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Passions Update Tuesday 6/5/07

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Written By Jodi

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Kay finds a distraught Tabitha.  Tabitha explains that the witches committee reclassified her as a good witch and found her unfit to raise an evil witch and they took Endora.  Kay promises to help Tabitha find her.  The witches are watching all this and just laugh, saying that Tabitha will never find her.  Besides, Endora is having a great time with all her new toys the witches have given her.  The witches begin their evil education on Endora.  They ask her what happens if two dolls want to steal her toys.  Endora says she should share.  The witches just laugh and say they will not share.  Then one of the witches zaps the two dolls and they go up in flames.  Endora just laughs.  The witches try to cajole Endora with food, but she asks where her mummy is.  They tell her she's busy but that they are going to teach her lots of things.  Tabitha decides to use Brewgle, the ghost search engine, to try and find her daughter.  Tabitha doesn't have any luck in the first two galaxies she searches.  Kay tells her that wherever she was in the neighborhood, she could always hear her mother calling her.  She encourages Tabitha to use her and Endora's power and just call out to her and see if she can hear her.  Endora does hear her mother calling.  She uses the witches tracking signal to send out a bird which Tabitha sees on her celestial map.  She forwards the bird from the map to her bowl.  She can now see Endora and sees her coordinates.  She finds that Endora is between Oz and Narnia.  Tabitha goes to pick up her daughter and teach those witches a lesson.

Noah tries to convince Jessica to confess the john killings to their dad.  She says she can't do it and wants to go back to Spike.  Noah says she needs to do it before they find evidence against her.  Then it will be worse.  Jessica is worried that no one will believe her.  Noah believes that by telling their dad, it will give him something to work with.  Jessica tells him she's jealous of his relationship with Paloma. All Spike ever does is use her.  Noah tells her they will fix this.  Jessica tells Sam she has something to tell him.

Sam decides there is a serial killer running free in Harmony after all the bodies they've found.  He is determined to find who it is.  Paloma thinks to herself that she needs to call and warn Jessica that her secret is out.  Sam wonders if they have a female serial killer since all the victims are men.  Paloma remembers back when she found out that Simone and Jessica were covering things up.  She immediately calls Jessica and tells her to do nothing until they talk.  When Sam asks her who she was talking to, Paloma makes up a story that she called her mother to tell her she'd be working late.  Paloma goes to warn Jessica.  Before she can get there, Jessica and Noah arrive at the police station to talk to Sam.

Fancy tells Ethan he needs to do something quick to save Luis since they've moved up his execution date.  Ethan can't believe Judge Reilly would do this after he's under investigation for mishandling Luis and Miguel's trials.  They decide the blackmailer must be very powerful.  Ethan can't get a hold of Judge Reilly, but Fancy doesn't think he can do anything anyway.  Ethan is going to do everything he can to save Luis.  He calls to get some FBI numbers to call.  Fancy suggests he try to get through to the warden, but Ethan tells her he is just following orders.

The blackmailer asks Sheridan and Father Lonigan who wants to die first.  They try to convince him/her that they don't have to do this.  The blackmailer states that they are just two on a long list of people he/she is going to kill.  Sheridan asks why, since they haven't done anything to him/her.  The blackmailer says that's her opinion.  The blackmailer does eeny meeny miny moe to determine who will die.  Sheridan asks why the blackmailer is doing this to Luis.  She doesn't want to lose him.  The blackmailer reminds her that Luis loves Fancy now.  Sheridan gets upset and says that that is not true and she will not let this creature tell her that Luis doesn't love her.  The blackmailer tells her that she's made his decision a lot easier, and she will be the first to die.  Father Lonigan jumps to Sheridan's aid by asking the blackmailer to first talk to him about the pain that he/she is feeling.  The blackmailer says there are no innocent people in Harmony and he is  making them pay for their sins.  He/she also tells Sheridan that he has looked at the secret room where all the Crane photo albums are kept.  Sheridan understands that the blackmailer is lashing out from pain.  Father Lonigan understands that he/she is in pain, but it can feel love from the church.  The blackmailer doesn't think anyone could ever love it.  He/she starts to walk out and Sheridan grabs him/her and says it can't leave until it releases Luis.  They struggle over the gun and it goes off.   They continue to struggle until Sheridan hits it and knocks it out.  She asks Father Lonigan for something to tie it up with.  Sheridan wants to call Ethan and have him come so it can confess to him and get Luis out of prison.

Julian is gloating to Theresa that she is going to lose everything, the Crane power and money and Ethan.  He will never forgive her for keeping the secret that he is really Little Ethan's father.  She says that is true but he is not entirely correct on all points.  Julian says he's gone over everything and she has nothing on him.  Theresa says she has something in two envelopes that is going to stop him from taking back the company, even if he tells Ethan the truth.  Theresa has Alistair's will and Little Ethan's adoption papers in the envelopes.  She says she will drag this out in court for years and years and Julian is too old to see a victory in court.  Julian doesn't think it will take that long, a matter of months at most.  Theresa also reminds him that he was disinherited along with Fox and Pretty.  Julian will bring many witnesses to state that Alistair was not in his right mind when he wrote that.  Theresa has a deal that will help them both get what they want.  Theresa offers to give Crane Industries over to Julian.  She will remain as CEO and have full access to funds and power until her brothers are safe.  In return, Julian will not tell Ethan the truth.  Julian looks over the will again and realizes that Fancy, his daughter, is the sole Crane heir.  If he agrees to this deal, he'll be stealing this from her.  Theresa wonders what he will do to get control over the Crane empire.  Fancy and Ethan then walk in and want to know what the two of them were talking about.

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