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Passions Update Thursday 6/7/07

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Written By Jodi

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha is extremely grateful to Kay for saving her and Endora.  She puts a spell of protection around their house that's filled with mother's love so no one can get in without an invitation.  Now no one can witch nap Endora again.  Tabitha warns Kay to be careful of her newfound powers because one little mistake and she could kill them all.

Valerie is holding up a gun and says to herself that she has a surprise for Julian.  She quickly puts the gun away when someone knocks at the door.  It's Eve looking for Valerie to see her about her and Julian's son. 

Ivy joins Julian at the bar at the Blue Note.  They start commiserating about how they almost had the loves of their loves but lost it all when they had one drunken night together and were caught.  They finally come to an agreement to be peaceful with one another and to honest.  Ivy has learned that secrets always come out.

Chad catches Whitney packing up to leave with Miles.

Ethan, Theresa and Fancy are ecstatic when they get the call that Sheridan has tied up the blackmailer at the church.

Kay asks Tabitha to go back to giving her magic lessons.  She doesn't know if she can because she doesn't know what she did.  Kay says it wasn't that hard because she saw Tabitha in danger and wanted to help.  Tabitha knows it's because Kay loves Endora.  Kay says she loves her, too, because Tabitha earned her love with her big heart.  Tabitha denies having a heart and can't believe that she, a darksider, has earned a mortal's love.  She's never had a mortal friend like Kay before.  Kay's never had a friend like Tabitha before.  Kay decides to use her powers to make a turkey sandwich.  Tabitha tries to stop her, but with a "bibbidi-bobbidi-boo", Kay has cast her spell.

Valerie gives Eve the updated DNA evidence on her son.  She's sorry she doesn't have a name yet.  She tells Eve that Julian cares about their son as much as she does because he's always asking about him.  Valerie asks Eve if she and Julian are thinking about getting back together.  Eve says there's no chance of that happening.

Ivy tells Julian that even though she really loved Sam, she did care about him.  She was hurt when he cheated and asks why she was never enough for him.  Julian says that infedility is just in his nature.  Julian wonders if they have always ruined other relationships because they are truly attracted to each other.

Chad begs Whitney to stay.  Whitney cannot stay when their whole relationship was a lie.  Chad tells her he loves her, but Whitney doesn't want a love like his because he broke her heart.

Ethan starts to head for the church right away to get a confession from the blackmailer.  Meanwhile, Theresa is remembering that the blackmailer still wants to tell Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father.  She can't risk Ethan finding out, especially now that she made the deal with Julian for him to keep it a secret.

Kay continues to make mayhem trying to hone her magic skills.  While trying to make a turkey sandwich, she gets two huge slices of bed on either side of a real turkey.  Instead of milk and cookies, she conjures up a cow and the cookie elf, who is well acquainted with Endora.  She thinks popcorn will be simple, but when she opens up the microwave, popcorn comes blasting out.   

Whitney almost finds it funny that most women are so afraid of losing their man to a younger, prettier woman, but she loses hers to a man.  She can't believe he would say such sweet things to her in Rome while all the while he was seeing Vincent.  She can never trust Chad again.

Eve again reiterates that Valerie can tell everyone around the office that she and Julian are not getting back together.  Valerie tells Eve about Julian's new responsibilities at Crane.  Eve can't believe that since he and Theresa used to be at each other's throats.  Valerie assumes that Julian has something on Theresa and that's why she did it.

Ethan tries to get Theresa to tell him why she's acting strangely and so hesitant to leave.  Fancy tells them both to get moving so they can free Luis.

While waiting for Ethan to get to the church, Sheridan has a fantasy about Luis thanking her for setting them free and then making plans to be together.  Sheridan can't wait.

Ivy tells Julian that she's learned that you can be happy without all the Crane money and power.  Julian thinks she's crazy.  She suspects that now that Theresa is in charge of Crane, maybe she and Julian could find happiness after all these years.

When Fancy and Ethan and Theresa get to the church, Sheridan starts talking about getting to see Luis.  Fancy warns her not to get any fantasies about her and Luis being together.  Sheridan tells Fancy she talked to Luis earlier and he told her he loved her and they're going to be together.  Fancy thinks she's out of her mind.

Eve needs to get home to T.C. who is almost fully recovered from his stroke.  Eve asks Valerie to pray that being reunited with his  son will give Julian the kind of happiness you can't get with money.  After Eve leaves, Valerie tells herself that Julian won't be meeting his son, he'll be meeting a bullet.

Julian doesn't know if it's the booze or having Ivy sitting next to him, but he thinks maybe they should consider getting back together.

Whitney learns that the pornography on Chad's PDA was really of him.  She is disgusted that Miles and their unborn child could grow up and see that on the internet.  Chad tries to plead with her to give him a second chance, but she won't hear of it.  She is even madder that every time she had a suspicion that he made her feel like the jealous wife when all along it was true.

Ethan and Theresa tell Sheridan and Fancy to knock it off so they can get to the business at hand.  Theresa asks to speak to Ethan first because there's something she needs to tell him.  He can't believe she wants to talk to him right at this moment. 

Tabitha explains to Kay that she can't just use magic for her every little whim because every action has a reaction.  She could do something good for someone and then another person gets hit by lightning and dies.  Even more reason for Tabitha to teach her how to use it.   Tabitha agrees, even though she wasn't a good student before, but only if Kay agrees not to do any magic on her own.

Ivy can't believe that Julian is saying they might actually have a future together.  Julian thinks back to all the couples who supposedly had true love and none of them made it.  Maybe he and Ivy had it right along, by having complete disregard for one another.  They've both done terrible things and lied to each other, but here they are sitting comfortably together.

Vincent has snuck into Valerie's office and takes a look at a folder labeled "male child Julian Crane/Eve Russell".  He also finds her gun in the drawer and says this will come in handy.

Chad begs Whitney not to leave him and take their children from him.  She's made her decision.

Kay promises Tabitha that she won't do any magic without her there.  But secretly Kay knows she'll do it anyway.  Sure enough, as soon as Tabitha and Endora leave the room, Kay feels like a hot dog and conjures up a hot dog vendor from New York.

Ivy and Julian laugh about their possible future together until Ivy suddenly feels a sense of doom and that something dangerous is headed straight for them.

Vincent tells himself that if Harmony thought his affair with Chad was shocking, wait til they see what happens next.

Whitney tells Chad there is nothing he can do to make her stay.  She tells him goodbye.

Theresa is afraid that Ethan won't love her after he finds out the truth.  Ethan says he loves her no matter what.  He just wants to go in the church and stop this freak show.

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