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Passions Update Thursday 5/31/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Noah urges Paloma to tell him what she knows about Jessica.  She agrees to tell him because of how much trouble Jessica is in.  This is way worse than drugs or prostitution.  She tells Noah that some of Jessica's johns have ended up dead and she thinks she killed them.  She tells him that Spike would drug Jessica, send a john in with her, and then the john would end up dead.  Noah is flabbergasted.  He can't believe how much Spike has ruined her life.  Paloma also confesses her and Simone's part in covering up the crime.  She says they did it to help their friend.  Noah wants to go and tell his dad but Paloma is dead set against that idea.  If the Chief  finds out she helped, she could lose her badge.  Noah feels they need to tell him right away.  Paloma remembers that her mother told her that the truth always does come out sometime.

Spike digs up the johns per the request of the blackmailer.  Spike doesn't understand why he was told to kill these guys and make it look like Jessica did it.  The blackmailer tells him he's under new management now and he doesn't need to understand.  The blackmailer is a little surprised at how many people Spike has killed.  Spike tells him/her it's like eating potato chips, you can't eat just one.  Spike asks him if he is really Alistair and the blackmailer assures him that Alistair is dead.  Spike asks him/her to trust him and tell him what his connection is to everyone in Harmony.  The blackmailer refuses to tell Spike because he's nothing.  The blackmailer gets upset when Spike brings up his/her family.  The blackmailer says that what he/she is today is because of them and their failure to protect him/her from being ridiculed and humiliated.  Spike almost feels sorry for Jessica and what will happen to her when all this is discovered.  The blackmailer laughs at Spike for trying to make it look like he has a heart.  The blackmailer confesses to killing Grace and says it was all part of his/her master plan.  Spike wants to know who he/she is.

Sam receives some effects of Grace's from Scotland Yard, including a diary.  In it, Grace writes that she can't wait to get back home to Sam and the kids.  She can't wait to hold him again.  She also writes that she is afraid for her life because she has found out who is responsible for the evil that will happen in Harmony.  She must go to Harmony and warn everyone.  Sam wonders who she's talking about.

Rebecca plays detective to try and find out what happened to Gwen.  Rebecca calls Gwen who still refuses to come home.  Gwen has found someone else now and she has her pride.  She refuses to fight Theresa or Ethan anymore.  Rebecca asks Gwen to come home to help her find J.T.'s memory stick because there are a lot of weird things going on in Harmony.  Gwen asks her what else is new!  Rebecca says it's weirder than usual and she doesn't want to get hurt by it.  Gwen refuses saying that she is with someone who loves her and she loves him.  Gwen hangs up on her.  Sam finds Rebecca going through the evidence room.  She's looking for the memory stick.  Sam knows all the personal effects they found on J.T. and there was no memory stick.  Rebecca offers to help Sam find the stick so she can help stop what is going on in Harmony.  Sam declines her help, he just needs to connect the dots.

Theresa begs Julian not to tell Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father.  Julian is relishing in being able to get rid of Theresa for good.  Ethan overhears some of what they are talking about.  Julian tells Theresa that she is the cruelest Crane of all. After everything Alistair did, she thinks that's a little far fetched.  Ethan hears them talking about Alistair and barges in the room wanting to know what they're talking about.  Theresa tries to get him to leave.  Ethan demands to know what they were talking about.  Theresa has a daydream that Julian tells Ethan the truth and Ethan goes ballistic and says he hates Theresa.  When Theresa snaps out of it, Ethan wonders again why she's crying and what is going on between her and Julian.

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