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Passions Update Friday 5/18/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Pilar, Kay, Fox and Julian go to see Miguel in the prison infirmary after he was nearly smothered to death.  Pilar can't believe this is happening.  Fox quickly corrects Miguel when he introduces Kay as a Bennett to Sister Alice.  Fox and Julian find out that no one can identify Spike as the one who tried to smother Miguel.  Julian can't believe that Spike could fail at such a simple job.  Pilar is convinced that someone is trying to kill Miguel.  Kay tells Pilar there is something she can do to protect Miguel.  She remembers the conversation she had with Julian where he offered to get Miguel released if she promised to have nothing more to do with him and stay with Fox.  Kay asks Julian if they can continue their earlier conversation and Julian asks if she's come to her senses.  She tells Julian that if he gets Miguel out of prison that she will stay with Fox and will not be intimate with Miguel.

Luis can't understand why Fancy didn't see anyone with Miguel when he's sure he saw someone try to smother his brother.  Fancy believes him and tells him he needs to rest and get better.  Luis wonders what's the point when he's on death row.  Fancy won't let him give up.  She knows that he is innocent and that somehow he will be free.  She tells him that he'll get his job back and even be promoted to detective again.  Luis is glad to be in love with such an optimist.  Fancy tells him it's the only way she can think because she couldn't live if she thought they would never be together.  Luis' spirits are lifted as they begin to laugh about Fancy's wig as part of her disguise.  She tells him that if all else fails, she will get him out of prison.  They confess their love for each other.  A sister, whose face we don't see and who doesn't speak, drops off food to a sleeping Luis.

Fancy goes home after visiting Luis and finds Esme still in town.  Esme can't believe all of the hunks in the fishing fleet.  Fancy wonders why she would want them when they smell like fish.  Esme knows a trick she learned from dating a coroner, stuff some Vicks up your nose.  Esme is intrigued when she learns how Sheridan snuck into the prison and that's who Luis was kissing.  She wonders if Sheridan still has that outfit so she can get in there, too.  Fancy opens up her laptop and says she using it to make sure Luis is ok.  Fancy has put a nanny cam in Luis room so that she can keep an eye on him.  While Fancy goes to change clothes, Esme watches the monitor as Luis starts talking to the nun who has slipped into his room.  Suddenly, the nun kisses him!  Luis sees that it's Sheridan and tells her that she can't do this, he's in love with Fancy now.  Sheridan tells him he's confused and that he loves her and she loves him.  Esme calls Fancy back in the room who sees what is happening and can't believe what her Aunt Sheridan is up to this time.

Sheridan orders Spike to get her back into the prison.  Spike doesn't think he can do it because he called in all his favors last time.  Sheridan warns him that she's even crazier than his father and he better do it.  Sheridan wants to have Luis all to herself.  As Sheridan waits for Spike, she has a daydream fantasy about saving Luis from Fancy and helping him escape from prison.

Whitney is a little upset that everyone seems to have left her surprise party for Chad.  Paloma is worried about her mother after everything that has happened to Luis and Miguel.  Whitney reminds her that Kay and Fox are with her and they will help.  Whitney wonders what else is bothering Paloma.  She covers and says she's fine but remembers when Noah told her about seeing Chad outside the motel.  They are determined to find out where everyone went.  Paloma thinks Whitney should just sit and relax because she's pregnant.  Whitney hopes that Paloma and Noah have one day what she and Chad have.  Whitney loves the feeling of trusting someone with your whole heart and soul.  Whitney tells Paloma about how she found Vincent cheating and she had to tell Valerie.  Paloma tells Whitney about finding Vincent in there and hearing the gunshot.  Whitney doesn't know what she ever liked in that man.  Whitney then gets a text message from Vincent telling her he has a surprise for her.

Noah demands that Chad tell him what is going on.  First he finds him outside the motel and he denies it, and then he finds him with a gun.  Chad admits that he is hiding something and confesses that he is on the down low.  Noah knows that this term means that he is having sex with other men.  Chad corrects him that is only one man, Vincent.  Chad also vehemently denies that he is gay.  He loves Whitney and feels terrible about what he is doing.  Noah can't believe that Chad would have an affair on Whitney.  Chad says it's not an affair, it's just sex.  Noah tells him he has to go inside and tell Whitney right now.  Chad refuses.  Noah asks if he's thought about the danger he's putting Whitney.  He could be at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.  Chad does not want Whitney to throw him out of his children's lives and he does not want to lose Whitney.  He can't leave Vincent, though, because he's blackmailing him and threatening to go to Whitney.  Noah tells him he cannot give in to blackmail.  Chad knows he has to get rid of Vincent somehow.  Noah wonders if he planned on killing him and that's why he had the gun.  Chad just planned on scaring him with it and the gun accidentally went off.  Noah believes that if Chad tells Whitney the truth, it will take Vincent's power away.  Then the two of them can get counseling and hopefully work things out.  When Chad refuses, Noah wonders if he won't because he's really in love with Vincent.  Chad vehemently denies being in love with Vincent.  If that is so, then Noah thinks he needs to tell Whitney the truth.

Ethan and Theresa chase after the blackmailer.  The blackmailer will kill them if he decides to let them catch him.  The blackmailer goes a wrong way and soon hears the guard's barking dogs on his trail.  Ethan tells Theresa they have to catch the blackmailer.  Theresa remembers the blackmailer telling her to do what he says or he'll tell Ethan about him being Little Ethan's father.  Theresa says there will be no more games.  The blackmailer runs into a building marked "Crane".  Theresa is tired and tries to stop Ethan because she's afraid if he catches the blackmailer, he will tell him the truth.  A guard tells them that the blackmailer went into the mausoleum.  Ethan tells Theresa to rest, but she can't let him go into danger alone.  The blackmailer is trapped inside the mausoleum and they are going in to wring its neck.  Theresa mutters that tonight her life is over because the blackmailer is going to tell the truth.

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