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Passions Update Wednesday 6/6/07

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Written By Jodi

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha has found Endora with the witches committee and is going to kick some witch butt.  She tells them that she will raise Endora to be the kind of witch she wants to be and not how some old crones would raise her.  They tell her that she doesn't have it in her to hurt them because she's gone soft.  Tabitha zaps them with her magic hands and they go down.  Unfortunately, it only stunned them.  They offer to keep Kay around to be their maid because she is of no significance.  They tell Tabitha that coming back to "save" Endora was a fatal mistake.  They start to put a death spell on Tabitha,  but before she dies, she'll spend a billion years in torture.  Kay recognizes the spell from the book she used to put a spell on Siren.  Kay remembers Tabitha telling her about her abilities with magic and goodness.  Kay yells and zaps the witches.  The spell around Tabitha disappears as do the witches.  Kay is amazed at her powers.  Tabitha is just glad to have her Endora back.  Kay tells Tabitha she had to save her and Endora because she loves her.  Tabitha says she loves her, too, and then wonders who said that.  Kay thinks maybe she's a good witch after all.  Tabitha hushes her saying you never know who's listening around here.

Just as Jessica is about to tell her father that she might have killed the johns, Paloma comes in to stop her.  Sam is very upset that she would tell him he can't talk to his daughter.  Before Jessica can start again, he is again interrupted by another officer telling him that the mayor wants to speak to him about the killings.  He has to take this but will be right back to talk to Jessica.  Paloma explains to Noah and Jessica that she was trying to stop them because the dead johns' bodies have been found and if she tells him, she will be found guilty of murder.  Jessica's not sure what to do.  Paloma fills them in on what the police found.  Jessica automatically thinks that Spike buried the bodies there to protect her, but Noah knows better.  Jessica feels it's time to tell her father what it is she probably did.  As she's about to tell him, a cop comes over with crime scene photos.  Sam tells them all that whoever did this will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  Noah covers for Jessica and says she just came to apologize for all the things she did to hurt their family.  Sam tells her he loves her no matter what, and it's not like she killed anybody, right?  Noah and Paloma promise to find the evidence to prove Jessica guilty.  But Jessica worries that she is guilty and then her dad won't love her anymore.

Luis has a dream about his death.  The guard tells him it happens to all the scum on death row.  Luis gets a call from Sheridan that she has caught the blackmailer and she's going to call Ethan to get him off death row.  Luis doesn't know what to say, but Sheridan says she knows he loves her for saving his life.  Sheridan is excited that Luis will be free to be with her.  Luis tells her she's getting ahead of herself.  Luis asks her who the blackmailer is, and she says the question is what is the blackmailer.  Sheridan goes on about him being free to be with her, and he tries to tell her that he's in love with Fancy.  Luis hopes that she's not as wrong about the blackmailer as she is about their future together.  Luis' prayer asking that he be able to go back to his family is interrupted by laughter.  Luis yells out wanting to know who it is.

Sheridan has tied up the blackmailer in the church.  Father Lonigan asks her to remember this is a human being with a soul and not a creature as she called it.   She says the pain this person experienced doesn't give it the right to blackmail people and frame Luis for rape and murder.  She leaves Father Lonigan alone with it while she goes outside to call Ethan.  Father Lonigan shows kindness to the blackmailer and he/she can't believe he would do that after he came to kill him.  Father Lonigan tells him he has forgiven  him as God does all his children.  The blackmailer says he wasn't always like this but became this way after the way people treated him/her.  Father Lonigan tells him/her that he has the power to change his/her ways.  The blackmailer confesses to hiring a man disguised as a priest to kill Grace and that he's hurt Theresa, Jared, Fancy, Chad, and Ethan.  He's also hurt Julian and Eve, but they don't know it yet.  He's also hurt Luis and Sheridan.  Father Lonigan asks him/her who they are.  The blackmailer leans in and whispers it in his ear.  Father Lonigan can't believe it.  If they are who they say they are then it explains a lot about why they've done what they've done.

Fancy and Ethan both want to know what Theresa and Julian were talking about when they come in.  They tell them that they were talking about Fancy's future with the company.  They would like Fancy to come back to work now that she's quit law enforcement.  She agrees.  Theresa and Julian shake on their deal as well.  They make up some story to Ethan and Fancy that Theresa has agreed to give Julian more power at Crane if he drops the custody suit for Little Ethan.  Ethan doesn't buy that they're all of a sudden so chummy.  He wants to know what's going on.  Theresa and Julian make up some story that Julian was upset that Theresa made the offer via email instead of in person.  Fancy doesn't want to mess with all of this right now because of what's going on with Luis.  Ethan then tells Theresa about the execution date being moved up because of the blackmailer.  Theresa tells him Luis can't die.  Ethan is doing all he can.  Julian agrees to make some calls to help.  He doesn't want to see Fancy lose the love of her life like he did with Eve.  Ethan thinks he's in the Twilight Zone watching Julian want to help Luis.  Ethan gets a call from Sheridan telling him she caught the blackmailer.  Ethan, Theresa and Fancy can't believe it.

Julian goes in and flirts with Valerie now that they're both single. He asks her to make them a reservation at the Blue Note for later this evening.

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