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Passions Update Tuesday 4/25/07

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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Amanda

Kay and Fox at the hospital - She keeps trying to wake him up, so she can tell him the truth. He knows already, so he is pretending to stay asleep. He hopes that she will give up and go away, but she doesn't, so he pretends to wake up. Fox plays on her sympathy by bringing up his illness and how bad the treatment makes him feel. He tells her how terrible it must be for her to see him like this. Before she can say anything, he says that all the pain will be worth it if he can spend more time loving her and Maria. Kay continues on, so Fox groans in pain to stop her. Then the nurse comes in with more treatment for Fox. Kay snaps at her, saying she wanted more time with him, but the nurse makes her feel guilty for prolonging Fox's pain. Kay says she will wait in the hall, but Fox suggests that she go home to rest. Julian comes in and agrees with what Fox said; he insists on staying with her "poor dying husband" in the meantime. Kay says they really need to talk when he gets home. Julian tries to usher her out. The nurse tells Kay pointedly that when Fox gets home, he will need rest and no stress. Kay kisses him goodbye.

Julian talks to Kay outside the room. He tells her that the treatments are really hard on Fox, so he really needs her support right now. Kay tells him that she really needs to tell Fox the truth, but Julian gives her a speech about how she has to give up on Miguel, who will spend life in prison, and spend time with Fox for as long as he has left. He adds a vague threat that she shouldn't do anything that she and Maria might regret. Fox is annoyed about what Kay told him. Julian suggests that he tell Fox to quit thinking about Miguel, since he's in prison. Julian knew what Kay was up to, so he tells Fox that he had the nurse come in to interrupt them. They wonder how they can stop Kay from breaking up with Fox. They thought that once Miguel was sent away, the problem would be solved. Julian thinks that once Kay realizes he is gone for good, that she will turn to Fox. Fox reminds him that he's supposed to be dying, but Julian says they will find a miracle cure. Fox still worries.

Miguel and Steve in prison - The other convict tells Miguel that everyone knows that he and Luis are set up. MIguel questions him to try to find out any details he may have heard. Someone with power is giving them the shaft, Steve maintains. Miguel wonders who it could be, but Steve doesn't know any specifics or have any names. Miguel says that he would have thought it was Alistair, but Luis saw the blackmailer, so they know it doesn't look like him. MIguel shows Steve a picture of Kay and Maria. Steve admires them and asks if they have been together long. Miguel tells Steve about their history. He regrets that he wasted time away from Kay and Maria. When Miguel mentions Fox, Steve says he doesn't blame Miguel for wanting to kill him. Miguel jumps up from his chair and protests that he didn't kill Fox. He's innocent. Steve jokes that he said the same thing to the police when they caught him trying to dispose of his father's body after his killed him. Miguel reminds him about how he was set up. Steve suggests that he stop thinking about the outside because he's in prison for life now. Steve offers to help Miguel get along in the prison. Miguel still doesn't think he'll be there that long. Steve keeps at Miguel about how he should let Kay and Maria go so they won't be waiting around for him for years.

Fancy and Sheridan outside the prison visiting room - they ran into each other while visiting Luis. They blame each other for LUis being in prison and facing lethal injection. Inside the visiting room, Luis wonders what is taking his second visitor so long. Sheridan blame Fancy for what she did to Pretty and compares it to this situation. They keep arguing. Fancy acidly points out that Sheridan has no one left to go home to and says that she pities Sheridan for being so angry and bitter. Fancy finally goes in to see Luis. Sheridan says, "Bitch". Luis is glad to see Fancy; they hold hands through the bars. Sheridan watches them through the door's window. She swears not to let Fancy win. Inside, Fancy is sympathetic to Luis being in there. Sheridan makes comments outside, listening in. Luis doesn't want Fancy to worry about him and thinks that she should accept his fate. She refuses and pledges to think about him forever. She wants to visit Luis as much as they will let him. Luis insists angrily that she leave, telling her that he doesn't want her coming back. Sheridan and Fancy are both shocked. Luis urges her to go find someone else. They keep arguing.

The guard tells Fancy that he has to leave. Luis tells her not to come back again, but she insists that she will. Luis thinks to himself that Fancy can't accept that he will be dead soon. He says goodbye to her gently, and then she leaves. Fancy is not happy to see Sheridan still there, waiting outside. Sheridan insists on seeing Luis, but the guard tells her that she's no longer on the visitors' list for Luis. Fancy laughs, so he tells her that she is off the list, too. Fancy is dismayed to learn that she can't see Luis and didn't get to say goodbye for real. Sheridan and Fancy go back in the room. Luis is walking out. They plead with him, but Luis tells Fancy that he loves her, then he turns to go. They beg him not to go yet.

Theresa and Ethan at home in the Crane mansion - Ethan takes an axe to the wall to find the blackmailer, whom he knows is watching them. The blackmailer curses and hides, then she tries to run away. The door is stuck. Ethan gets through and grabs her. He throws her against the wall and tells her that she's not going anywhere, adding, "Freak!" Ethan threatens to beat the guy up while Theresa tries to call security. The blackmailer calls Ethan "lover" and makes lewd suggestions, which disgusts Ethan. Theresa tells him that the phone is dead. the blackmailer suddenly pulls a rope, which makes a ton of dirt come down and hit Ethan on the head, knocking him down. The blackmailer bids him goodbye as he/she runs off. The blackmailer skips off. Ethan and Theresa walk through the passageways to find the blackmailer. They are surprised to find the passageways in the Crane house. Theresa realizes this is how the attacker got in and out of Fancy's room. They wonder who it could be that would know about the passageways. Ethan knows from seeing the blackmailer that it wasn't Alistair. The blackmailer watches them as he hides nearby. He says to himself that it's plan to divide and conquer. Ethan thinks he hears footsteps. Theresa gets creeped out. They are not sure which way to take to find their way. Ethan suddenly realizes that Theresa is no longer right behind him, so he calls out for her. He goes the way she thinks she went. Theresa yells for Ethan, lost in the passageway. They both run around in the passageways, looking for each other. Theresa runs into the blackmailer, who is wearing a harlequin costume. He/she tells her that she should be scared, even terrified. Theresa screams and falls backwards. The blackmailer laughs evilly. Ethan runs to the rescue.

Kay and Maria visit Miguel, much to his delight. A female guard comes in, however, and shows Kay out. Kay and Miguel are dismayed that she has to leave already. The woman leads Kay and Maria to a room and then lets Miguel into the room, with the help of another guard. The woman says she couldn't stand to see them all she is letting them be together. Miguel kisses Kay. He still has handcuffs on, but he thanks the guard for her help. Kay is confident that he will come home.

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