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Passions Update Thursday 5/17/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Noah and Paloma are thrilled for Chad and Whitney that she's pregnant.  Chad tells Whitney that she has brought him such joy and thanks her.  Whitney tells him that he taught her about love and trust.   Pilar comes later and is also thrilled with the news.  She wonders where Theresa is.  Theresa is sharing some love time with Ethan.  Jared wonders where Theresa is, too.  He thinks it would be great if Theresa and Whitney could have their babies at the same time.  Jared wants to start planning her baby shower.  Chad and Vincent get into it and Whitney wonders what was said.  Chad just says that Vincent was congratulating them.  Whitney is glad he left the party because the less he has to do with their lives, the better.  Chad wishes he didn't still have the gun on him but doesn't know how to get rid of it.  Whitney reads his worry as unhappiness but he tells her he's ecstatic.  Whitney asks Chad for a mint and tries to reach in his pocket.  Chad quickly pulls away so she won't see his gun.  When Whitney asks about his behavior, Chad says that it's work and that Theresa has him hopping.  Whitney goes to look for Theresa.

Theresa thinks that she and Ethan should get back to the party.  Then she remembers Jared.  Ethan doesn't want to hear that name.  Theresa tells Ethan they can't keep sneaking off like this and having sex.  Ethan says they are going to catch the blackmailer tonight.  He gave his impersonator at the party a GPS device.  Once the blackmailer approaches him thinking he's Ethan, the man will set off the device and they'll know where he is and go get him.  The blackmailer does approach the impersonator and asks where Ethan and Theresa are.  Ethan gets a beep on his GPS device and is thrilled that the blackmailer has made contact.  The blackmailer is determined to act  out revenge on both of them.  When the blackmailer sees Ethan coming, he starts to run and Ethan chases after him.  He is determined that the freak show ends tonight.

Kay doesn't know what to do with Julian's offer,  he'll release Miguel if she stays with Fox and doesn't see Miguel again.  Kay wonders what kind of person Julian is if he won't just set Miguel free if he has the means  to do it.  All Julian cares about is seeing his son happy for the short amount of time he has left.  Julian calls Kay a whore, but then says that he's giving whores a bad name because they are usually hardworking and honest businesswomen, but Kay is just sneaking around behind Fox's back committing adultery.  Fox, who is overhearing all of this, is very impressed with his father's manipulation of his wife, but he's afraid his father might go too far.  Kay thinks it's a little too late for Julian to be playing the protective father.  Julian knows he wasn't a good father, but he's trying to make up for that now.  He gave him everything except for the love of family, and he wants to give that to him now.  Kay says she loves him, but Julian says it's not enough.  He will not allow her to tell Fox the truth about her and Miguel.  Kay tells him that she's an adult and make her own decisions.  Julian thinks she's selfish for putting her husband in the grave over Miguel, who will never get out of prison.  Kay can't live a lie and she knows that if Fox knew that she was just married to him out of pity, that he would want her to go.  Kay says she can't leave Miguel alone in his time of need.  What about Fox's time of need?  He's dying.  Kay says he has a great support system.  Kay storms off.  Fox tells his father he's very touched by some of the things he said.  Julian says he wasn't lying when he said he loved him.  Julian is convinced that Kay will think on it and take the deal.

Noah and Paloma discuss what happened at the motel.  Paloma knows that Vincent knows more than he's telling her about the gunshot.  Noah says she should go over and talk to him, but she doesn't want to make a scene at the party.  She thinks it's weird that Vincent is at a party but not talking to anyone.  Paloma calls the incident into the police and says she'll bring in the bullet for ballistics.  Noah knows that she won't be happy until she knows the truth.  Paloma keeps drifting off miles away.  Noah teases that it's hard being in love with a woman who never listens.  She is still very bothered by what happened at the motel.  She wonders if Chad and Vincent were together and what they were doing with a gun.  Noah confronts Chad about seeing him at the motel.  Chad again denies being there.  As Chad starts to leave, Noah sees his gun and accuses him of firing the shot at the motel.  Paloma asks Whitney about Vincent and what their relationship is like.  Whitney tells her that she was very upset that he showed up to the party and Paloma is surprised that he crashed the party.  Whitney can't wait til Paloma has a baby.  She says not to rush her.  Noah tells Chad that he has to turn the gun over to Paloma.  Chad won't hear of it.  Noah wants to hear what happened.

Pilar gets a call that someone tried to kill Miguel at the prison infirmary.  Kay tells Fox she has to drive Pilar over there and Fox says she's not going alone.

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