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Passions Update Wednesday 5/2/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Ivy blames Julian for ruining her life and smacks him and throws brandy on him.  Julian reminds her that is was their fathers who put them together in a business deal.  He reminds her that she didn't seem to mind the money after they were married and couldn't spend it fast enough.  Julian regrets that they weren't made of stronger stuff so they could have stood up to their fathers and been with the people they really loved.  They both are hopeful since the people they love have been more open to talk to them recently.  There may be hope that they could be with Eve and Sam after all.  Ivy and Julian think back on their marriage and how handsome a couple they were and how great the sex was.  They apologize to each other for being such a horrible husband and wife.

Sam can't believe that Eve wants him to forgive Ivy for all she did to ruin his family and marriage.  Eve excuses Ivy and Julian's behavior by saying that Alistair and his mansion reeked of evil and they couldn't help but be affected by it.  Sam thinks maybe she's right, but it will be hard for him to forgive Ivy because she is ultimately responsible for Grace's death.  Eve wishes she could have resisted Ivy's blackmail, but she was scared of T.C. finding out her secret and he had a temper.  Sam admits T.C.'s temper scared even him.  Eve thinks that true love would have survived T.C. finding out that she was responsible for the crash that ended his pro tennis career.  Maybe they are supposed to be with their first loves, Ivy and Julian.  Sam and Eve agree that even though Ivy and Julian hurt them the deepest, they also loved them the deepest.  He has a hard time turning his back on that kind of love.  They decide to drive over to see both of them and talk about starting over.

Sheridan begs Luis to make love to her.  He says he won't betray Fancy.  She says she can make him forget all about Fancy.  She finally agrees to leave because she knows he's too decent of a man to ever betray Fancy.  The biggest mistake of her life was letting him go.  She doesn't know what she's supposed to do now that she's lost Luis, Chris, and James.  Luis is her anchor and she doesn't know how to go on without him.  Even if they were a couple, Luis would be telling her to move on because he's on death row.  Sheridan asks for one last kiss from Luis.

Fancy's fellow prison guard asks if she has a connection to Luis since she keeps asking about him.  Fancy admits that she has a thing for Luis, but she's only interested in him because she believes that men who rape and murder should spend their whole lives in jail and be made miserable.  She wants to be put near Luis so she can make him miserable.  Fancy gets the job in D block.  She later goes to see Luis only to see him kissing his cellmate.

Jared and Theresa demand that Ethan leave their bedroom so they can get back to making a baby.  Jared thinks Ethan is there to talk to Theresa about Luis and Miguel's appeal.  He says he is there to talk about Theresa's strategy.  Pilar shows up and talks to Ethan outside where she tells him to stay away from Theresa and stop trying to take her away from her husband.  If Theresa does what the blackmailer wants, then Pilar can get her sons back.  Ethan asks her if it's right for Theresa to sacrifice her happiness for her brothers.  Before Ethan can tell Pilar what else the blackmailer has in mind for Theresa, Jared and Theresa come out.  Everyone but Ethan agrees that the current course of action is the right one.  Jared tells Pilar that they are going to start their family tonight after everyone leaves.  Ethan tells Pilar that this is the blackmailer's second demand.  Jared believes that Theresa must love him more than she ever loved Ethan since she wants to have his child.

Eve and Sam show up and find Ivy and Julian in bed together!  Julian and Ivy blame it on the brandy and the fact that they were turning to each other for comfort because they wanted to be with their true loves.  Sam and Eve tell them both that it is over, despite Ivy and Julian's continued begging.

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