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Passions Update Friday 5/4/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Simone and Paloma are out looking for Jessica who has been dragged out of the Book Cafe by Spike.  Though Jessica tells Spike they're finished, he says he she is his wife and he can treat her any way he wants to.  He demands she leave her dad's house and come back with him.  He tells Jessica that she doesn't know anything about being a mother and didn't have the best role model in her own mother who left her.  He tries to convince her that they would make lousy parents and that it would be best for the baby if they sold it to a couple who could take better care of it.  He things that her getting back to work will cheer her up.  Spike takes her out to buy her a new outfit and brings her to a hotel room where he's got a john all lined up.  He threatens her again not to leave him or else he'll tell everyone that she murdered the other johns.  He goes to bring the other john in and asks her to try not to kill this one.  Spike spikes Jessica's drink, which is diet Coke since she can't drink because of the baby.  Spike is determined to work her hard for the next couple of months since when she starts showing she'll get all fat and ugly.  Jessica wakes up and realizes that another john is dead.

Simone and Paloma still can't find Jessica and feel lucky compared to her problems.  They wonder what hold Spike has on her.  They realize that the only place they haven't looked for Jessica is the hotel.  They can't believe Spike would do that to her while she's pregnant.

Endora can't resist doing magic at her preschool and makes her classmate's dream of being a cat come true.  She turns her into one!  Miss Lucy, her teacher, wonders how the cat got into the room throws the cat out the window.  She then goes to start their play and realizes she's missing little Tina.  Miss Lucy feels guilty for not letting Tina play the cat.  Meanwhile, a police officer finds the cat without tags and has to take it down to the pound.  Endora is all excited for her new little friend.  Tabitha shows up at the school to check on Endora and finds out what has happened to little Tina.  Miss Lucy fears for her job having lost one of her pupils.

Eve gives Jared a clean bill of health and says he can back to his regular activities.  He's thrilled since he and Theresa want to get started on their family right away.

The guard at the prison is forcing all the prisoners to go take a shower, including a disguised Sheridan, who wonders how she is going to keep her gender a secret.  Sheridan tries to fake losing a contact to get to go back to her cell, but that doesn't work.  Luis and Miguel walk with Sheridan to the showers so they can cover her up.  The guard tells the three of them to turn around because he's on to them, and they won't get get away with it.

Theresa gets a reminder call from the blackmailer about their deal that she have Jared's baby.  Ethan can't let her go through with this but realizes it may already be too late.  Theresa assures him that she hasn't made love to Jared yet, but that she has to so she can have Jared's baby and save her brothers.  She is in an impossible position between loving Ethan and saving her brothers.  Ethan says he loves her too much to lose her again and he will not let her go.  Jared lets Theresa know they can start trying for a baby.  Theresa asks Eve if she has any advice on how to get pregnant quick and Eve gives a commercial for the Clear Blue ovulation kit.  Eve wants to know why Theresa was in such a hurry to marry Jared and is now in such a hurry to have his baby.  Ethan overhears the maid ordering a Clear Blue Easy ovulation kit.  When Theresa takes the Clear Blue Easy test, she finds out that she ovulating today, so she and Jared get to work.

Tabitha goes to keep an eye on Endora in her bowl.  Kay thinks she's being a little overprotective until she finds out that she's at a mortal preschool.  Kay confides in Tabitha that Miguel wants her to go on with her life without him now that he's facing life in prison.  He thinks Fox can take care of her and Maria with his money.  Tabitha thinks she should take his advice, but Kay can't live without him.  Tabitha reminds her that if she leaves Fox she'll have to go back to the way things were, working at the cannery, taking a bus to visit Miguel on the weekends.  Fox overhears all of this.  After Tabitha leaves, Kay decides she has to remain loyal to her love for Miguel.  Fox hears this and makes a phone call.

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