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Passions Update Wednesday 5/16/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Mrs. Bradley, who has been stuck in the gorilla cage by Endora, is getting a parenting lesson from one of the gorillas.  Tabitha and the children try to look for Mrs. Bradley and hear her scream.  Amy says it sounds like when her mommy found her daddy playing Twister with the nanny.  Tabitha has flashbacks to Fay Wray and King Kong when she finds Mrs. Bradley in the clutches of a gorilla.  Tabitha worries that dark side insurance won't pay for Amy's psychiatric care due to this fiasco.  She takes Amy to another animal and tells Endora to fix this mess right away. Instead, Endora turns Mrs. Bradley into a gorilla.  The other gorilla in the cage thinks she's hot and tries to make the moves on her.  Tabitha and Amy wonder where Mrs. Bradley has gone and Tabitha realizes that her naughty little girl is at it again.  Tabitha tells Endora to turn Mrs. Bradley back into a human.  The zookeeper comes by and wonders how they got an extra gorilla in the cage and why they are about to mate.  He says he needs to tranquilize the female and get her out of there.  Tabitha tells him not to shoot.  Before he can shoot, Endora turns her back into a human.  Tabitha tells the zookeeper that she and Endora never saw two gorillas in the cage.  Mrs. Bradley tells Amy she wants to get her some cotton candy and go read a story with Daddy.  Amy is thrilled.  The zookeeper decides to go home since it's been a very long day.  Tabitha tells Endora she cannot keep doing her magic like that.

Julian tells Fox he'll regret not going through with the plan to have Miguel killed.  Fox knows it is wrong to murder someone and he can't have that on his conscience.  He has another idea of how to keep Kay but can't tell since Kay comes down to see what all the talking is about.  Fox tells her they were whispering so as not to disrupt her beauty sleep. Kay tells them that Whitney just invited her to a surprise party for Chad tonight.  Fox is eager to go so he can put his new plan to keep Kay in motion.  Once the three of them are at Chad's party, Julian takes Kay aside for a private chat.  He knows she's been sleeping with Miguel on his poor dying son.  Kay can't help the way she feels.  She loves Fox, but not the way she loves Miguel.  Fox is sure that once Kay accepts the deal from his father, her relationship with Miguel will be over.  Julian tells Kay that he can get Miguel out of prison but she has to do something for him.  She says she'll do anything.  Julian wants her to stay with his son and never see Miguel again.

Whitney and Theresa are excitedly waiting for the pregnancy test results.  They're looking forward to the surprise party for Chad tonight and invite Ethan when he comes in.  He tells Theresa that he has a surprise for her, too.  Theresa says she's had enough surprises and asks Ethan to stay away from her so the blackmailer doesn't catch them together.  She tells him about the blackmailer approaching Little Ethan.  Ethan is livid.  Eve arrives to help Whitney with the party.  Jared catches Theresa and Ethan together and wants to know what's going on.  Theresa tells him they were discussing Chad's surprise party tonight.  Jared says he'll help Theresa get changed.  Ethan calls someone and tells them to put on an outfit and get over there quickly.  He says that neither Jared nor the blackmailer are going to keep him from Theresa.  Theresa left a voicemail for Chad to come over.  Someone comes over and Ethan tells them to put something on.  He tells them to go to the terrace off the living room and stand near a light so people can see them from the living room.  Chad arrives at the party and is shocked to see everyone there.  Vincent ends up crashing the party.  Chad calls Valerie to warn her.  Whitney goes to check on her pregnancy test results.  Theresa asks Vincent what he's doing there.  Chad asks her not to make a scene.  Theresa screams.  Ethan has taken Theresa somewhere to be alone.  He tells her that he hired an impersonator so the blackmailer will think that he's out there alone when he's really with her and they can do whatever they want.  Noah asks Chad about seeing him at the motel.  Chad denies being there but Noah knows he saw him.  Before he can talk further, Whitney comes out and announces that she is pregnant.

Noah catches Chad trying to run from the motel.  Paloma asks Vincent who fired the gun.  Vincent denies knowing what happened.  Paloma tells him not to touch the evidence and asks him if this was a source gone bad.  He asks if he's under arrest.  Paloma says no, so Vincent says they're done here.  Paloma goes back to the room and finds Noah.  She tells him about the gunshot and the bullet.  While they're talking, Paloma gets a call from Whitney inviting them to the party for Chad.  Paloma says they're busy, but Whitney convinces them to come.  Noah tells Paloma that he saw Chad running from the motel.  Paloma thinks maybe Vincent wanted to run a story on the Crane's and Chad came here to stop him and Vincent fired the gun.  They plan on asking Chad about it at the party.

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