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Passions Update Tuesday 5/1/07

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Written By Jodi
Pictures by Amanda

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Julian and Eve talk about how excited they are at the prospect of finding their son.  They hope that he has been ok despite what they heard from Valerie about his experience in foster care.  They both have regrets about how they handled things after T.C.'s stroke and they often think about the good times they used to share.  They both blame Alistair for the fact that they could never be together and not know their child. 

Fancy is worried that her cover may be blown by the guard who recognized her.  She is in disguise and going by the name Faye Canton to try and get a job as a guard where Luis is being held prisoner.  It turns out that she just forgot to sign her application and she ends up getting hired and starting immediately.  She tries to get appointed to cellblock D where Luis is, but ends up being assigned to A.

Ethan tells Sam about how Theresa is determined to do what the blackmailer wants her to do, to have Jared's baby immediately.  If she does this, her brothers will be released from prison.  Sam, with Ivy eavesdropping, tells Ethan that he needs to stop Theresa from doing this.  Ethan needs to tell Theresa how much he loves her and not give up on her like he did with Ivy.   Sam admits that Ivy was his first and strongest love and he regrets not fighting harder for her.  Ivy later reveals herself and apologizes again to Sam about what she did to his family and to Grace.  Ivy tells Sam she loves him.

Ethan goes to stop Theresa from having Jared's baby but he's too late.  The nurse tells him that she interrupted them in the throes of passion and Dr. Russell let him go home so they could get started on their honeymoon. 

Eve goes to visit Sam and apologizes for what she did to hurt him and Grace and for going along with Ivy's plan.  Eve encourages Sam to forgive Ivy.  Sam tells her that a prostitute was strangled in the red light district.

Julian is happy with hope that he and Eve might have a future.  Ivy appears and, after Julian offers her a drink, she accuses him of ruining her life. 

Jared is pleasantly surprised when Theresa comes to tell him that she wants to have his child right away.  He is very excited about this and decides they should start right now, while he's still in the hospital.  Theresa and Jared go home and start to make love.  Theresa feels guilty but knows she's doing it for her brothers.  Suddenly, Ethan barges in and tells her to stop. 

Luis is shocked when he is kissed by his new cellmate.  He assures the guy that he is not into that.  He is shocked to find out that it is really Sheridan in disguise.  He tells her that she needs to leave right away, but she refuses.  She is determined to stay in Luis' arms because she loves him.  Luis reminds her that he's with Fancy now and even though they can't be together, he is not going to betray her.  Luis and Sheridan have a close call when  a guard wonders who Luis' new cellmate is.  Luis covers and says that he doesn't talk much and distracts the guard by asking for coffee.

A prostitute is stunned when her john begins to strangle her.  As she is being strangled, she says that they are friends and that she never dissed him for being a -- but she doesn't get the word out.

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