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Passions Update Wednesday 6/13/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**


Whitney and Theresa can't believe it when they walk into the Blue Note and see Chad dancing sexily with two women.  Theresa thinks they should leave, but Whitney is not going anywhere.

Ivy is having a good time being out and being seen with Julian.  They toast to a possible future together.

Paloma learns that the lab has the results on the fingerprint she lifted from the evidence on the john murders.  Noah is worried that it could be Jessica's print and then she would go to prison for murder.

Simone comes over and Jessica tells her about all that's happened recently:  Paloma telling Noah about her role in helping them cover up the john murders, and the police finding all the dug up bodies.  Jessica tells her that her dad and the police department are on the hunt for a serial killer, and it could be her.

Sheridan recalls seeing Fancy in Eve's office.  She thinks to herself that if Fancy thinks saving Luis means she can have him, she is wrong.  Sam comes running in and asks if Sheridan knows where Fancy is.  Sam tells her that Luis thinks the blackmailer is closing in on Fancy and asked him to come look for her.  Sheridan tells him she doesn't know where Fancy is.

Fancy is impatiently waiting for the picture of the DNA match to the blackmailer to come up on the computer screen.  She says that it won't be long now, and the blackmailer who is watching her, agrees.

Noah is disappointed that the lab called Paloma away before she got to answer his marriage proposal.  Paloma gets back and informs him that the prints were not Jessica's.  She says the prints were incomplete, but match most of their points to Spike.  Noah knew he was bad, but a serial killer?  He runs off to make sure Spike stays away from Jessica for good.  Paloma goes with him.

Jessica knows it will kill her father if he finds out that she's the serial killer.  Simone thinks that someone else must be behind it since they found more bodies than they buried.  Jessica says that Paloma and Noah think it's Spike.

Sheridan tells Sam that she's positive she doesn't know where Fancy is.  Sam checks the lab but she hasn't been there.  He tries to page her through the hospital and hopes she gets back to them before the blackmailer gets to her.

As Fancy continues to wait for the picture to come up on the computer screen, the blackmailer makes him/herself known to her.

Julian and Ivy remember some of the good and bad times they've shared over the years.  They think they might have a chance this time since it's their choice this time, not their fathers'.  They know each other better than anyone else does.  Ivy suggests that they make a new start of things and move to St. Luis.  She wants to get away from everything Crane.  Julian remembers the deal he made with Theresa that gives him more power at Crane.

Chad flirts with one of the women.  Whitney realizes she has to get used to seeing Chad with other people, whether a man or a woman. Ethan tells them that Chad is trying to prove he's straight.  Whitney's not buying it.

Simone and Jessica discuss if Spike could be the one who has killed all the johns.  It makes sense since Spike helped Jessica get rid of one before the tsunami hit.  Jessica thinks maybe Spike buried the bodies to protect her since she was making all the money.  Simone thinks maybe that Spike is really the killer.

Sheridan has a fantasy that they find Fancy but it's too late, she's dead.  Sheridan nonchalantly says she'll call the morgue.  Meanwhile, back in reality, Fancy isn't answering her page.  Sam alerts all personnel to get to the hospital ASAP.  Sheridan thinks he's going a little overboard, but Sam reminds her that Luis was sure Fancy was here.  Sam decides they should split up to find her.

The blackmailer strangles Fancy.

Whitney approaches Chad to tell him how sick he is.  Chad tries to tell her he was just trying to prove to Ethan that he's not gay.  Whitney doesn't understand why he had to make himself a skank sandwich in order to do that.  She thought he loved her but then he has sex with men and then goes out dancing with two women.  She says he's sick and hopes he gets the help he needs.  Whitney tells him she's done.

Ethan and Theresa hate seeing their friends hurt like this.  Ethan reminds her that secrets always come out and can hurt a relationship.  Then they see  Julian and Ivy sitting together and wonder what's going on.  Ethan has to go check it out. 

Ethan wants to know what's going on between Julian and Ivy.  He says first Theresa and Julian are buddy buddy and now her.  Has Julian changed his cologne or something?  Ivy explains that she and Julian are reconnecting.  Ethan wonders how much she's had to drink.  Ivy tells him that Sam and Eve have made it clear they want nothing to do with them so they've decided to make a go of it together.  Ethan feels it's a big mistake.  Ivy could say the same thing about him and Theresa, but they're not talking about Theresa here.

Julian comes over to talk to Theresa.  Theresa reminds him to get Ivy home before daylight since vampires hate the sun.  He says she shouldn't talk since she's out with Ethan and her husband is nowhere to be found.  Theresa asks if he and Ivy are getting back together.  They're working on it.  Julian tells her that she should tell Ethan the truth because he deserves to know.  She says that's easy for him since he doesn't have as much to lose as she does.  He says he does because Ivy wants to leave everything Crane and go off somewhere.  He hasn't told her about his new duties at Crane yet.  Theresa tells him he should leave Crane and run off with her.  He says Crane is what defines him and it's his heritage and future.  She tells him that Crane won't keep him warm at night.  They tell each other that if they keep their secrets, they're going to wind up very lonely people.

Chad tries to get Whitney to give him another chance.  She says the only way is to turn back time.  He said they married each other for better or worse, but she says he married her under false pretenses. She wanted a real man, not one who wanted other men.

Jessica thinks Spike must have buried the bodies to protect her, but Simone tries to tell her that he did it because he's the one who killed them.  This might be a good thing because Spike will have to pay for all he's done and Jessica won't have to worry about him being around her baby.  Simone goes out to get food.  Spike shows up after she leaves.

Sheridan finds the blackmailer strangling Fancy.  When Sam runs across her, he asks if she's seen Fancy and she says no, even while she's watching her niece being killed.  She wants to make sure Luis ends up with her, not Fancy.  Fancy gets away enough to yell and so Sheridan has to look like she just found her and yells for Sam.  Sheridan tells him that the blackmailer is dressed as an old janitor.  Sam orders all doors sealed up.  Sheridan pretends to be worried about Fancy.

Chad asks Whitney if she thinks he was faking being a real man when he helped her make Miles and their new baby.  She says she's not sure because she was a virgin when they met and she doesn't know if he's a real man or not.  Chad says that's the most hurtful thing she's ever said to him.  Chad tells her again that it was just sex.  She tells him to quit trying to justify and to just leave her alone.

Ivy tells Ethan that she can't wait for her and Julian to get out Harmony.  Ethan tells her that Julian can't leave town right now because he's just been promoted at Crane Industries.  Ivy thinks Ethan is mistaken because Julian would never keep something like that from her.  Theresa tells Julian he should sell Crane and enjoy life.  He thinks his ancestors would come out of their graves if he did that.  He is determined to take Crane and make it even bigger than it is now.  Ivy overhears this and can't believe that what Ethan told her is true.  She is livid that he didn't tell her.  Ethan tells Theresa that secrets always come out.

Jessica asks Spike to leave before her dad comes home so he isn't implicated in the murders.  Spike says it won't be him because her DNA is all over the bodies since she slept with them.  She only remembers killing one and that was an accident.  She tells him that she's going to tell her dad that he did it.  Spike  doesn't think so and then gives her something to drink to knock her out.

Fancy comes to and tells them that it was the janitor that attacked her.  Sheridan tells her that Sam has people out looking for him.  The blackmailer says they'll never catch him.


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