.  He looks strange and knows that something is not right.  Then Jared lifts him up and throws him across the room.  He tells Ethan he will pay.

The other witches are excited about the fireworks that might happen between Tabitha and the head of the school.  Then Esmeralda arrives in a ball of light and seems pleased to see Tabitha again.

The demon elf continues encouraging Fox to kill Miguel.  Fox keeps talking about it but won't due it without another little push.  Fox rips Miguel off of Kay, throws him to the floor and starts punching him.  Kay screams for help.

Ethan asks Jared if he's trying to kill him.  Jared just hits him some more.  Theresa comes in and tries to stop Jared, who then throws her across the room.  She hits her head on an end table and goes down unconscious.  Ethan tries to go and help her but Jared puts him in a headlock and starts to strangle him.  The demon minions swirl overheard and laugh in delight.

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