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Passions Update Friday 5/11/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Sheridan threatens the warden's job and reputation if he doesn't find Fancy.  The warden is summoned to a problem with the prisoner in solitary.  Sheridan wonders if Luis has been hurt.

Luis acts like he's attacking Fancy so that they won't find out who she is.  Luis ends up getting beat up pretty bad because of it.  The warden gets suspicious of Fancy when she shows concern for Luis.  He wonders if she is the Fancy Crane they're looking for.  She assures him she is not and would sue her family if they named her something like that.  Fancy goes with Luis to the infirmary. She tells the warden she wants to go so she can give a little revenge to Luis.  Sheridan finds Luis and Fancy in the infirmary.  She and Fancy have a fight about who is better for Luis.  Fancy doesn't think Sheridan will turn her in because Luis would hate her for it.  Sheridan says she will do anything to be with Luis.

The blackmailer threatens to tell Ethan the secret that Theresa is keeping from him unless she stays away from him.  Ethan wants to know it now.  Theresa says there is no secret and she has to go right now.  Theresa finds Jared and learns that the blackmailer has talked to Little Ethan.  Theresa calls for tighter security around Little Ethan.  The blackmailer finds her and says that if she does not do what he says, she'll regret it.  He threatens again to tell everyone that Ethan is Little Ethan's father.  Theresa makes it back to Jared and tells him she loves him.

While Rebecca is on the phone with her, Gwen is screaming like she's in pain.  Gwen is laying on a nice bed with restraints around her wrists.  She looks very scared.  She says she can't talk right now.  Rebecca wants to know what is going on with her daughter.  She asks Ethan to call Gwen to find out what's going on with her.  Ethan doesn't want to since Gwen hasn't taken any of his calls before, but finally does it.  Gwen realizes that he's only calling because her mother hounded him and asks him not to call her again. 

Chad is thinking about Vincent and how he threatened Whitney.  When someone comes to the door, he's sure it's Vincent, but it turns out to be Eve who has come over to help Whitney plan a surprise party for Chad.  Chad is obviously jumpy.  Chad goes to stop Vincent and takes a gun with him.  Eve tells Whitney how lucky she is that Chad is so faithful to her and what a great relationship they have.  Eve admits that she hasn't had the best luck at relationships and tells Whitney about finding Julian in bed with Ivy.  She also tells Whitney that Valerie has found their son and proven it with DNA.

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