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Passions Update Friday 6/1/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**


 While Sam is reading Grace's diary, Noah and Paloma come in to the police station to tell him about Jessica killing the johns.  Paloma is not so sure about doing this.  They try to spit it out but Sam gets a call about multiple murders and he runs out and tells Paloma to come with him so she can get more crime scene work.  Noah wonders what is going on in this town.  When Sam gets to the burial site, he can't believe all the bodies that are there.  He wonders if they have a serial killer.  The blackmailer laughs and says the killings are only beginning.  The medical examiner tells Sam that some of the bodies have been there months and years, and some are fresh.  They have 4 skulls so far but he believes the whole field is a graveyard.  Paloma notices that the body they buried there a few days ago is gone.  Sam orders the whole field to be dug up.  The medical examiner estimates at least a dozen buried bodies.  Paloma worries that Jessica's secret is out now.


Simone begs Jessica not to go back home to Spike.  Jessica knows if she doesn't, he will turn her in for killing the johns.  Simone says that Spike will be the death of Jessica.  Simone tries to take Jessica's clothes out of her suitcase but Jessica puts them right back in.  Simone offers Rae's apartment for them both to live in since one month's rent has still been paid.  Jessica is tempted, but if she doesn't go back to Spike, he will take down Jessica, Simone, Paloma, everyone she loves.  She does not want her baby to be born in prison.  Noah shows up and tells Jessica that Paloma told him about the dead johns.  Jessica denies it at first but finally confirms what Paloma said.  Noah asks her to come with him to talk to Sam, but she refuses, saying that Spike will take care of it.  She asks Noah to stay out of it because he doesn't know what he's getting into.  Noah tells her that since she was on drugs, maybe it won't be so bad.  Jessica says the courts don't care if you're on drugs when you commit a crime.  Noah tells her she can't keep up with the lie.  If the police find the bodies, she could face the death penalty.

Spike digs up all the johns and shows them to the blackmailer.  When asked if this is all of them, Spike isn't sure since he's killed so many people for Alistair through the years.  Spike shows the blackmailer the picture that he took of Jessica, Simone and Paloma with the latest dead john.  Spike beats it out of there and the blackmailer calls the police to report lots of murders.

Pilar scolds Fancy and Sheridan for fighting when they should be working together to help Luis get out of prison.

Luis talks with Father Lonigan to give him his final confession since his execution date has been moved up. Father Lonigan declares that his sins have been forgiven.  Father Lonigan then tells Luis that Alistair is the one who caused him to be blind.  Alistair told him things as sort of a last confession and then realized he didn't want the priest to tell anyone.  He tried to keep him quiet by burning the church with Father Lonigan in it.  Lonigan survived but was left blind.  Luis can't believe even Alistair is evil enough to attack a priest.  Father Lonigan tells him to never underestimate evil.  If Luis hadn't seen Alistair die with his own two eyes, he would swear that he was behind all that's going on.  Whoever is doing it must be linked to Alistair somehow.  Father Lonigan says that he can sense evil and he wants Luis to know all of this in case something happens to him.


Luis receives a visit from Fancy, Sheridan, and Pilar.  They tell him that they tried to get his execution date postponed by Judge Reilly but it didn't work.  Whoever is blackmailing him is very powerful and evil.  Luis is worried about his mother and wonders if she's strong enough for this.  Sheridan echoes Luis' belief that somehow Alistair is tied to all of this, but it can't be him because Luis saw him die.  Fancy wonders why nothing good happens in this town.  Luis reminds her that he found her.

Ethan demands to know why Theresa is so upset after talking to Julian.  Theresa begs Julian not to tell him.  Julian lies and tells Ethan they were discussing the future of Little Ethan.  Julian wants to have custody of him and Jared keeps putting motions together to stall the case.  Julian says he's lost faith in the justice system, especially after seeing what happened with the O.J. Simpson case.  Julian thinks that a father should be able to spend time with his son.  Ethan agrees.  He tells Theresa that it would be despicable to keep a father from his son.  Julian wants to make it crystal clear to Little Ethan who his father is given the mess surrounding Anna Nicole Smith's child and all the men claiming to be his father.  Theresa reminds Julian that possession is 9/10 of the law and she possesses quite a bit.  Ethan is sick of the two of them talking in code and demands to know what they are talking about.  Julian offers Theresa to tell, but since she won't, he says he will.

Father Lonigan prays at the church for Luis and all of his flock in Harmony for all of the evil that is surrounding them.  He then senses the blackmailer walk in.  He expected he would be coming.  The blackmailer says if he knew he was coming, then he must know that he is there to kill him.  Father Lonigan knows.

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