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Passions Update Wednesday 6/20/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Simone is disappointed to learn that Jessica is not with Kay.  They think Spike has kidnapped her again.  Tabitha is not impressed by his lack of imagination.  Noah's not sure what Spike might do since he knows they're on to him.  He'd do anything to bury the truth.

Spike leaves a buried-alive Jessica and wishes her luck, though he wouldn't want to be her right now.

Julian wonders what Conrad is doing there working so late.  Conrad explains that he is divorced and everyone, even his dog, hates him.  It was either drink or work, and he chose work.

A woman asks Ivy at a bar if she is divorced or widowed.  Ivy answers divorced and the woman welcomes her to the club.  She says they are all either divorced or widowed around  here.  Can't Ivy smell the desparation?

Someone is following Ethan.

Theresa and Whitney realize that Rocky Road ice cream doesn't quite work like it did in junior high and high school.  They don't think it will help them get over Chad sleeping with Vincent and Theresa marrying Jared instead of Ethan.  Theresa doesn't know if she wants the blackmailer caught or not. She does because she wants her brother free, but if he/she is caught, then Ethan will find out that he is Little Ethan's father. 

Sam tells Sheridan and Fancy that he has the blackmailer trapped in Eve's office.  Fancy is relieved because then they can get it to confess that Luis is innocent.

Noah decides to get his dad and the police involved in looking for Jessica.  Kay asks Tabitha to hurry with the memory erasing spell on Miguel so he can help in the search.  When he finally is done, she asks him to meet Noah, Paloma and Simone down at the wharf to help in the search.  She's not going to go because there's more she can do there at home.  Tabitha hopes that doesn't mean she plans on doing more magic.

Spike is joking around about how he was kidding about burying Jessica alive.  Then he said he was just kidding and closes the lid.

Jessica is starting to wake up.

Ethan asks Chad why he was following him.  Chad says he wasn't, he was just taking a walk.  Ethan says he's been followed all night.

Sam wants to wait for backup, but Fancy doesn't think they should wait any longer.  Sam orders a forensics team and deputizes Fancy so she can help.  Sheridan is excited as they get ready to break down the door.  They are finally going to learn the identity of the blackmailer.

Julian tells Conrad that he knows he hasn't been a caring boss in the past, but he wants to change that.  He wants to hear what is upsetting Conrad.  Conrad doesn't think he'll understand because he's had everything handed to him and he can have any woman he wants.  Conrad is clearly depressed and says he likes his job, but it doesn't keep him warm at night.  Julian thinks they have more in common than he thinks.

Ivy tells the woman at the bar that she is far from desperate.  The woman warns her that the single life and dating gets old.  All men their age want is a younger woman because they're all bastards.  Ivy just sighs.

Chad has lost everything, and he knows it's his fault because he couldn't stop seeing Vincent.  Ethan tells him that secrets always come out.  He knows that Theresa has another secret that she won't tell him and he's afraid it will blow up in his face.

Whitney thinks Theresa should go tell Ethan her secret right now before he finds out from Julian or the blackmailer.  Theresa doesn't think Julian will tell because he's got what he wants and she hopes they  kill the blackmailer as soon as they catch it.  Of course, if that happens, then Luis won't be cleared.  Whitney wonders if she would rather keep her secret than see Luis get cleared.

Fancy and Sheridan ask Sam to try not to kill the blackmailer when he goes in because it is the only chance they have of freeing Luis.  He says he has to keep everyone's safety in mind.  When he breaks the door down, he finds the blackmailer gone, but Valerie is there crying.  She came to see Eve and someone jumped her.  Fancy and Sheridan tell her she's lucky because it could have been worse.  Valerie doesn't feel lucky. 

Tabitha tries to get Kay to stop thinking about using her powers.  She needs to get out there with everyone else and start looking.  If she keeps using her powers without knowing what she's doing, she could hurt the whole town.

Miguel shows up but no one has found Jessica yet.  They see Spike come along whistling and Noah jumps him.

Jessica wakes up and wonders where she is.

Conrad asks Julian if he wants Chinese take out.  Conrad says he has a whole drawer full of takeout menus.  He misses the days when his wife had dinner waiting for him and he'd go kiss the kids.  That would make all the hard work seem worth it.  He took his marriage for granted and didn't work at it like you're supposed to.  It's too late now.  Conrad apologizes for dumping all of this on his boss.

Sam finds out that a guard at the hospital left his post for a minute and then saw a side door closing.  They realize this must have been the blackmailer getting away.   Fancy remarks that it is like a ghost disappearing into thin air.

Theresa promises that she will eventually tell Ethan the truth, but she has to wait for the right time.  She tells Whitney that Father Lonigan will not give her absolution until she does.  Whitney decides she'll keep the lecturing to herself, which Theresa has to laugh about as being a first.  Miles comes in and Whitney reminds him that he's supposed to be sleeping.  Theresa thinks he wants his daddy, but Whitney can't help that.  She tells Miles that she'll take a picture of the two of them and send it to his daddy, but she really has no intention of sending it.  Whitney and Miles share ice cream and Theresa is happy to see her smile.  Whitney says that you can't help it with Rocky Road.

Ethan tells Chad he needs to give Whitney a little space.  Chad is excited when he gets the picture from Whitney of her and Miles.  He thinks this is a sign, and he has to rush right over to see her.  Ethan thinks it's a big mistake and wants to go with him.  Chad says fine, but it's not a mistake.  Ethan still feels like someone is following him.

Valerie can't remember anything about her attacker.  Sheridan asks her to think and then apologizes for her behavior.  Sam then gets a message from Noah that Jessica has disappeared.  He curses Spike.  He goes down to help find her.  Sheridan says she wouldn't be surprised if the blackmailer had something to do with Jessica's disappearance.

Miguel catches Spike and demands to know where Jessica is.

Tabitha asks Kay not to do any more magic tonight to find Jessica.  Kay says she won't, but asks Tabitha to check her magic bowl to see if she can find her on there.  Tabitha agrees.  When she leaves the room, Kay starts looking through the spell book and finds something that might work.

Jessica wonders where she is and yells for Spike.  Then she starts yelling for help.

Ivy shows up at Julian's office.  When he asks her why she's here, she says because he's the biggest bastard she knows.

Fancy and Sheridan tell Valerie to go home and take a hot bath and try to relax.  Valerie doesn't see that happening.  Fancy doesn't understand how it escaped when half the police force was in the building.  Usually all criminals leave some sort of clue behind, but not the blackmailer.

Theresa wants more ice cream even though they've already eaten half a gallon.  Theresa says Miles helped, but Whitney says he had like a teaspoon.  Whitney's pregnant, so what's Theresa's excuse?  They laugh.  The doorbell rings and it's Chad saying he got Whitney's message.  He hopes she's as happy to see him and he is to see her.

Tabitha doesn't get to Kay in time to stop her from doing her spell.  The demon elf arrives.

Sam comes up to Spike and demands to know what he did to his daughter.

Jessica thinks this is some sick joke until she sees dirt fall into the crate.  She realizes she's been buried alive and yells for help.

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