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Passions Update Monday 6/4/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**


Tabitha has her and Endora's bags packed ready to go on a trip.  She thinks maybe they'll go to the dark bat caverns that they read about in Endora's storybooks.  Tabitha decides to send a note to Endora's teacher's via vulture but remembers she can't do that since they're mortals.  Endora asks about the witches' committee decision and Tabitha feels they have nothing to worry about.  She knows they will anoint her as a wicked witch and a clever one since she got out of killing Miguel.  Just then, the witches' committee lands car and all in their foyer.  They tell Tabitha that they have been reviewing her "greatest hits" since she created Timmy.  She reminds  them of what she did to Charity and killing Faith and causing the avalanche.  They believe that she was a bad witch but are not so sure about now.  They have arrived at a verdict.  They show Tabitha some flashbacks on how she's been good over the years.  They are appalled at her kindness to people like Kay and Jessica and her meanness to an evil person like Spike.  They declare her to be a good witch.  Tabitha can't believe it.  She declares she's rotten to the bone.  The committee also declares that since Tabitha is an unfit bad witch, that makes her unfit to raise a witch.  They take custody of Endora in order to raise her to be a truly bad witch.  Tabitha begs them not to take Endora.  She tells them that she is her mother and she loves her and would do anything for her.  The witches take this as more proof that she's a good witch.  Tabitha promises to raise Endora to be evil.  The witches consult with each other and Tabitha thinks they might leave.  Instead, they zap her with a spell and knock her to the ground.  When Tabitha wakes up, she realizes Endora is gone and is devastated.


Luis tells Fancy and Sheridan about his conversation with Father Lonigan.  He explains to them that Alistair tried to kill the priest because he didn't want him telling any of his confessions, but he only succeeded in blinding him.  Fancy can't believe she used to love her grandfather.  Luis also tells them about Father Lonigan's premonitions and his fears of all the evil around Harmony lately.  Luis tells them that it's too late for him, but that they should go check on Father Lonigan.  They don't want to hear him talk like that and promise to find out who is behind all this so they can save him.  Sheridan agrees to go check on Father Lonigan while Fancy tries to get a hold of Ethan.  Sheridan tells Fancy that she will act civilized in front of Luis, but as soon as he's free, she's going after him again.  Fancy tells her that while she's with Father Lonigan, she should have him pray for her soul.  Sheridan thinks Fancy is the one who will need prayer when she loses Luis.  A guard gets a call while he's leading Luis back to his cell.  He leaves Luis in the hallway right in front of the table where they do lethal injections.  Luis pictures what it will look like when he's laying there with Sheridan and Fancy outside watching and Father Lonigan praying over him.  He suddenly realizes that he is really going to die.


The blackmailer taunts Father Lonigan about how he can't see what weapon he is going to use to kill him with.  Father Lonigan says he doesn't care what the weapon is or about the identity of the blackmailer.  The blackmailer thinks he very much cares who he/she is.  Father Lonigan tells him/her that God loves him and so does he, even if he is going to kill him.  The blackmailer implies that he is a woman as well.  Father Lonigan doesn't understand.  Father Lonigan keeps telling him/her that he is loved by God, but he/she wonders what kind of God creates a child so hideous that its mother is repulsed at the sight of it.  Father Lonigan asks him/her to forgive his enemies.  The blackmailer tells him that monsters don't have any good inside of them and they deserve to die as well as kill.  To make his point about being a monstrosity, the blackmailer lifts up his mask and makes Father Lonigan feel his face.  Father Lonigan realizes that the blackmailer is hurt and that that hurt has eaten away his/her very soul.  The blackmailer denies having a soul left.  He/she knows that they were born a freak and they will die a freak and take a lot of people down with them. 

Sheridan walks into the church to look for Father Lonigan and screams.  She is horrified even though the blackmailer has put his mask back on.  Father Lonigan tries to get Sheridan to leave but the blackmailer won't let her.  He is happy that now he can kill two birds with one stone, or gun as it  were.  He aims the gun right at Sheridan since it's ladies first.


Ethan continues to demand to know what Julian and Theresa are fighting about.  Julian tells him it is high time he learned the shocking truth.  Theresa begs him to wait a minute before he talks to him.  Julian agrees but tells her to hurry up.  Julian threatens to tell Ethan while she's gone, but Ethan won't let him.  Meanwhile, Theresa is rummaging through her safe for something that she hopes will keep Julian from telling the truth.  Theresa comes back and says she  has something that will stop Julian from telling the truth.  Before she can say what it is, Ethan gets a call from Fancy telling him to meet her at the Book Cafe right away and that it is a matter of life and death.  Ethan leaves, but says when he's done, he'll be back to find out what's going on.  Theresa thinks that after Julian hears what she has, he'll want to make a deal with her.  Julian tells her to dream on.

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