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Passions Update Friday 6/15/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Fox is getting impatient waiting for his treatment to be finished.  Nurse Stevens suggests they play some blackjack, but he reminds her of her gambling problem.  She's cured and likes the mathematics involved.  She wants to play for love.  He just wants to make love to his wife.

Kay is upset that Tabitha got inside her head and interrupted her fantasy with Miguel.  Tabitha is just trying to save them all from her playing around with magic.  If Kay isn't careful, she could blow them all up.

Jared catches Theresa outside with Ethan.

Luis remembers about telling Sam to go help Fancy at the hospital.  He's got to help Fancy somehow.  He yells for a guard.

Just as the picture of the blackmailer is about to finally come up on Eve's computer, the computer shuts off.

Sam and the other police are stumped as to where the blackmailer went.  They find it's disguise and figure it must have gone into the air vents.  They call maintenance to have the air vents shut down.  The blackmailer just laughs.

Jared wants to know what Theresa's doing down on the wharf with Ethan this time of night.  He wonders if he should be jealous.  Theresa tells him that they were just with Chad and Whitney who is very upset about finding Chad with Vincent.  Jared admits he knew about it.  Ethan yells at him for not telling Whitney when she was being put at risk.  Jared didn't think it was his place to butt into their relationship, especially into a marriage.  Jared wants to get back to work.  Theresa asks him what work.  He reminds her they need to get back to work on the baby they want to have.  She leaves with Jared.  Ethan is kicking himself for not telling Jared that he loves Theresa and running off with her.  He then hears someone.

Sheridan calls maintenance and finds out that all the computers on their wing are down.  Fancy blames all of this on Sheridan saying that if she had told Sam where she was right away, they wouldn't be in this mess and Sam would have caught the blackmailer.  Sheridan says Harmony's finest never catches anyone.  Fancy then gets a call from Luis.  A nice guard let him borrow his cell phone.  She tells him about what happened and that Sam is going after the blackmailer.  Luis tells her to lock all her doors because he doesn't want to take a chance that this creep could hurt her.  Fancy looks at Sheridan and wonders which creep he's referring to.

Sam says they have to find the blackmailer.  He tells the officer to take some evidence to get tested for DNA.  They can't let this thing hurt anyone else.  The blackmailer laughs and says he has one more loose end and then they'll never catch him/her.

Fox beats Nurse Stevens at blackjack.  He doesn't want to play anymore, he just wants all of this to be over with.  She's jealous that he loves Kay so much.  He'll do anything for her, including walking through fire.  He's sure that soon Kay will be in his arms forever.

Kay thinks she could heal Fox so that he could take it when she leaves him for Miguel.  Tabitha begs her not to even think about it.  Kay wonders why Tabitha didn't start training her when she was younger so she'd have more self-control now.  Tabitha could just see her turning Jessica into an alligator for show and tell.  Tabitha tells Kay about a very distant relative of Kay's named Prudence.  Tabitha tried to peer pressure her into using her powers, but she refused because she was a  Puritan and thought magic was from Satan.  Tabitha warned her that if she didn't use her powers, it would build up and one day one of her descendents would wreak havoc.   Kay gets the moral of the story and promises she won't do magic.  Just in case, Tabitha takes her spell book with her.  Kay is determined to be good and says nothing will tempt her to use her powers.  Then Miguel and Maria come into the room.

Turns out it was Ivy lurking in the bushes that Ethan heard.  Ivy makes more cracks about Theresa and Ethan asks her to please stop.  She asks him to please forget about Theresa and move on with his life.  He says he can't because he loves her so much it hurts.

Theresa tries to feign being tired so they can go straight to bed.  Jared gets very romantic and says he's not whole without her.

Luis asks Fancy to take all precautions so that she stays safe.  She says she's with her Aunt Sheridan so she'll be fine.  Sheridan takes the phone from her.  She's all excited when Luis tells her he's glad she's there, but he bursts her bubble when he asks her to keep Fancy safe for him.

The maintenance man tells Sam there's no way to shut off all the vents in the hospital.  He's sorry, but there's no telling where the blackmailer will come out.  Sam has to find it.

Miguel asks Kay why she didn't leave Fox to be with him.  She thinks to herself that she made a deal with Julian to get him out of prison but doesn't tell Miguel this.  Miguel still doesn't believe that Fox is really sick and Kay asks him why he would take the treatments if he wasn't.  All Miguel knows is that this is ruining their lives and he wishes someone could just wave a magic wand and make him feel better.  That's all Kay needed to hear to know she has to fix this with her magic.  She asks Miguel to take Maria outside and says she'll be right back.

Nurse Stevens tells Fox he only has one more treatment.  She goes to leave to go to a craps game and wishes Fox luck with Kay.  He says he doesn't need luck cause he's a Crane.

Tabitha tells herself that there's no way Kay could pull off the kind of spell she wants to do.  She then falls asleep.  Kay takes the spell book out of Tabitha's room while she's sleeping.

Ivy asks if there is anything she can do to keep Ethan from going after Theresa.  He says no.  Ivy reminds him that Theresa is married and she knows he values the sanctity of marriage.  He says that didn't do him a lot of good.  She mentions that Theresa is probably in bed with Jared even as they speak.  That makes Ethan feel really good, not.  Ivy says that if she thought Theresa were trustworthy and wouldn't give him anything but a broken heart, she would help him, but she knows that's not the case.

Jared asks Theresa why she looks sad.  Theresa is remembering the blackmailer telling her she must marry Jared or Luis would be executed.  She tells him it's nothing he did.  Jared thinks she's sad about Chad and Whitney and how secrets destroyed their relationship.  He is glad they don't have any secrets, and they are going to live a long happy life together.  She thinks to herself that a life without Ethan is something she cannot bear.

Luis suggests that Sheridan and Fancy go find the doctor who treated the blackmailer before so he or she can help them find it.

The blackmailer goes to visit his doctor, Dr. Smith.  The doctor wondered what happened to it.  The last he knew, the blackmailer came in for some tests and never came back.  The blackmailer now wants to know the results of those tests.  The doctor goes to get the file but tells him/her that next time he'll have to make an appointment.  The blackmailer just laughs.

Kay starts the spell that will cure Fox and fix her problems with Miguel.  Things start crashing, and Kay wonders what she's done.  Tabitha talks in her sleep about how Caligula can make  the earth move.

Miguel feels the earthquake and asks Maria to hold on tight to him and he's going to take care of her.  Fox wonders what the hell is going on.

Jared and Theresa share their love for each other.  Jared is sure that tonight they will make their baby.

Ivy is sorry that Ethan is in so much pain.  She doesn't want him to be out on the wharf alone and get bad ideas.  Ethan assures her he's not suicidal.  After she leaves, Ethan again hears something and calls out.  He finally assumes it's his imagination.

Fancy and Sheridan find out the name of the blackmailer's doctor, Harold Smith.  Luis warns them not to go alone, to take Sam with them.  They quickly hurry off to find the doctor before the blackmailer does.

Dr. Smith is trying to find the blackmailer's file.  The blackmailer tells him there is no rush because he's got plenty of time, but the doctor doesn't.

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