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Passions Update Tuesday 5/15/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha, Endora, and her new friend, Amy and her mother are at the Harmony Zoo.  Amy's mother, Mrs. Bradley, is having a horrible time and blames Amy for her having to give up her day to do better things.  She doesn't want to miss her massage later.  Tabitha thinks Mrs. Bradley is a poor excuse for a parent.  She thinks it's terrible when people become parents without thinking about the time that goes into it.  Tabitha reminds Endora not to do magic today to help her friend.  She asks Endora if she ever told her the story about when Kay was turned into a panther and she and Timmy were nearly eaten because they chased a real panther thinking it was Kay.  Mrs. Bradley doesn't want Amy having any cotton candy because she doesn't want her getting fat.  She goes to call her office.  Endora thinks Mrs. B needs to be taught a lesson and sends her into the gorilla cage.  Amy likes the spider monkeys because they help people.  Tabitha tells her that she knew an orangutan nurse once and remembers when she first met Nurse Precious.  Tabitha wonders where Mrs. Bradley went off to.  Mrs. Bradley is in the gorilla cage getting a lesson on parenting from a gorilla.  The gorilla tells her that she needs to make Amy a priority from now on.

Whitney is excited that she might be pregnant again with Chad's baby.  She goes over to see Theresa to take the pregnancy test.  She hopes it will get Chad out of the funk he's been in lately.  Theresa says that Valerie hasn't told her that anything is going on at work, so Whitney wonders what could be bothering him.  Theresa thinks it might be the situation with her and Ethan since he and Chad have been friends for years.  Whitney mentions that he's been stressed since she found out Vincent was cheating on Valerie and she decided to tell her the truth.  Whitney can't believe she was so paranoid and went to the hotel thinking Chad was cheating on her.  She knows Chad is not the kind of person to cheat on her with another woman.  Theresa is going to call Chad and tell him she has Crane business so that he will come there for the party.  Whitney is not inviting Julian even though he's Chad's half brother because her mom walked in on him and Ivy.  She doesn't want to poor salt on the wound.  However, Whitney decides she can't not invite Julian since he is his half-brother and at one time he thought he was Chad's father.  Eve will just have to manage.  Whitney wishes they were closer since Valerie managed to find their son and proved it with DNA.  Whitney has second thoughts about having the party at Theresa's with all that she has going on.  Theresa says it will never be calm at her place so now is just as good a time as any.  Whitney still hopes this party will make Chad happier.

Chad and Vincent are at the hotel having sex.  Noah and Paloma are next door and wondering who is having so much fun on the other side of the wall.  Chad tells Vincent that this was the last time and it is over between them.  Vincent loves it when he gets angry because it always leads to sex.  Chad is sick of him and tells him to quit contacting him and forcing him to do this.  Vincent reminds him that he's a Crane and no one can force him to do anything.  Noah holds Paloma as she's still upset about what happened with Jessica.  Noah understands that she can't tell him what happened.  They laugh as they sit in bed watching cartoons.  Noah goes to get her something to eat.  Meanwhile, next door, Vincent threatens again to tell Whitney what her supposedly straight husband is doing.  Chad says he will kill him before he tells Whitney anything and pulls out a gun!  Vincent says he is so turned on by Chad's hot weapon.  Chad is not fooling around.  They struggle and a gunshot goes off.  Paloma realizes that the shot wasn't on TV and that it came from next door.  Paloma bangs on the door and announces that she is the police and demands they open the door.  When the door is not opened, she kicks the door down with her gun drawn.  She can't believe what she sees.  Paloma asks Vincent who shot the gun.  Vincent claims not to know anything because he was in the bathroom.  Paloma knows something happened because there's a bullet hole in the wall.  Chad tries to make a run for it, but runs into Noah instead.

The guard is getting suspicious of a relationship between Fancy and Luis because she doesn't want to file a report about how he "attacked" her.  Fancy tells him that she does have a reason for wanting to be closer to Luis but that he can't tell anyone.  She finds this story fascinating and wants to write a movie screenplay.  She wants to get closer to the other characters in the situation, like the guard, to add them to the movie.  The guard is excited that she wants to make a character out of him and thinks Johnny Depp should play him in the movie.

Fox is having serious second thoughts about having Miguel killed.  Julian explains to him that it's the only way to ensure Kay's happiness so that she won't continue to be torn between the two of them.  Fox grabs the phone to call Spike.  He's had a fit of conscience and can't go through with this.  Julian can't believe he's going to wimp out.  He tells Fox that Cranes make a decision and stick to it.  He says Alistair always did say that the first kill was the hardest.  Fox gets no answer when he calls Spike.  Fox can't believe that he is going to have Miguel's blood on his hands.  Julian tells him to get over it and that now he'll have Kay and Maria just like he wanted.  Julian and Fox try to get Spike to get into Tabitha's house so they can get an update on Miguel.  Spike refuses to go into that house and remembers the torture he experienced in the basement the last time he was there.  He tells them that he couldn't kill Miguel because he almost got caught.  Julian says better luck next time, but Fox changes his mind and tells him not to kill Miguel.  He'll find another way to keep Miguel from Kay.  Julian thinks he has just guaranteed that he'll lose Kay to Miguel.

Spike puts a pillow over Miguel's face to smother him.  Luis sees the silhouette of Spike smothering Miguel through a blind and tries to yell for help.  Spike can't believe how strong Miguel is.  Fancy finally comes in the room.  She goes to check on Miguel and finds he's just sleeping and still breathing.  She thinks maybe Luis just saw something because he is on medication.  Spike is worried what will happen to him since he didn't finish the Crane's mission.  Luis knows he saw something and worries that the person will come back and try to kill them both.  Fancy promises to do double shifts so she can protect them.

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