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Passions Update Tuesday 6/19/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Kay's spell has caused the only thing standing between her and Miguel to be removed - his clothes. Tabitha tells Kay once again that she shouldn't be doing magic because she's not trained. Kay is sorry, but not sorry enough not to try again.

Noah, Paloma and Simone go back to the corner where Jessica used to work to try and find her. They are both relieved and worried that she is not there. They agree to split up and try her apartment, the warehouse district and the motel she used to work at. Noah is really worried about what will happen to his father if he loses Jessica so close to losing their mom. Paloma encourages him not to give up and they will find her. They share their love for each other and promise to meet up there when they're done. Noah hopes it's not too late.

Spike is talking to an unconscious Jessica explaining why he has to do what he's about to do, bury her alive. He knows that her friends found his fingerprint and they are going to pin the murders on h im. He can't have his little wife spilling the beans on him so he has to get rid of her.

While making love to Jared, Theresa is thinking about Ethan and how much their life is going to be perfect. Jared tells her they have a wonderful life ahead of them.

Dr. Smith begs for his life from the blackmailer. The blackmailer tells him he knows too much about his identity, and if he tells, it would ruin his plans to destroy the people of Harmony.

Fancy and Sheridan come to the doctor's office and knock on the door posing as Harmony P.D. She gasps when they open the door.

Whitney and her dad are trying to assure Miles that it's going to be ok and he'll see his dad soon. T.C. promises to read him his favorite book, take him to the zoo and get him milk and cookies. He also promises Whitney that everything is going to be fine and he's going to take care of them.

Jared wakes up Theresa because her phone is ringing. He wonders what she was dreaming about because she had a great smile on her face. T.C. is on the phone and asks her to come over because Whitney is having a tough time. Theresa says she'll be right over. She could kill Chad for hurting her friend like this. Then, Ethan shows up.

Dr. Smith is not in his office. Fancy and Sheridan have to find him fast before the blackmailer does because he's the only one who can identify him/her.

Dr. Smith tells the blackmailer that he can trust him, he won't tell anyone his/her identity. The blackmailer reminds him that he knows better than anyone that he has trust issues and doesn't trust anyone. Dr. Smith again swears he won't tell, but the blackmailer can't take that chance.

Kay casts another spell to bring together two halves into a whole and to let Fox know what's in her soul. Unfortunately, she ends up splittinig Miguel into two halves and his legs go walking around without the top half of his body. Tabitha tells Kay this is why she told her not to do this. Kay asks for Tabitha's help to put him back together. Tabitha knows thihs is going to be a long night.

Noah, Paloma and Simone have had no luck finding Jessica. They are all worried what Spike might do to her since he knows they have his fingerprint.

Spike tells Jessica that since she's his wife, he couldn't kill her with his bare hands. This way, she'll die of natural causes. And to further prove he's not heartless, he gives her a flashlight so that when she wakes up and she's scared, she'll have some light. If she would have just listened to him, none of this would have happened. He then starts putting the nails in her coffin.

Miguel is trying to wake himself from this horrible nightmare he's having. Kay begs Tabitha to put Miguel back together. She doesn't know if she can because she used most of her power trying to keep the house from blowing up. Kay can't believe that Miguel might be like this forever. Meanwhile, Miguel is still trying to get his legs to come back to him.

Ethan comes to the mansion looking for Theresa because he got her text message. Jared comes out and says that he's actually the one who sent the text message because they need to talk man to man about his wife.

Theresa goes over to try and console Whitney. Whitney is upset about what this is doing to Miles. He doesn't understand why his dad isn't around, and Whitney doesn't know if she can have Chad around. The image of him having sex with Vincent is burned into her memory. Theresa tells her she needs time. She needs to concentrate on the new baby she's carrying. Theresa feels that in time Whitney won't see Chad as a horrible person and he should help her raise her children. Whitney is not going to allow that because Chad is sick. She doesn't think time can heal this wound.

Fancy and Sheridan have to find the doctor before it's too late. The nurse told them the doctor might be in the lab so they go to check there. Unfortunately, when they get there, they find they are too late. The doctor has a knife in his back.

Spike is really mad at Jessica for making him do this to her. If she had just let him sell their baby none of this would have happened. If she would have listened to him, she'd be fine. He then starts putting the dirt back on top of the coffin.

Fancy confirms that the doctor is dead. They are so upset because the blackmailer killed the one person who could tell them who the blackmailer was. How are they going to save Luis now? The blackmailer laughs and says they're not. Luis is going to die.

Tabitha is able to make Miguel whole again. Miguel is relieved, but freaking out a little about what just happened. Tabitha realizes she needs to erase his memory. She freezes him first so she can wipe the slate clean, then they head down to him.

Ethan says that he called Theresa tonight because he knows she's worried about Whitney. Jared says that if his wife needs consoling, he'll be the one to do it. Ethan reminds him that they have a long history together. Jared reminds him that she chose him, not Ethan. Jared says that if Theresa wanted to be with Ethan, she would have told him and she hasn't said a word.

Theresa feels that Whitney will be able to forgive Chad in time and let him be part of his childrens' lives. Whitney doesn't think that will happen. Whitney can tell that something's wrong with Thereesa and wants her to tell her because she could use the distraction. Theresa tells her about Julian knowing that Little Ethan is Ethan's child.

While Miguel is getting his memory erased, Kay wants to try another spell to make Fox's healing go faster. Tabitha is tired of fixing her mistakes every five minutes, and, besides, the treatments seem to be working. Kay doesn't think it's fast enough. Tabitha wonders what will happen when Julian finds out that Kay has gone back on their pact. Kay figures Miguel will be arrested again. As Tabitha is trying to say something, the phone rings. It's Simone wondering if Kay's seen Jessica because she's missing. They think Spike took her. Kay asks if they've called her dad and gotten the police involved. Simone says Noah didn't want to get him worried, but she thinks it's time to call because Jessica is really missing.

Spike tells Jessica that no one is going to hear her out here in the woods. He wishes she hadn't made him do this.

Jared wants Ethan to stop confusing Theresa. Ethan says Theresa can handle her own emotions and if she still needs him, he's going to be around. Jared tells him to stay away from her. Ethan tells him not to tell him what he can or can't do.

Theresa tells Whitney that Julian found out about through DNA that he wasn't Little Ethan's son. She tells her about the agreement she made with Julian giving him more power so he'll keep quiet. She'll give him Crane after her brothers are free. She doesn't have a choice because if Ethan finds out, she'll lose him.

Sheridan goes to call Sam to tell him about the doctor and finds out that the police have him cornered. They go down there right away.

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