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Passions Update Monday 5/21/07

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Written By Jessica
Pictures by Amanda

Outside the mansion Noah is still telling Chad to please tell Whitney about his affair with Vincent. Chad is still refusing, and Noah says then he needs to end things with Vincent. Inside Paloma and Whitney are talking about the text Vincent sent Whitney. Paloma says to check it out. Whitney however, is not interested and wants nothing to do with Vincent. Whitney wonders if it's just the cop talking in Paloma. Later, Whitney gets another text from Vincent, telling her he needs to discuss a secret with her and Chad. Whitney thinks she should find Chad and talk to him about it.

Chad and Noah arrive at the mansion and Whitney confronts Chad about the text messages. Chad asks Whitney if they can talk in private. They walk into the living room. Chad asks her to sit down so he can explain. He tells her that he loves her and people make mistakes. Whitney is starting to get a little freaked. Back in the Crane foyer Paloma asks Noah if he knows anything about what's going on with Chad. Noah admits he does but he won't tell her. She needs to know if Chad is the one who shot at Vincent. Noah says he won't say. She says come on I'm your girlfriend. She promises not to arrest Chad; she cares about him and Whitney. Noah explains that Chad was at the motel, he
and Vincent fought, and the shooting was an accident. Paloma starts to remember questioning Vincent; Vincent lied claiming he knew nothing. Paloma tells Noah she has no choice, she has to arrest Chad for attempted murder.

Outside of the mausoleum, Ethan, Theresa, and the Guard work to get inside, but the door is locked from the inside. The blackmailer stacks up coffins to hold the door shut. Ethan tells the blackmailer to give up, that there's no way out. The blackmailer asks Ethan if they can negotiate something. Ethan refuses to negotiate with a cross dressing freak. The blackmailer said he's not a freak, he's a keeper of secrets. Theresa asks why the blackmailer is doing this to her and why he hates her family. The blackmailer yells to Theresa asking if she has told Ethan her secret yet. Ethan is getting closer to getting inside the mausoleum. Theresa tries to tell Ethan her secret but he says there's no time. She tells him whatever the blackmailer tells him she loves him. They finally get into the mausoleum. The blackmailer has vanished though. Ethan thinks the blackmailer is behind a statue, when Ethan jumps behind it though nothing is there. All he found was a piece of clothing in a wall. Then he realizes it's not a wall it's a door. He looks for a way in like a key or something and finds a ring on the wall. He pulls it and the door swings open. They slowly walk in. There are pictures of Ethan on the walls and half man-half woman outfits and masks everywhere. They see the blackmailer isn't in the room. When they go to leave, the door slams shut and they're locked in. Theresa is confused. If this room was built by Alistair, then how did the blackmailer know about it? They know the room is sound proof so no one can hear them. Theresa gets another message on her phone saying that she doesn't ever learn and that her and her family will pay. Then the room starts to go up in flames.

Esme and Fancy watch on the computer as Sheridan kisses Luis. Esme says her aunt may be psycho, but those handcuffs on Luis are hot. Fancy decides to go back to the prison; Esme insists she comes with Fancy she thinks about all the men at the prison. At the prison, Luis tells Sheridan (who is dressed as a nun) that she is embarrassing herself. He told her to go again but she keeps saying she loves him, she wants to help him escape and that they can run away together. He says no, and he loves Fancy. She screams "no", he loves her. Luis tells Sheridan he loves Fancy and what they had is over.

Fancy arrives and sees a nun. She screams at her to get back over where she's at, then calls her a man stealing slut. She rips off her habit, and its Sister Alice. Fancy apologizes. Esme says "you're going to Hell for that one." Fancy explains she thought it was someone else that was dressed like her. Sister Alice is shocked but decides not to bother with it because she had to get back to her rounds. Esme leaves with the nun to go see the prisoners giving Fancy a thumbs up.

Fancy finally finds Sheridan with Luis, accusing her of trying to put moves on him. Fancy said she installed a nanny cam to watch over Luis and she saw everything. Luis tells Sheridan to go but she can help him escape with her Crane connections. Fancy says she has connections too. Sheridan says she isn't above using them. Luis still refuses to go. He says Miguel is still here and someone wants him dead, Luis has to stay for Miguel and Fancy. Luis tells Sheridan they are over. Sheridan goes to leave and Fancy slaps her. Sheridan asks Luis why he can't see what kind of woman she is. Luis says it wouldn't have happened if she had just left. Sheridan is back at the mansion
looking for what Fancy used to spy on them. She sees Fancy and Luis on the laptop. Luis is telling Fancy how much he loves her and that if he dies it still cannot separate them. Sheridan screams that Luis is supposed to be with her and throws the laptop on the ground and it breaks.

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