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Passions Update Monday 5/14/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha and Endora go on a play date at the Harmony Zoo with Endora's new friend, Amy and her mother.  Tabitha makes Endora promise not to do any magic today.  Amy's mother is very preoccupied with work and is constantly on her cell phone.  She laments to Tabitha about having to take care of Amy and go with her on this trip.  Tabitha wonders what is wrong with this woman.  Amy tells Endora that she's lucky to have such a nice mommy.  Amy feels like her mommy wishes she didn't have her.

Paloma is very jumpy after helping Jessica get rid of the dead john.  She seeks comfort from Noah.  Noah understands that she can't confide in him about what is bothering her.  Noah takes her to the same motel as Chad and Vincent, where they make love.  They can hear Chad and Vincent in the room next door having sex.

Chad goes to the hotel to end the relationship with Vincent.  Vincent won't let him go until he decides it's over.  He keeps trying to make the moves on Chad who tries to push him away.  Chad and Vincent end up having sex.

Theresa asks for Whitney's help in finding how the blackmailer knows everything she's doing.  Whitney reminds her that she said she could use the mansion for Chad's party.  Theresa had forgotten all about it with everything going on.  Whitney suggests that Theresa move so the blackmailer can't keep watch over her, but Theresa knows he would just follow her.  Whitney thinks it would be good if the blackmailer told Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father because it is about time he knew.  Theresa thinks that Ethan would hate her for keeping it from him for so long.  Whitney thinks he would forgive her.  Theresa wonders if this will all ever end.  They continue to try and think of how Theresa can get her life back and be with Ethan.  They both feel sorry that Jared is caught in the middle of this.  Theresa loves him, but not like she loves Ethan.  They both realize that she could be pregnant right now with either Jared or Ethan's baby.  Whitney tells Theresa that the reason she came over is to take a pregnancy test because she thinks she may be pregnant.

Spike gets in the prison so that he can kill Miguel.  He's happy that his job is going to get easier because the nurse gives Miguel something for that pain that will make him sleep.  Fancy and the nurse leave, giving Spike an ample opportunity to kill Miguel.

Fancy is in the prison infirmary to comfort Luis.  She is asked to fill out a report about Luis attacking her.  She tries to get out of it, but the nurse tells her that the warden is very strict on these things.  A guard wants to know where her report is. She tells him she's still working on it, but he is suspicious and wonders if there is something going on between the two of them. 

Fox is having second thoughts about having Miguel killed.  Julian tells him it's the only way to wipe out the competition.  He begins to call Spike to tell him he can't go through with it when Kay walks into the room.  He tries to cover what he said by telling her that he can't go through with a romantic getaway he planned for the two of them.  He understands that she needs to be here now.  Fox can't believe it when Kay asks to speak to him alone.  He can't believe she still wants to tell him about her and Miguel.  Fox and Julian make up some excuse about Fox being too tired to talk right now.  Fox is convinced that killing Miguel is the only thing to do.

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