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Passions Update Wednesday 5/9/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Kay feels so sorry for Miguel having been beaten up.  Miguel encourages her to go to Fox and leave him.  Kay refuses.  Miguel later changes his mind and says he can't fight her anymore, and he loves her.  Kay asks why the thugs beat him up and if they sexually assaulted him.  He doesn't know why but assumes it's because Luis was a cop.  He says he was not sexually assaulted.  Pilar comes to be at Miguel's bed side.  Kay promises that she will talk to her father to see if he can pull some strings for Miguel.  Kay promises him that things will be better.

Julian can't believe that Fox hired two inmates to beat up Miguel.  Fox says he didn't, and they both wonder who did.  They both realize their plan isn't working and decide they need a new plan in order for Fox to keep Kay.  Miguel must die.

Sheridan works with Spike to try and figure out a plan to rescue Luis from prison.  She threatens him unless he helps her.  Sheridan is convinced that once she gets Luis out of prison, he won't want to have anything to do with Fancy.  Sheridan has a fantasy about getting Luis out of prison.  Spike tells Sheridan that Fancy is now a guard at Luis' prison.

Luis' plan to get Fancy to come back so he can tell her the truth backfires.  She hears him talking to Max and what she hears convinces her more than ever that he's gay.  The plan really backfires when Luis fakes a fight with Max and ends up getting thrown in solitary.  Luis has a fantasy in there that he tells Fancy he loves her and she loves him.

Ethan and Theresa fight over what she should do.  The blackmailer secretly warns Theresa to do what she's told.  He says that Ethan won't want Theresa once he's through with her.  Theresa is then dragged into the hallway by who she thinks is the blackmailer.  Turns out it is Ethan who is taking her into one of Alistair's safe rooms to be alone with her.  The blackmailer sees Ethan and Theresa kissing and is determined to kill her.  If Ethan doesn't want him after that, he'll kill him, too.

Esme tries to comfort Fancy who is devastated by confirming that Luis is gay.  Unfortunately, Esme is more intrigued than appalled by Luis' behavior.  Fancy starts making excuses for Luis' behavior.  Maybe he just made it look like he was gay to save himself from getting beat up or hit on by the other guys.  Esme encourages her to go to Luis if she loves him and if she can't accept that he doesn't love her.  Fancy goes to see Luis in solitary and he tells her how much he loves her and they kiss.

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