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Passions Update Thursday 5/10/07

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Written By Jodi

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Fox and Julian decide the only way for him to keep Kay is to kill Miguel.  They thought that eventually Kay would forget about Miguel and move on, but it is not looking like that is going to happen as they watch her tend to a hurt Miguel.  They hire Spike to kill Miguel.

Sheridan is livid when she finds out that Fancy is working as a guard at the prison.  She wants Spike to expose Fancy and get her out of there.  Spike doesn't understand why two women are so interested in a man who is going to be executed.  Spike gets a call and has to go to someone that scares him more than Sheridan, so Sheridan lets the warden know she's on her way there.  Sheridan asks to see pictures of the new female guards so she can tell him which one is Fancy.  The computer is down so there are no pictures.  The warden asks for a search of the prison for someone matching Fancy's description.

Luis kisses Fancy but she finds it disgusting after he's kissed his cellmate.  She lets him know she doesn't want to share him with anybody, male or female.  Luis lets her know that yes, he was kissing his cellmate, but it wasn't a man, it was Sheridan.  Fancy is relieved for a moment and then demands to know why he was kissing her.  He tells her that Sheridan was kissing him and she looked so alone that he felt sorry for her.  He lets Fancy know that he told Sheridan that there was no chance for them and that he loves Fancy.  He asks her to forgive him.  Fancy and Luis begin to make out and Luis is glad she's there.  They're not worried since no one but Esme knows she's there.  They decide to make love then and there since there may not be much time before Luis is executed.

The blackmailer introduces himself to Little Ethan.  Little Ethan tells him how much he likes his costume and wonders if it's one of his Aunt Rebecca's.  The blackmailer tells him he's a friend of his father's.  Little Ethan finds it strange that Julian has friends, but the blackmailer tells him that he has another father.

Jared sees Rebecca as she's looking for her pet boa constrictor.  Jared lets her know that he and Theresa are going to have a baby as soon as possible.  Rebecca calls Gwen right away to let her know that she can come home now and be with Ethan because it looks like Theresa has finally let him go.  Gwen tells her she can't come home right now because she's all tied up.  Little Ethan tells Jared and Rebecca that he just saw a clown down the hallway who told him that Julian is not his father.  Little Ethan says the clown told him that Jared is his father.  Rebecca figures that Little Ethan is so lonely that he must have an imaginary friend and that he is making up a father figure.  Jared reads Little Ethan the "Call of the Wild" and then they decide to go look for Theresa.  Rebecca calls Gwen again and tells her to come home.  She says she's busy right now and can't do that.

The blackmailer searches through the mansion for Theresa, who is in a secret room with Ethan.  Ethan tries to convince Theresa that they should be together but she is too scared of what the blackmailer will do to her and her family.  Ethan wants Theresa to think about when they first met and the fire that has burned and continues to burn between them.  He doesn't want her to regret her decision on her death bed.  He asks her to tell him the secret the blackmailer has on her so that he can't hold anything over her anymore.  Theresa can't do it.  Ethan asks her to have faith that he can get her brothers free.  Theresa and Ethan make love.  As their basking in their glow, Theresa receives a message on her PDA from the blackmailer.  He says he will destroy her and everyone she loves.

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