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Passions Update Monday 6/18/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Miguel promises to protect Maria from the earthquake.  He wonders why it only seems to be affecting their house and not next door.

Kay is freaking out because her spell has gone horribly wrong.  She realizes she needs Tabitha's help but also that Tabitha is going to kill her when she finds out what she's done.  Tabitha wakes up and asks her if she has been going magic again.  Kay feigns innocence.


Paloma, Noah and Simone are getting ready to take food over to Jessica.  They are glad they have fingerprint evidence against Spike so that Jessica can have her baby in peace.  They're glad that Jessica is home safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Spike is driving off with a knocked out Jessica.  He's sorry it had to turn out this way, but once one door is shut, another opens.  Only for Jessica, it's going to shut for good.

Sheridan and Fancy are trying to find Dr. Smith's office in the hospital but can't seem to find it.  They're going to stop and ask at the nurse's station, but first Sheridan has to fix her shoe.  Fancy tells her to hurry up since the blackmailer is always one step ahead of them.

Dr. Smith finally finds the blackmailer's file and that's when the blackmailer threatens to kill him.

Noah and Paloma are glad they finally have enough on Spike to get him out of their lives for good.  They look forward to the good future that Jessica can now have.  They plan on taking her to the doctor and getting her some prenatal care and encouraging her to go back to school.  Simone talks about what a goody two shoes Jessica used to be.  They are all disappointed and scared when they realize that Jessica is not home.

Spike has taken an unconscious Jessica out in the woods.  He wonders if they should have one last quickie for old time sake but realizes he has things to do.  He'll be right back.

Sheridan and Fancy are looking for someone to help them, but realize that since Julian cut funding from the hospital, they've been short-staffed.  They are determined to find the doctor, ID the blackmailer and save Luis.  Before they can do that, though, they have to fight some more about who loves Luis more.  Sheridan claims that no one can compete with their eternal love that has lasted through many lifetimes.  Fancy tells her that she's the one that told Luis to move on and that she's going to go back to her padded cell.  Fancy finally stops the argument and goes over to the other side of the desk to find some information.

While the blackmailer is holding a knife on Dr. Smith, Dr. Smith tries to get him/her to remember their therapy sessions and how much he/she was getting out of them.  Dr. Smith tries to convince it that punishing others will not help relieve its pain.  The blackmailer begs to differ.  He's been feeling great lately unleashing all this power.

Miguel tries to soothe Maria and tell her that everything's going to be all right.  They need to go in and save her mommy.

Kay begs Tabitha to stop the spell she started.  The house is starting to crumble and they are worried about their kids downstairs.  Miguel is starting to freak out a little.  Tabitha tires to bribe the dark side to get them to stop what's going on.  She starts with homemade chocolate chip cookies, but that doesn't do it.  She finally tells them that she'll send Endora down there to play games with them and do the hokey pokey.  That makes the house stop shaking.  They try to laugh it off with Miguel and tell him it was a big truck that went by.  He thinks he might be going crazy.  Tabitha makes Kay promise she will never do that again and makes her admit she doesn't know what she's doing.

Noah, Paloma and Simone realize that Spike has run off with Jessica.

Spike comments about how many pounds Jessica's put on since the last time he kidnaped her.  He realizes it must be the baby she's carrying.  He still refuses to believe it's his.  It could be any of the johns she slept with or even the blackmailer which would be really sick.  Spike begins to dig a grave for Jessica.

The nurse catches Fancy on her computer and tells her she's going to call security.  She tells her she is security and is with Harmony P.D.  They need to find Dr. Smith immediately.  The nurse tells her she isn't going to find anything on the computer because they're all down.  Fancy asks her to help them because it's a matter of life and death.

The doctor asks the blackmailer to remember that revenge is for enemies and that he is a friend.  The blackmailer tells him he's been swell but he knows too much.  He has been having a great time with all of his hate and getting revenge on those who made fun of him.  The doctor asks to put the weapon down and the blackmailer promises he will soon.

Tabitha tells Kay she can't do another spell without her supervision, although she is impressed with Kay's powers.  She hopes she learned a lesson because she could have gotten rid of the whole town.  Unfortunately, Kay is determined to try again.  She has to make Miguel hers because she can't live without him.  Tabitha holds on for another bumpy ride.

The nurse finds out that Dr. Smith is in the psychiatric department on the eight floor.  Sheridan and Fancy run up there.

Dr. Smith begs the blackmailer not to kill him because he's got a wife and kids.  He tells him he can trust him because he's like talking to a priest.  Bad move because the blackmailer doesn't trust priests either.  The doctor continues to beg for his life.

Noah, Paloma and Simone realize that Jessica would not have gone with Spike willingly.  They also realize that they told Spike they had evidence on him and worry what he might do to Jessica.

As Spike works on burying his wife alive, he tells her about the fantasy he used to have about them living in a house with a white picket fence and having kids.  She'd come home after doing some tricks and fix him dinner.  Then they'd put their monsters to bed and do it like crazy and then watch porn.  He wanted the American dream.  He can't have that now because her brother and friends are on to him.  They know he murdered those johns, and he is too pretty to go to prison.

Kay finds a spell that will cure Fox and get her and Miguel back together.  She says a spell about removing the barriers and take them away.  Kay is disappointed because nothing happens.  Tabitha looks in a mirror and asks it to show them what happened with the spell.  They see a picture of Miguel who seems to have lost his pajamas.  The barrier that stood between Kay and Miguel has been removed - his clothes.

Noah, Paloma and Simone are worried about what Spike will do to Jessica.  Noah doesn't think that the fact that Jessica is pregnant will stop him.

Spike puts Jessica in a coffin and says that now he has to kill her.


The doctor asks the blackmailer to trust him.  He promises to keep his mouth shut.  The blackmailer is going to make sure he keeps his mouth shut.  The blackmailer chases the doctor around his office.

Sheridan and Fancy find the doctor's office.  When they open it, they gasp at what they see.

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