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Passions Update Tuesday 6/12/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

Noah shows Paloma he ring his father gave him that came from his grandmother.  Noah tells her it's flawless, just like her.

Theresa comes over to console her friend, Whitney.  They both still can't believe that Chad cheated on her with a guy.  Whitney thinks she's still in shock.  Whitney still can't get over the image of seeing Chad and Vincent having sex.  It makes her sick.  She can't believe that Chad doesn't get it and actually came over trying to fix things.  She told him there was no way they were getting back together.  Theresa reminds her that she always her.  They laugh and are glad that they have one person in their lives they can totally trust.  Whitney feels like maybe it's her fault that Chad turned to Vincent.

Meanwhile, Chad calls Ethan to help console him since he's known them since they got together.  Chad tells Ethan that Whitney left him and took Miles to her mom's house.  Ethan tells him that he needs to give Whitney some time.  She's still getting over Chad cheating on her, and with a man.  Chad says that won't work because his marriage is over.

Luis has a nightmare that Sam comes to tell him that Fancy is dead because she got too close to the blackmailer.  He can't let Fancy die trying to save him and yells for a guard.

Fancy sneaks into Eve's office so she can run the blackmailer's DNA through he hospital database and see if she can find a match.  She realizes she's not alone.

Luis asks the guard if he can make a phone call.  It's an emergency.  The guard laughs and reminds him that he's not at the Four Seasons.  Luis tells him again that this is an emergency.  Luis keeps begging to make a call and the guard asks what's in it for him.  Luis has nothing to give him so instead the guard decides to put him in solitary.  Luis worries what will happen if he can't warn Fancy before he's put into solitary.

Sheridan demands to know why Fancy broke into Eve's office.  Fancy tells her to go to hell and leave her alone but Sheridan threatens to call hospital security.  Fancy doesn't understand why she has to be so mean and hateful.  Sheridan asks isn't that what Pretty used to ask Fancy.  Fancy finally tells her that she's there because Sheridan had to let the blackmailer go free because she called Luis before anyone else.  Fancy tells her that there was no match in the state and federal database which means the blackmailer was never arrested, so she decided to try the hospital database.  All Fancy wants is to free Luis.  That's what Sheridan wants, too, so she can be with him again.  Fancy tells her to get off that idea.  Sheridan decides not to turn her in but tells Fancy that she is not doing this alone.  They will free Luis together.

Noah tells Paloma that his dad told him that his grandfather Bennett gave his grandmother this ring when they got engaged.  He remembers his grandparents as wearing sweaters in August and always holding hands.  Paloma thinks that's a beautiful story.  His grandmother gave her ring to his parents to give to Noah when he found the right woman.  He thinks his father gave it to him now because he has found the right woman.  Paloma asks if he is proposing but before she can get the question out, Noah is on one knee.  He knows they haven't been together long, but he knows she's the right woman for him.  He tells her that he never thought they would become more than just friends but then he found her at the forefront of his thoughts and dreams and realized that he loved her.  He loves her more than he's ever loved anyone.  He asks her to marry him.

Theresa can't believe that Whitney thinks she's the reason that Chad turned to Vincent.  Whitney thinks that Chad needed something that she couldn't give him but that Vincent could.  She figures that since Vincent is a man, that he understands better what Chad needed.  Theresa says with that logic, they'd all be gay.  Whitney says maybe she wasn't a good enough wife and didn't meet all of Chad's needs.  Theresa tells her to stop right there.  Chad did this because of what Chad wanted, not because of something Whitney did or didn't do.

Chad tells Ethan that he has no right to blame Vincent for the mess he's in.  He made the decisions he made.  He tells Ethan that he met Vincent when he ended up in a gay bar, but he didn't know at the time that it was a gay bar.  Ethan wonders why, if he just wanted sex, why he didn't go to a woman.  Chad didn't plan on it, he just ended up there and one thing led to another.  Chad chalked it up to being drunk and horny.   Chad says after that one night he became addicted to his relationship with Vincent and he couldn't stop.  Ethan asks if it was Vincent that made him realize he was gay.  Chad adamantly denies that he is gay or bisexual since he had made love to Whitney all the time.  He doesn't understand why people can't understand that what he had with Vincent was just sex.

Noah asks Paloma not to keep him in suspense.  Paloma wonders why he's asking her now.  She doesn't think it's too soon but wonders if it's the right time for them to be engaged with all the horrible things going on in their families right now:  Luis about to be executed, Jessica a possible suspect for multiple murders.  Noah thinks that that's why his dad gave him the ring now, to show the importance of being with the one you love.  Paloma says they are together.  Noah agrees but is not sure if they are making the most of their time together.  He doesn't want to waste any time.  He thinks that it would be helpful to their families to show something happy going on.  He asks her again to be his wife.

Theresa is not going to let Whitney blame herself for what has happened between her and Chad.  Whitney is confused because they saw Chad and Vincent together, but then he tells her he's not gay.  Theresa tells her that Chad is in denial and that that is his issue.  Whitney is a wonderful person and she is going to find a man that is worthy of her someday.  Whitney says she will never fall in love with a man again.   

Ethan catches Chad checking out another guy.  Chad tells him he was not checking him out, he just looked like someone he knew from West Hollywood.  Ethan tells him that West Hollywood is almost as gay as Provincetown.  Chad tells him again that he is not gay.

Luis tells the guard that he can't put him in solitary beause it is against the law to put a death row inmate in solitary.  The guard is upset but leaves.  Luis realizes he dropped some matches and he uses them to set off the fire alarm.

Fancy tells Sheridan she can help herh but she has to keep it quiet so the blackmailer doesn't find out.  Fancy worries if the blackmailer followed Sheridan when she finds out she followed her from the prison.  Sheridan says she didn't see him and tells Fancy not to be so paranoid.  Fancy says after everything they've been through, they should both be paranoid.  Meanwhile, we see the blackmailer who knows exactly what they're up to and is determined to stop them.

Paloma tells Noah she loves him but she's worried about Luis and Jessica.  Noah tells her that if they are engaged, it will make them work harder to help save them both because their families will be connected.  He asks her again to be his wife.

As is protocol, Sam responds to the fire alarm at the prison.  He realizes that Luis was probably behind this.  Luis admits he was because Fancy needs his help.

Fancy and Sheridan hope that if they find a match, they'll get a confession from the blackmailer and then Luis will be set free.  They find a match in the hospital database.  The blackmailer says that he'll get matching coffins for the two of them.

Whitney is determined not to let another man in her life again because she doesn't want to feel this kind of pain again.  Theresa can't believe it and says that her children need a father.  Whitney says they will have a father figure in her father.  Ethan and Jared will also be father figures.  Theresa tells her that Chad is just one man and she wants her to be open to love again.  Whitney tells her she never had love and doesn't see why Theresa doesn't understand since love has done nothing but rip her heart out.  Theresa still believes in love.  She thinks they should go out and celebrate the possibility of falling in love again.  Whitney decides that a little music wouldn't hurt and might take her mind off Chad.

Chad tries to convince Ethan that he is not gay and uses the fact that he has a child as evidence.  Chad says it matters what Ethan thinks and he is going to prove to Ethan that he is not gay by hitting on a woman at the club.  Ethan begs him not to do this since he is upset and has been drinking.  Chad goes up and introduces himself to the woman and starts dancing with her.

Fancy and Sheridan are excited they have a match in the database but discover the computer is slow as it tries to pull up the picture on the screen.  The blackmailer is determined to stop them before they find out who it is on the screen.

Before Paloma can answer Noah's proposal, she gets a phone call from the lab telling her they have her results.

Whitney and Theresa walk into the Blue Note and discover Chad dancing sexily with another woman.

Luis tells Sam about Fancy trying to run the DNA on her own and that she is at the hospital because she didn't get a match on the state or federal database.  Sam can't believe she is taking this risk.  Luis tells him to get down to the hospital and save Fancy.

While they wait for the picture of the blackmailer to come up, Sheridan decides to go out and get coffee.  All they want is to save Luis.  Fancy says it won't be long now, and the blackmailer agrees.

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