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Passions Update Thursday 6/14/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Fox is getting ready to get another treatment for his "cancer".  He's so glad he has Kay by his side to help him through all this.  She has been great to put up with all the tubes and the changes in his appearance.  She's glad to be there for him.  Fox wonders if he should have just said no to the treatments and just made her let him go.  Kay tells him not to think like that and promises him he will get better.  He loves her attitude and if he makes it through, he will make sure she's happy every day that he lived.

 Ivy is livid with Julian.  Ethan wonders to Theresa why they haven't learned by now that secrets always come out.  Julian tries to convince Ivy that he's changed, but she says rats don't change.  Julian wanted to tell her himself about the promotion at Crane, but he hadn't gotten around to it yet.  Ivy isn't buying it.  She wants to know why all of a sudden Theresa is giving up some of her power at Crane.   What is the big secret that she's trying to hide?

Sam can't believe that Fancy was almost killed by the blackmailer dressed as a janitor.  He is determined that he/she won't get away this time.  The blackmailer just laughs and says they'll never catch him/her.

Nurse Stevens comes by to give Fox his "treatment".  Kay is looking out the bedroom window at Miguel and Maria and remembers the pact she made with Julian:  if he gets Miguel out of prison, she agrees to stay with Fox and not be intimate with Miguel.  Fox asks her what she's doing and she comments on the beautiful night.  Kay asks him if he minds if she steps out for a second, and he says that actually he does because she makes these treatments more bearable.

Ivy continues to grill Theresa on the secret that Julian has on her.  She denies there is one.  She is still CEO and just wanted to step down from day to day activities to be with her kids.  Ivy laughs that off and calls her a liar.  Ethan and Julian try to get Ivy to back off, but she's determined to find out how Julian is blackmailing her.  When Ivy points out that Theresa looks scared, Ethan asks if it's true what his mother is saying.

Sam finds out that Sheridan knew all along where Fancy was but didn't tell him.  Fancy can't believe her own aunt was going to let her be killed.

Kay makes up an excuse about having to talk to Tabitha about Maria's bedtime snack so she can leave Fox and go be with Miguel. 

Miguel talks to Maria about how he wishes her mommy hadn't changed her mind about wanting to be with him.  He loves her mommy so much and he knows she loves him, too.  He asks Maria for a hug.

Tabitha stops Kay on her way to see Miguel.

Theresa denies that Julian is blackmailing her.  Ivy yells that she is a liar.  Ethan tries to get Ivy to stop, but she feels it's time he wised up.  She knows Theresa is lying to him.  She can't believe that Ethan is defending her and asks why he would defend the woman who ran  his wife out of town.  Ivy thinks it's obvious that she only married Jared because someone has something on her.  Theresa tells her again that she's not lying and she doesn't have a secret.  Ivy says it's a shame that Theresa and Julian weren't legally married because they're cut from the same cloth.

Fancy is outraged that Sheridan would let her die just so she could be with Luis.  Sam tries to remind them that they're in a hospital but Fancy is angry.  Sam confronts  Sheridan and wants to know if what Fancy is saying is true.

Fox complains about his "treatment". Nurse Stevens tells him to quit whining because he's only getting a placebo, and he should feel what her patients really go through.  He reminds her that because of her mistake, he did.  She already apologized for that and assures him that it won't happen again.  Fox says it better not because he is looking forward to a nice long life with Kay.

Tabitha gets Kay to admit that she was going out to see Miguel and Maria.  She says she just wanted to find out why Maria was up so late.  Tabitha knows that she'd rather be with Miguel.  Kay knows that Miguel doesn't understand why she made the decision she did to stay with Fox.  Tabitha reminds her of her agreement with Julian, but she can't do it.  Tabitha urges her to stay away from Miguel so her hormones won't go crazy.  She wishes she'd never made that agreement with Julian, especially now that she knows she has magical powers.  She could have gotten Miguel out on her own.  Tabitha tells her she is still a novice and should not be doing anything since it might hurt someone she loves.

Julian tells Ivy that this is enough.  Theresa has answered all of her questions.  Ivy loves Ethan and she doesn't want to see him get hurt by Theresa.  Ethan tells her to tell him her secret right now.  He loves her and whatever she tells him is not going to change that.  Theresa runs off.

They're getting closer to the blackmailer.

Sheridan tells Sam that she was afraid to tell him where Fancy was because if he found out what they were doing in Eve's office, it might have affected Luis getting out of prison.  She didn't know Fancy was being strangled so that's why she didn't tell him.  Sam gets a call saying they have the blackmailer trapped on the 7th floor.  Sam leaves but says this isn't over.  Fancy tells Sheridan she's going to tell Luis that she tried to kill her.    Sheridan says that she's the one who chased him/her away, but Fancy says Sam would have found her sooner if Sheridan had told him where she was.  Fancy compares Sheridan to her father.  Sheridan tells her to quit doing that and that she didn't leave her to die, she left her to get coffee.  Sheridan reminds her that they were waiting for the picture on the computer screen so Fancy runs off to look since it should be up by now.  She'll deal with Sheridan later.

The blackmailer finds the exit doors locked and the cops are on his trail.

Kay is torn for her love for Miguel and her pact with Julian and her possible ability to fix it all with magic. 

Ethan goes after Theresa and tells her again that they can get through anything.  He hates seeing her so upset.  She asks him to please stop being nice to her, but he planned on being nice to her for the rest of her life.  Theresa flashes back to her agreement with Julian.  Ethan asks her to please tell him her secret.  She says she'd give anything if she could, but she can't.

Ivy is so hurt that she believed that she and Julian might have had a chance.  Julian asks her to give them a chance.

Fox and Nurse Stevens trade reasons why they will go to extremes to keep the people they love.  Fox is ocnvinced that once his "treatments" cure him that Kay won't even remember Miguel's name.

Kay has a magical fantasy about getting back together with Miguel.

Sheridan and Fancy are still waiting for the picture of the blackmailer to come up on the computer screen.

The blackmailer is trapped by the police.

Nurse Stevens wonders why Fox is so sure that this other man won't get in the way of he and Kay.  He's sure because he's a Crane and Cranes always get what they want.

Tabitha breaks up Kay's fantasy.  Kay is mad that Tabitha got inside her head.  Tabitha warns her that she is messing with some bad stuff and it is just going to end badly.

Julian tells Ivy he loves her.  Ivy tells him he doesn't know the meaning of the word.  She wants him to find someone he deserves, like Theresa.

Ethan wants Theresa to trust him.  Theresa would tell him if she could, but she can't.  Ethan doesn't think she understands just how much he loves her.  She owns him now and he will always be hers.

Fancy and Sheridan are finally close to finding out the identity of the blackmailer but something happens.

Sam gives the blackmailer to the count of three to come out with his/her hands up.

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