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Passions Update Thursday 5/3/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Paloma and Simone surprise Jessica with a healthy breakfast and a day of shopping for maternity clothes.  They both vow to support Jessica during her pregnancy and with the baby.  Jessica is overwhelmed by their friendship.  She does admit that she's afraid of Spike and what he'll do to the baby.  Spike shows up and makes sick jokes about the baby being a freak or them cutting the baby in half because half is his.  He also suggests that maybe one of the murdered johns is the real father.  Simone says that can't be because they've been dead for months.  Spike knows that, he just wanted to remind them what he has over them.

It's Endora's first day at the Paul Revere preschool.  Julian wants to be a better father than he's been to all of his other kids and wants to take her to school and even gives her $100 so she can buy milk and cookies for her classmates.  Tabitha won't hear of any of it.  She doesn't want Julian to use Endora to try and get better at relationships.  She accidentally lets it slip that she knows about him getting caught in bed with Ivy by Eve.  She manages to skirt his questions as to how she knows this.  Julian ends up going to the school with them and wishes Endora a magical first day.  Tabitha says that's the last thing they want.  Endora promises her mom that she will not do any magic.  However, she can't resist when one of her classmates demands to be a kitty cat for the school play.  Endora grants her wish and turns her into a cat.

Fancy can't believe that she saw Luis kissing his cell mate, who, of course, she thinks is a man.  She can't believe he would betray her like that.  After a wild night, Esme comes over and promises to stay conscious long enough to hear what's bothering Fancy.  Fancy tells her what she saw.  Esme is not surprised.  She says Luis is "sex on a stick" and it won't be long before he's featured in Prison magazine.    Fancy can't believe that Luis has gone gay.  Esme tells her to look on the bright side.  She won't have to worry about Sheridan anymore.  Fancy is going to go back to the prison and prove to herself that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Sheridan has a wonderful dream of Luis telling her that she's the only woman he loves and that he can't believe he could ever think he could replace her with Fancy.  She is awakened by Luis telling her she needs to leave.  She kisses him again and a very surprised Miguel sees this and can't believe Luis is kissing a man.  Miguel is very relieved when Sheridan tells him it's her and Luis and Miguel try to figure out a way to get her out of there.  They are very worried about her safety, especially if the other prisoners find out she's a woman.  She's not worried and says she can take care of herself.  The guard comes and tells everyone it's shower time.  Everyone will find out she's a woman if she has to take her clothes off.

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