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Passions Update Wednesday 6/27/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Suzanne

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.  Also, it may be late.**

Tabitha explains to Kay that the demon elf has unleashed his minions on Harmony to wreak havoc and cause those with anger and hate to do horrible things.  Kay can't believe what she's done.  She has caused all this and her sister isn't even alive.  Tabitha tells her she tried to warn her and it doesn't even look like her prayers worked.  Sam tries to bring his daughter back to life, but there's still no pulse.  Spike secretly hopes she doesn't come back to life cause then she would pin this on him.  He still maintains his innocence but Noah and Paloma know he's lying.  The demon elf reports that his minions are possessing some of Harmony's more angry inhabitants and soon his power will grow more powerful.

Sheridan at first tells the blackmailer she can't kill Theresa, but then she is possessed by one of the demon elf's minions and says that she'll be happy to kill Theresa.  The blackmailer is happy that now they'll both get what they want.

Jared is also possessed and says that Ethan must die.

Theresa asks Ethan to be patient and wait for her.  She can't leave Jared right now or else the blackmailer will expose her secret.  He suggests that she beat the blackmailer to the punch and just go ahead and tell him her secret.  She says she can't do that.  Well, then he has to assume that Gwen was right when she told him that Theresa has caused him nothing but heartache all these years and he should just cut his losses and walk away.  Theresa says Gwen should shut up and mind her own business.

Gwen is possessed by a demon elf minion and decides she must kill Theresa.  Rebecca asks her to wait so she can get it on video and they can post it up on YouTube so everyone can watch.  Gwen says Theresa must die tonight.

Eve arrives to help save Jessica, but she fears it may be too late.  Spike still denies accusations that he buried her alive.  The demon elf is upset because if Eve saves Jessica, his minions will lose their power to cause murder and mayhem.  Kay begs Dr. Russell to save Jessica since losing her would mean hell for so many people.

The blackmailer is thrilled that Sheridan wants to kill Theresa and says they should do it now while she's still in the mood.  He offers several suggestions on how she could do it, but she says she'll decide when they get there.  The blackmailer suggests she smother her and then frame Jared for it.

Jared continues to say that Ethan must die.

Theresa begs Ethan not to stay, and he asks her for one reason not to.  She tells him she loves him and wants to be a family with him, Jane and Little Ethan.  He says that will be difficult since she's married to Jared.  She reminds him that she was forced to do it or else her secret will be exposed and her brother, Luis, will be executed.  Ethan is more upset that she's trying to have Jared's baby due to the blackmailer.  She's not using protection and if tonight was any indication, she'll be pregnant in no time.  She knows he heard them.  Yes, he did and he even imitates her.  She remembers being sick every time she heard him having sex with Gwen.  Ethan says that Gwen was his wife at the time so what did she expect.  Theresa reminds him that Jared is her husband so what does he expect?  Ethan knows and he can't be around it anymore because it's killing him.

Gwen continues to repeat that she must kill Theresa.  Rebecca asks her how they should do it.  Rebecca finally realizes that her daughter is acting a little strange and asks if she's all right. She starts to scream as Gwen starts choking her.

Miguel comforts Kay ask it looks like nothing is working to save Jessica.  Officer Benson tells Spike that once the guys at the station find out that he killed Chief Bennett's daughter, he shouldn't plan on making it out of there alive.  Suddenly, Jessica starts to cough and breath.  Everyone is elated at the heroic efforts of Dr. Russell.  Everyone except the demon elf.  Now his minions won't have enough power to cause mortals to commit murder.  Tabitha says it looks like their prayers were answered. 

Gwen is unpossessed by the demon elf minion and awakes to find her hands on her mother's throat.  She doesn't even remember her mother being there.  Rebecca chalks it up to Theresa driving her crazy again and all the stress she's been under.  Gwen tells her that she almost told Ethan about them spilling the beans about his paternity to the tabloids.  Rebecca thinks she's lost her mind again.  Gwen just wanted to do it to turn him against Theresa, but Rebecca thinks Theresa would use it against them to convince Ethan that they lie about everything.  Gwen sees what's she's saying and decides it was a bad idea, but Ethan didn't want to hear it anyway.  He just wants to know Theresa's secret.  Rebecca wants to know it, too, so they could use it to turn Ethan against her.

Ethan tells Theresa that he can't keep putting his heart out there if she's not free to take it.  He can't wait any longer and he has tried.  Maybe if she had said yes to what he was going to ask her, things might be different.  Theresa wants to know what he was going to ask her.

Paloma is so happy their prayers were answered and Jessica is alive.  Kay notices that the demon elf is not too happy.  Tabitha reminds her that all he has to do is find another source of evil to bring back his powers.  Spike tries to act like he loves Jessica and that he is going to work with "Dad" to find out who did this to her.  She slaps him and kicks him in the groin.  She then outs him as the one who drugged her and buried her alive.  Sam arrests him for kidnapping and attempted murder.  Spike tries to plea with him and Sam tells him never to call him Dad again.   The demon elf decides that Spike is chock full of evil and might be just the one to bring his minions back to power.

Jared becomes unpossessed and wonders why he's there.  Has he been sleep walking?

Sheridan and the blackmailer start to go up to the mansion to kill Theresa, but then she is unpossessed by the demon elf minion and wonders what she is doing.  She goes back to telling him/her that she cannot kill Theresa, no matter how badly she wants to be with Luis.  The blackmailer said he heard her say she would do it.  Sheridan doesn't remember saying that.  The blackmailer thinks she's accusing him/her of being crazy and gets angry.  He tells her that she lied to him and nobody lies to him.  He then starts to strangle her.

Rebecca tells Gwen that they have to find J.T.'s USB stick to find the secret that Theresa's hiding.  Not only can they find out her secret, but they can protect their own and save their own "firm" behinds.

Theresa wants to know what Ethan was going to ask her tonight.  Ethan says it doesn't matter anymore.  Theresa says it matters to her.  He pulls out a ring box with a big diamond ring in it and asks her to take a big guess.  Gwen sees this through the window and can't believe what he's doing.  Rebecca feels sorry for poor Jared.

Spike tries to tell everyone that Jessica is crazy and that he would never try to drug her and bury her alive because she's his wife.  Sam tells him to shut his mouth.  Tabitha tells him he did because that's how evil he is.  Sam tells Benson to get this animal back to his cage where he belongs.  Spike continues to yell for Jessica and tells her he loves her.  All of Jessica's friends and family are so happy to have her back and tell her she has a new lease on life without Spike.  Eve doesn't want to imagine what evil Spike could do if he is capable of burying his own wife alive.  Miguel asks if she knows why Spike would do this.  She really can't say.  Kay goes back to be with Maria and asks Miguel to stay there and help Jessica get back home.  On the way home, Kay says that all's well that ends well.  Tabitha is not sure they're done with what started tonight.  Kay wants to know what.  Tabitha's not sure, but is sure it involves the demon elf. 

The demon elf is waiting for Spike as he's brought to his cell.  Sam tells Spike to get used to living behind these bars because even if he has to kill him himself, he will never be a free man again.  Spike says we'll see about that.  Sam asks Benson to watch him, and if he causes him any trouble, to shoot him.  The demon elf starts talking to Spike, even though Spike can't see or hear him.  The elf wonders if he has what it takes to be evil enough.  He starts sniffing him and realizes he's done drugs, pimped out his wife, and killed more than one person.  He decides his minions will have evil enough to spare.  The little demons start coming into the cell and Spike collapses on the floor.

Sheridan tells the blackmailer to get away from her because she is not killing Theresa.  They get in each other's faces and Sheridan ends up pulling away the blackmailer's disguise.  It's obvious she recognizes who it is.

Jared wonders why he's downstairs and where is Theresa.

Gwen tells Rebecca that Ethan can't propose to Theresa because she's married.  Rebecca thinks it would be nice to have two husbands so they could take turns in the sack.  Gwen tries to get her to be serious.  Gwen wonders what kind of hold that slut has on him.  Rebecca thinks it's more of a firm grip if she knows what she means.  Gwen tells her to shut up.

Theresa gasps as she sees the ring.  Jared, who stays off to the side, says that Ethan has some nerve hitting on his wife.  Ethan says that he was going to ask her to marry him but she's made it clear that she's going to stay with Jared.  Jared says that's right because she loves him.  Theresa tells Ethan to wait and says yes, she'll marry him.  Jared and Gwen both say, "What?"  Ethan asks her to repeat that and she says that she will marry him.

Sheridan is both shocked and surprised now that she knows who the blackmailer is.  She has to get him/her to Sam so he can be arrested and Luis can be free.  The blackmailer tells her she doesn't know what she's doing.  Sheridan knows exactly what she's doing.  She is going to save the man she loves.

Kay is very impressed with her powers and wishes she had known about them a long time ago to solve all her problems.  Tabitha says she only would have created new ones.  She still needs to fix the problem with Fox.  Tabitha asks her to sort out one trouble at a time as they still have the demon elf to deal with.  Kay says that if he doesn't have any evil to feed on, then he can't do anything.  Tabitha isn't so sure he doesn't.  Kay tells her they listened to the radio on the way home and didn't hear of any murder or mayhem.  Still, Tabitha wants to protect their daughters so she puts a protective spell around their house.  Kay thinks she's being a little overprotective.  Tabitha goes in to fill in Endora on what's happened tonight.  She explains to her that the demon elf is not the same as them and are trouble for witches and mortals.

The demon elf gathers his little demons and tells them to get the evil from Spike and then fly to do unholy acts.  Spike shakes around and then stands up and looks at Benson.  Benson sees Spike's totally black eyes and wonders what the hell is going on.  Spike then roars at him.

Gwen can't believe Theresa would accept Ethan's proposal when she already has a husband.  Theresa tells Ethan that she's the man she loves and the man she wants to be with.  Jared hears all of this and can't believe that Theresa would do this to him.  She told him he was the only man in her heart.  How could she be such a two faced lying bitch?  Gwen says if she had a wood chipper, she would feed Theresa to it.  The demons take advantage of Gwen and Jared's hate and possess them again so that they want to see Ethan and Theresa dead.  Ethan and Theresa, meanwhile, are hugging and kissing and thrilled that they are going to get married. 

Tabitha tries to show Kay that evil could still be lurking around waiting to get them, but Kay is too happy in what she's done tonight and doesn't see any bad consequences to what she did.  Suddenly, Tabitha hears some growling and knows that evil is lurking around.  Tabitha tells Endora that the next thing she is going to do will have the toes of their ancestors curling.

Sam thinks that Jessica should go to the hospital, but Eve says it's ok if she goes home to her own bed as long as she's monitored and tells her if anything happens.  Noah, Paloma, Simone and Miguel assure her that they'll all look after her.  Sam thanks Eve for himself and for Grace.  Sam goes back to the cell and wonders what he should do to Spike after what he did to his little girl.  He finds that Benson is not at his desk and that the door to the cell is laying on the desk and the bars have been pried open.  When he looks in the cell, he finds Benson wrapped in the prison bars and hanging on the back of the bed. 

The blackmailer tells Sheridan that if she turns him in to Chief Bennett, then Luis will be free.  Well, that's what she wants.  However, the blackmailer tells her, he'll be free to be with Fancy.  He tells her that if she doesn't tell about his identity, then he/she will help her get Pretty who will tear Luis away from Fancy.   The blackmailer asks if they have a deal.

Theresa tells Ethan she is going to divorce Jared and marry him.  Gwen tells Rebecca that she has to kill Theresa after everything she's done to her.  Rebecca is all tingly just thinking about it.  Jared says that Ethan will die by his hand. 

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