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Passions Update Monday 6/25/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Suzanne

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha goes yelling for Jessica.  She has to find her before Kay makes a deal with the demon elf.  She has no idea what sort of terror will be unleashed on Harmony if she does.

Kay tells the demon elf to do whatever he has to do to save Jessica.  He says she has made the right decision.  She hopes that Tabitha isn't right about him.

Jessica realizes that no one is out looking for her and that she and her baby are going to die buried alive.

As Sheridan looks at a picture of her and Luis, she tells herself that she doesn't care what she has to do to Fancy.  Luis belongs with her.

A kind officer gives Luis and Fancy a night alone.  Fancy promises he will be rewarded for his kindness.  We see the camera in the shower room watching their every move.

Gwen  comes home and has a great greeting from Rebecca.  Rebecca is so happy to see her because she thought she was a lost cause.  She's glad to see she still has some fight left in her.  Gwen doesn't know what she's talking about. Rebecca says they need to plan a strategy to get Ethan back and get their marriage back on track.  Gwen just sighs at her mother.

Theresa tries to convince Ethan that Gwen is crazy.  Ethan say that a lot of what Gwen said made sense and is true.  They are finally free to be together and Theresa married another man.  He wants to know why.  The blackmailer is listening and laughs that soon Ethan will give up on her and want to be with him/her.

Luis was hoping that the first time they made love it would be somewhere a little more romantic.  Fancy says she doesn't care where they are.  She can hear the music and smell the flowers because she loves him.  He says he loves her more than he has any other woman.

Officer Jackson calls Sheridan and she wants to know when she can see Luis because she paid him good money.  He tells her that Luis already has a visitor tonight, and Sheridan doesn't have to guess who that is.  Officer Jackson tells her about the video camera, but Sheridan doesn't want to watch Luis with another woman, she wants to be with him.  He sends her the video stream on her cell phone anyway.  Sheridan is furious.

Rebecca is shocked to hear Gwen say she doesn't want Ethan back.  She is just here to finalize her divorce, then she's leaving Harmony as a free woman.  She doesn't want to be with the kind of man that Ethan is.  She thought he had honesty and integrity, but instead he is being led around by a woman who lies and manipulates.  Jared comes down and they exchange pleasantries.  Gwen tells him that she just saw Theresa who is still at the Russell's.  Jared tells her that Theresa went over there to comfort Whitney, but Gwen tells him it looked like Theresa was the one who needed comforting.  He, of course, rushes over there.  Rebecca explains that Jared is going to find Ethan and Theresa in a liplock.  Gwen says that's why she sent him over there.  Rebecca is so proud of her daughter's badness.

Ethan doesn't understand how the blackmailer could force Theresa to marry someone she doesn't love.  She says it's only until they catch the blackmailer, get him to admit to all the crimes, and then get Luis off of death row.  Then they will be together because she loves him with all of her.  He loves her, too.  The blackmailer is furious and says Theresa will never have Ethan.

The demon elf is ready to help Kay but he wants his payment first.  She realizes he's not talking about money.  Tabitha comes running in because she realized that the elf lied to get her out of the way.  She begs Kay not to do anything it tells her or she'll regret it.

Jessica is panicking because her flashlight is going out and she's running out of air.  She tries to breath calmly so she can save her air.

Kay feels she has to do whatever is necessary to save her sister because she feels it's her fault that Jessica's life went downhill.  This never would have happened if she hadn't kept Ivy's secret about David being her mother's long lost husband and had Grace leave.  Tabitha tells her that this is not entirely her fault, and this is not the way to handle things.  Her entire family is out looking for her and they will find her.  The elf tells them that they won't find her in time. 

Jessica sees a light and thinks she's being saved.  Then she hears the voice of her mother.

Sheridan doesn't understand how Luis could do this to her.  She knows he loves her, not Fancy.  She watches them as they declare their love for each other.  Sheridan says she's not going to put up with this.  The blackmailer shows up in her house.  She wants to know how he/she got in with all the guards.  The blackmailer can go anywhere he/she wants.

Jared catches Ethan and Theresa together.  He tells Ethan to get his hands off his wife and they fight.  Theresa tells Jared to stop.

Gwen doesn't want to fight for Ethan, for a man who is in love with another woman.  She deserves more than that.  She wants to keep her self-respect.  Gwen says there's nothing like having a man that you know is never going to leave you.  Rebecca wonders if she's found another man.  Gwen says the only thing that matters right now is getting her divorce finalized and holding her little girl, Jane.

Theresa asks Jared and Ethan to stop fighting.  Jared is sick of Ethan continuing to come on to his wife.  He asks him to realize that Theresa chose him and loves him.  Ethan says he thinks Theresa has something to say about that, but she remembers the warning from the blackmailer and refuses to say anything.  Ethan leaves.  Jared asks Theresa if it really was Ethan that came on to her or was it the other way around.

The blackmailer tells Sheridan that he can save Luis and make sure she gets him back.  He can eliminate Fancy.  Sheridan is tempted by the offer.

Grace tells Jessica that she's there to take her home.  Jessica is relieved.

Tabitha begs Kay not to listen to the demon elf.  Kay has to because her sister is dying. Tabitha goes out to look for her but asks Kay not to do anything until she gets back.  The demon elf is glad they got rid of her.  Now they can get started.  He needs a drop of Kay's blood.

Fancy promises Luis that she is going to find the blackmailer and get him to confess to everything.  She asks Luis not to give up hope.  He says hope is the only thing keeping him going, that and thinking about the life he could have with Fancy.

Sheridan does want Luis back, but she doesn't want Fancy hurt or killed.  The blackmailer says he doesn't have to do that, and he's surprised that Sheridan hasn't thought of it since she brought it up at Luis' trial.  He can bring Fancy's sister, Pretty, back.

Kay gives in to the elf and gives him her blood.  Tabitha realizes she's been tricked again and heads back, but  it's too late.  Kay asks where her sister is, but Tabitha tells her that the elf doesn't know.  He is just using her to wreak havoc all over Harmony.  The elf is surprised that Tabitha isn't happier with all this evil, or is it true that she's turned into a good witch.  Tabitha denies it.  She just doesn't want to see one of their own in misery.

Grace tells Jessica it's time for her to come with her, to come home.

Gwen calls and asks if "he's" there.  She tells whoever is on the phone to tell him she loves him very much.  She says she'll be back soon but she's not leaving until she gets what she came for.

Ethan doesn't know how much more of this he can take.

Theresa evades Jared's question about whether or not she came on to Ethan.  She thinks they need to focus on their relationship.  He loves her and thinks to himself if he lost her, he could kill.

Sheridan realizes that if Pretty told Luis what Fancy did to her, it could kill his love for Fancy.  Sheridan will do whatever it takes to make that happen.  The blackmailer wants her to kill Theresa.

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