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Passions Update Friday 6/8/07

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Written By Jodi

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha is so happy to have Endora back safe and sound.  She is determined to raise Endora as a bad witch and knows that she will make her and the boys in the basement proud.

Sam asks Paloma to work overtime and get evidence off of the bodies they found.  Sam wants to catch whoever did this because they are nothing less than a monster.  After Sam warns her to be careful with the evidence and leaves, Paloma allows Noah to assist her in going through the evidence of the dead johns to help find something to clear Jessica.

Fancy has a daydream about Luis being freed and wanting to be with her.  Sheridan brings her back to reality and tells her not to get any ideas because she is going to be with Luis.  Fancy thinks she needs to get real.  Ethan asks them both to be quiet so they can get to the mission at hand, to question the blackmailer.  Ethan assures Theresa that whatever the blackmailer has to tell him, he will still love her.   It doesn't matter, though, because when they get in the church, the blackmailer is gone.

Tabitha can't wait to see Endora spread misery and mayhem through the town.  But, Tabitha is disappointed when Endora tells her she had a dream about cute little puppies.

Noah sets up a romantic little snack party for them so they can have a break from going through all the gross evidence from the crime scene.  Before they can eat, Paloma finds a piece of a mirror.  She thinks they may be able to get fingerprints from it.  But what if it backfires and they find Jessica's prints?

Father Lonigan comes back in the church and everyone wants to know what happened to the blackmailer.  Father Lonigan doesn't know.  He had to take an important call from the family of a dying parishioner and had to leave.  Sheridan is livid and says that Luis is going to die because he had to take a phone call.  Fancy tells her not to blame Father Lonigan for her carelessness in not looking after it herself.  Ethan says it's a good thing that neither Sheridan nor Father Lonigan were around when the blackmailer escaped because they could both be dead now.  Fancy finds that little comfort knowing that the blackmailer is now out there on the loose.

Tabitha tries to convince Endora that she doesn't really want a cute little puppy.  She wants something uglier and meaner like an iguana or a rat.  No, Tabitha has an idea for a perfect pet for her little witchling.

Ethan has to play referee some more between Fancy and Sheridan as they continue to say who loves Luis best.  Theresa tells Father Lonigan that she's glad that the blackmailer escaped because it would have told her secret.  Father Lonigan wants her to know she can talk to him about this heavy burden.  Fancy gets the good idea of taking the duct tape that was tying up the blackmailer to the Crane lab to get some DNA sample and run it through the database.  Ethan questions Sheridan to see if anything the blackmailer told her might lead them to where it is.  She tells him that it knew where the locked Crane vault is that holds the private Crane photo albums.

Tabitha gives Endora a black kitty cat because all bad witches need a black cat sidekick.  Endora doesn't like this and changes the cat to white. 

Noah points out to Paloma that they are bound to find things with Jessica's fingerprints on them because she was in that motel.  Noah can't bear to think of his sister as a prostitute.  Paloma reminds him that it was because of Spike and all the drugs.  He says they may find evidence pointing to Jessica, but they have to look deeper to find evidence that points to the real killer.  Suddenly, Sam comes back to the station, and Paloma tells Noah to hide.

Tabitha is determined to make Endora into a bad witch and give her a new black kitten in the morning.  She needs to teach Endora to like slimy scary things, not cute little puppies.

Fancy talks to someone at the Crane lab and tells them to make the testing of the duct tape their number one priority.  She makes it so that she can keep an eye on things at the mansion.  While she waits, she has a daymare about going out with Luis after he is free.  They tell each other how scared they were that he wasn't going to get out before he was executed.  Their wonderful time is cut short when Sam comes in to arrest Luis because they found some new evidence.  Fancy is more determined than ever to find out who the blackmailer is.

Sam tells Paloma that some of the evidence was mistagged and she only has half of the evidence there.  He'll send it over to her in the morning.  Sam then tells Paloma that she should break it off with his son, Noah, because he won't be good for her and will end up ruining her life.

Sheridan tells Ethan that the blackmailer admitted to doing all the horrible things that have been happening in Harmony, and that he killed Grace Bennett.  Sheridan just wants to find it so that Luis can be free and they can be together.  Ethan reminds her that Luis loves Fancy.  Sheridan says over her dead body will Fancy be with Luis.  She says Luis loves her, not Fancy.

Fancy is still waiting for the results of the DNA test and again has a daydream.  This time, she tells Luis that they're going to have a baby.  Luis is very excited and tells her how much he loves her.

Theresa talks to Father Lonigan and he tells her she can tell him anything and he will treat it as a confession so he can't tell anyone.  She tells him that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father.  She also tells him why she was afraid to tell Ethan because she thought he would try to take him away from her like he did Jane.  She thinks now that she's waited too long and he's going to hate her for not telling him.  She says that the blackmailer and Julian know the truth and she struck a deal with Julian to keep him quiet by giving him control of the Crane empire.  Father Lonigan tells her that she must tell Ethan the truth.  She tries to get another way out, but Father Lonigan says that her contrition and penance is to tell Ethan the truth.

Tabitha realizes that with Endora's genetic makeup, being one half from Julian, there is no way that Endora could end up a good witch.  Until then, Tabitha will keep her safe from harm.

Paloma can't believe that Sam is telling her this.  She thought that Sam loved his son.  He does, and hates saying it, but feels protective of her.

Sheridan tells Ethan that he doesn't know the whole story.  He only knows what Fancy has been feeding everyone, that Luis was over Sheridan when he moved on with Fancy.  She says that's not true.  Ethan reminds her that she was the one who moved on.  She says that she never got over Luis and that he will be with her when he is freed, and not with Fancy.

Fancy gets something on her computer and is excited that she is finally going to find out the truth to set Luis free.

Father Lonigan encourages Theresa to try harder to tell Ethan the truth.  Better that he find out from her than from the blackmailer or Julian.  As they are talking, Ethan calls Theresa's name and she wonders how long he's been standing there.

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