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Passions Update Monday 4/30/07

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Written By Jodi

** This is written from the transcript, so some action may be missing.**

Simone is upset about losing her soul mate, Rae.  She asks God to give her a sign of a reason to go on or for a purpose in life.  Along comes Jessica who tells Simone that she is pregnant and that Spike wants to sell the baby for money.  Jessica wants to leave Harmony so Spike can't sell the baby, but Simone assures her that leaving the people who love her is not the answer.  Simone tries to give Jessica some hope.  Jessica realizes through Simone's help that maybe her dad will accept her having Spike's baby and that everything will be ok.  Simone realizes that this was the answer to her prayer.

Noah is trying to comfort Paloma.  She is heart broken about what has happened to her brothers, Luis and Miguel.  She went to the police academy because she thought there was justice in the world.  Now she realizes there is none.  She is running out of hope.  Pilar encourages Noah and Paloma to go out and find some distraction.  Noah takes Paloma to a special part of the wharf where his mother used to take her kids and come up with solutions to problems.  Noah assures her that he's seen worse situations than this and they turned out ok.  Noah tells her a story about a guy who is in a poker game and everyone there is killed except for him.  The killers decide to frame the guy and he is convicted and sentenced to life in prison.  This guy eventually gets out because he did not lose hope and the truth eventually came out.  Paloma realizes that Noah made up the story, but she's not angry.  She thanks Noah and tells him that he has given her hope, and where there is hope, there's justice.  Pilar lights a candle for Luis and Miguel as she did for Martin and Antonio.

Fancy goes in disguise to interview at the prison to be a guard.  She interviews under the name Faye Canton.  The interviewer is impressed with her resume and wonders why she would want to work there when she could have her pick of prisons to work at.  Fancy has a vision of Luis telling her he loves her.  Fancy tells the guard that she transferred here with her boyfriend.  The guard says he wouldn't move anywhere with someone he wasn't married to.  Fancy assures him that the relationship with her and her boyfriend will last.  Fancy gets nervous when a guard from Luis' trial arrives at her interview and seems to recognize her.  The interviewer assures him that he doesn't know her because she just moved into town.  The two of them go out of the room and when they come back, they tell Fancy that there is a problem.  Fancy worries that she's been caught and that she'll never see Luis again.

Sheridan calls on Spike to do something for her.  Sheridan quickly shuts him down when Spike makes it clear he wants more from her than just money.  She tells him that he'll spend his life in hell if he doesn't do what she wants correctly.  Spike tells her that he's already been there, but that he'll do the job she wants.  He also tells her that he will not help her bust Luis out of prison.  She doesn't want that but asks him for something else.  Spike makes a phone call and says he has what Sheridan wants, but they have to leave right now.

The guard at the prison hoses down Luis and gets him and his entire cell soaked.  Luis is approached by another guard who helps dry him off and gives him a dry mattress.  He soon realizes that the "guard" is the angel of his brother, Antonio.  Antonio tells Luis he is there to give him hope.  He tells him that he was sent by God to tell him that he is loved and he needs to keep doing what he's been doing: be strong, selfless, and a good brother and son.  Another guard comes by and catches Luis talking to himself and wonders how his mattress dried so fast.  Luis wonders if he's losing it. 

Ethan and Theresa try to track down the blackmailer in the mansion.  Ethan tells Theresa not to give up hope because they will find the blackmailer, but Theresa worries that they may find him/her too late.  Theresa tells Ethan that the blackmailer wants her to have Jared's baby.  Ethan refuses to let that happen. He asks Theresa to give this some time because the blackmailer is going to screw up and then they'll catch him.  Theresa says that if she had done what the blackmailer wanted in the first place, Luis and Miguel wouldn't be in the mess they are in now.  She tells Ethan that she has to go be with her husband to save her brothers.  Theresa tells Ethan goodbye.

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