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Passions Update Tuesday 6/26/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Suzanne

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Sam questions Spike about the dirt on his shoes.  Spike claims he was working in his yard.  Sam tells him he doesn't have a yard.  Then Spike changes it to a community garden or planting herbs.  Sam asks him if it was marijuana.  Spike responds that that would be illegal.  Sam tells him to cut out the sarcasm or he will take him in the back room and make him talk.  Spike says he can't talk about something he doesn't know.  Miguel comes in with a shovel caked with red clay, the same clay that is on his shoes.  Spike tells himself that they're going to find Jessica, but not alive.

Tabitha can't believe that Kay paid the demon elf with a drop of her blood. Kay says it's the only way he would lead her to Jessica.  Tabitha tells her that he may lead her to Jessica, but it could be after she's dead.  Kay yells at the demon elf that he didn't tell her that.  The demon elf just laughs and says "oops, my bad."

Gwen comes by to see Jane.  Ethan says he's too tired and it's too late to start discussing custody matters.  Gwen notices that he looks more upset than tired.  Ethan says he is because Jared came over to the Russell's and accused him of chasing Theresa.  Gwen says that because he is.  She says that that is what she hoped would happen when she sent Jared over there.  Ethan can't believe she did that.  Gwen tells him she is trying to save him.

Jared wants to know if Theresa still loves Ethan.  He wants to know if he's the only man in her heart.

The blackmailer will tell Sheridan where Pretty is if she kills Theresa.  Once Pretty tells Luis what Fancy did to her, he won't want to be with her and he'll come back to Sheridan.

Sam keeps questioning Spike and wanting to know if he killed Jessica.  Paloma says that if Sam knew Jessica was pregnant with Spike's baby, he'd kill him.  Simone agrees.  Sam kicks Spike in the chest so he falls to the floor.  Then he slams the shovel down on the floor near Spike's head.  Both Noah and Spike are shocked.  Paloma takes a call at headquarters about fire and strange sounds coming from the woods where they just were.  Sam wonders if some of Spike's friends are  burning evidence for him.  Spike honestly knows nothing about a fire.  They all head down there to see what's going on.

Kay finally realizes that maybe asking the demon elf to help her was a mistake.  Tabitha tells her she should have realized that when she told her not to listen to him.  Kay asks the elf to tell her where her sister is.  He says Kay has to help him a little bit more.  Kay tells him that they had a deal and he better keep up his part.  When he won't, she whines to Tabitha to make him help her.  Tabitha says she can't because these elves answer only to "big red".  We then see Jessica's spirit floating out of the coffin.  She is holding her baby and watching what is going on with Tabitha, Kay  and the elf.  She realizes that she and her baby didn't make it out of the crate alive, but it is ok because they're going to a better place.  She also realizes that Spike was right about Tabitha being a witch and had him locked in her basement.  She's glad because he deserved that a lot worse for killing her and her baby.

Theresa remembers making the deal with the blackmailer to be loyal to Jared as a wife and to give up on Ethan.  She tells Jared that she's wearing his ring and necklace and she wants to have his baby.  She doesn't know what else to do so that he's not insecure.  Jared decides to let it go and just live in bliss.  He wants to make love to his wife and all she can think about is wishing Ethan were there instead.

Gwen says sending Jared over there was her idea of doing him a favor.  Ethan tells her to stop doing him favors.  She is trying to save him from himself because Theresa has only caused him pain.  Ethan doesn't think she has a right to judge Theresa after she walked out on him and their marriage.  Gwen says that after everything Theresa did to her, she couldn't take it anymore.  Ethan realizes he has to take some responsibility for what happened but he loves Theresa.  Gwen reminds him of all the men she has been married to.  Just then Ethan hears her love moans to Jared.  Gwen wants to know why he keeps letting her tear his heart out like this.  Theresa wants to tell Ethan she's sorry.

Kay asks the demon elf to tell her where Jessica is.  He only tells her that she's a lot closer than you think.  Spirit Jessica tells her it's too late, but it's ok.  Tabitha tells Kay that the elf is stalling because the longer it takes to find Jessica, the stronger his evil powers will be on the citizens of Harmony.  Kay doesn't think that's fair, and the elf responds that evil never is.  Sam, Paloma and Noah come along so Tabitha and the elf go to hide.  The elf has to hide because their powers will weaken if mortals see them.  Kay tells her dad that she built a fire for Jessica in case she was lost so she could find her way.  They tell Kay that they came back because they found a shovel and they think Spike used it to bury Jessica.  Kay tells her father that she thinks Jessica is close by because she heard her in her mind earlier.  She refuses to believe that she's dead.  Sam demands Spike tell him where Jessica is.  He says he doesn't know and spirit Jessica tells him he's a liar.  Sam starts digging with the shovel.  Noah asks him what he's doing.  He can't just start digging and hope to find Jessica.  Sam says he's digging a grave for Spike.  If Spike doesn't tell him where she is, he's going to bury him alive.

Sheridan says she can't kill anyone.  The blackmailer responds that of course she can, she's a Crane.  Just because her father could kill, doesn't mean she can.  The blackmailer reminds her that she was willing to let him kill Fancy and she only stopped him so she'd look good in front of Chief Bennett.  Sheridan admits she's done some horrible things to keep Fancy and Luis apart, but she's never taken a life.  The blackmailer asks her to think of it as doing good for society since Theresa has done nothing but cause misery and pain.  If she would put Theresa out of her misery, the blackmailer would see to it that Luis would have his life back and she could share it with him.

The demon elf goes ahead and tells Kay where Jessica is buried since she's already dead.  Kay runs over and tells everyone where she is.  Simone remarks that this is gruesome.  Noah asks Spike if this is  where he buried his sister.  Spike acts innocent.  Miguel asks them to save their strength for digging.  Kay asks her dad to hurry before it's too late.  Spirit Jessica says they already are too late.

The blackmailer tells Sheridan that he wants Theresa dead so he can have Ethan all to himself.

Ethan tells Gwen that he loves Theresa and she loves him.  Gwen says if that were true, then there should be no secrets between them, and Theresa is keeping a big secret from him.  Ethan reminds her that she was keeping one from him, too.  Gwen remembers when she admitted to Theresa that she was the one who gave Ethan's true paternity information to the tabloids.  She says that now that their marriage is over, she can tell him what that secret was.

Jessica says that she tried to hold on as long as she could.  Spike wonders how Kay knew where to dig.  The elf says he told her.  He smacks Spike who yells and the officer tells him to be quiet.  Kay yells at the demon elf that he said they would find Jessica.  He never told her they would find her alive.  Kay asks Tabitha what they should do.  Against Tabitha's better judgment,  she says they should pray.  They all start praying the Lord's Prayer.  The elf is mad because the prayers are saving Jessica's life.  They finally see the coffin.

Sheridan tells the blackmailer that Ethan loves Theresa.  He/she tells her that he loves him/her.  Sheridan thinks he/she is insane to think Ethan loves it.  It thinks Sheridan is insane for thinking Luis loves her after seeing him make love to Fancy.  Sheridan chalks that off to Luis being executed so anything looks good.  The blackmailer decides he/she can think Ethan loves it and Sheridan can think Luis loves her.  They can be together if she kills Theresa.  Deal or no deal?

The demon elf can't believe that Jessica might be alive since she was on her way to the afterlife before.  Tabitha tells him that prayer is a very powerful thing.  The elf can't believe what he's hearing from a supposed bad witch.  She reiterates that she is a bad witch as were all her ancestors.  Tabitha worries about how Kay is going to deal with the guilt of having unleashed hell on Harmony.  Kay wonders if Jessica is still alive.  Tabitha  says she's alerted you-know-who, it's up to him now.  Spike hopes she's dead.

Sheridan asks the blackmailer why he doesn't kill Theresa himself.  He/she asks why they must do everything themselves.  He will cover her tracks, he'll bring Pretty out to tell the truth and Sheridan will have her one true love.  Sheridan thinks it might be doable when he/she explains it like that.  But Sheridan still can't do it because it Luis ever found out....If she doesn't do this then Luis will be executed  and she'll lose the man she truly loves.  Is that what she wants?

Gwen begins to tell Ethan her secret, but he decides he doesn't want to know after all.  He doesn't want to know anything else that's going to make him angry.  He just wants to end up with Theresa, but doesn't know if that's going to happen before Theresa ends up pregnant because of the blackmailer.  Gwen leaves but realizes she has forgotten to talk with Ethan about arrangements with Jane.  She also doesn't know how she's going to save Ethan.

Jessica is not breathing and there is no pulse.  The demon elf sends his minions out to wreak evil in Harmony.  They will give those who hate and are angry that little push they need to do evil.

Sheridan says she can't kill Theresa even if the blackmailer gives her the tools to do it.  However, then Sheridan is possessed by one of the elf minions and says she'll enjoy killing Theresa.

Gwen is also possessed and decides she wants to kill Theresa.

Jared is also possessed and decides he has to kill Ethan.

Ethan tells Theresa that he's tired of her telling him she loves him and then running back to Ethan.  He's not going to take it anymore, and he's walking out of there and never looking back.

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