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Passions Update Tuesday 5/8/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Fox tries to make love to his wife until she tries to tell him she's really in love with Miguel.  Then he's suddenly very sick.  She begins to tell him anyway, but then she suddenly gets a feeling that someone close to her is sick.  Fox assumes it must be Maria, but she's fine.  Kay then gets a call from Pilar telling her that Miguel has been attacked in the prison and is seriously injured.  She rushes to be by his side with Fox in tow.  Fox realizes that his plan to get Miguel out of the way may have backfired since Kay is more in love than ever now that Miguel is hurt.

Two inmates beat Miguel to a pulp in prison.  A guard takes Miguel to the doctor, who is not sure if he will make it or not.  Kay arrives to fawn over Miguel.  The doctor thinks that Kay is Miguel's wife, but Fox quickly corrects him.

Fancy confronts Luis and asks him why he was kissing a man.  He has no idea what she's talking about.  He assures her that he hasn't gone gay and that he loves her.  She doesn't believe him and is convinced that he has switched to liking men. He realizes that she must have seen him with Sheridan disguised as a man.  He asks his new inmate, Max, for help in convincing Fancy that he's not gay.  Max wants to know if he's going to kiss him.  Luis says he's not going to kiss him, he's going to kill him.  Fancy realizes that she's wasting what little time Luis has left and goes back to see if Luis is telling her the truth.

Ethan is in the kitchen drinking his problems away.  The cook, Wendy, offers him breakfast, but he refuses, saying he already has his breakfast and he's drinking it.  He laments that Jared shouldn't be with Theresa, he should be.

Jared comes into the bedroom and wonders what happened.  It looks like someone took an ax to the place.  Theresa remembers when Ethan was in there trying to find where the blackmailer was hidden.  Theresa explains it away by saying that she wanted to start remodeling the place.  Jared says he'll hire someone to do it.  She diverts his thinking by suggesting they start on making a baby.  Jared feels so lucky that Theresa chose him instead of Ethan.  He feels like the luckiest man in the world.  The blackmailer is watching and hopes that Theresa continues doing what he wants her to do.  Theresa suddenly makes an excuse that she's hungry and goes down to the kitchen to get something to eat.  She sees Ethan there and he tries to tell her what a mistake she's making.  She tells him she has to do this for her brothers.  Ethan says that it won't be right for her to have Jared's baby because she doesn't really love him.  He uses the example of Little Ethan and how he can probably tell there is no love lost between Theresa and Julian.  Ethan asks her to have faith in his ability to get her brothers out and to ignore the blackmailer.  The blackmailer overhears this and silently threatens Theresa if she crosses him again.

Sheridan is determined to get back into the prison to see Luis even though she narrowly escaped.  She calls Spike and asks for his assistance in getting back in.  He is reluctant since she knees him in the groin after he makes a pass at her while she's fantasizing about Luis n the shower.  Sheridan's not sure what she wants Spike to do yet, but at least she has some time since Fancy can't see Luis either.

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