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Passions Update Monday 5/7/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Tabitha learns of Endora's magic mischief and needs to find out where Tina the cat went.  Tabitha must move fast because Tina's mother has come early to pick her up.  Tabitha goes to the animal shelter but isn't sure how to tell which of the many cats is Tina.  Tabitha casts a spell that lets the Tina cat talk and say her name so she gets the right cat.  The animal control officer can't believe he just heard a cat talk.  Tabitha is ready to take Tina to her mother, but the officer can't let her until she fills out some paperwork.  Tabitha works some magic and gets out of the shelter.  She hurries Tina back to Endora so she can undo the cat spell.  Tina's mother is furious with Miss Lucy for losing her daughter.  After Endora turns Tina back into a little girl, Tina tells her mom and Miss Lucy what happened.  Tabitha covers by commenting on her remarkable imagination.  Tabitha scolds Endora and tells her she can never do magic in school again, even if it is to make a classmate happy.

Eve gets flowers from Julian who is trying to make up for her finding him in bed with Ivy.  Julian calls and asks Eve not to hang up because he has news about their son.  He sets up a meeting in Eve's office and makes sure that Valerie knows what to do at the meeting.  Valerie says she knows exactly what to do.  Eve tells Julian that she is afraid to get her hopes up again and have them dashed like what happened with Chad.  Valerie tells them that she found their son.  She has verified that he is their son through DNA.

Simone and Paloma decide to look for Jessica at the hotel where she used to turn tricks, but they can't believe that even Spike would have her doing that while she's pregnant.  As Spike watches on, Simone gets a call from Jessica who has found another dead john laying next to her.  Paloma says she has to turn Jessica in this time because she's a police officer now.  Jessica begs her not to turn her in.  Spike gloats that this is going just how he planned.  The girls realize that if Jessica is sent to prison, the baby will be sent to live with Spike.  Paloma decides not to turn Jessica in because she knows she's innocent.  Spike is pleased that all is going according to his plan.  The girls put the body in their car and plan to throw it in the water.  Spike is taking pictures and says they're going down.

Fancy goes back to the prison where Luis and Miguel are being held so she can prove to herself that she didn't really see Luis kissing a man.  While Luis, Miguel and a disguised Sheridan are all in the shower, the guard tells them to turn around.  Sheridan can't or he'll see she's a woman.  Luis and Miguel hide her and the guard explains that they have to use lice shampoo.  Fancy see Luis with Sheridan in the shower and confirms her fears that he is with a man.  Sheridan realizes that she made a mistake coming to the prison, but says she'd do it all again just to be with Luis.  Fancy calls Esme to let her know that she actually caught Luis with a naked man in the shower.  She can't believe he is cheating on her with a convict guy.  Esme tells her that the Fancy she knew wouldn't take a man cheating on her.  Fancy confronts Luis and asks him why he's with a man.  Meanwhile, Miguel distracts a guard so Luis can get Sheridan a towel.

Miguel gets beat up in prison.

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