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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Amanda


Sheridan visits Chris in his new place.  She gives one last try to talk Chris into staying, and when that won't work, she begs him to let her keep James. He won't do it. Sheridan threatens to fight him for custody and uses the Crane name to do it. He is disgusted by this ploy and says that Fancy was right - Sheridan is becoming more of a Crane every day. Sheridan argues with him about that, saying she just wants to be loved. He agrees to work out visits with James, but not right now. As she leaves, Sheridan turns her attention back to Luis, saying that she can't lose him, too.

Luis and Miguel are booked and jailed. The warden of the prison welcomes Luis and Miguel. Of course he doesn't believe them when they both say they are innocent. The warden taunts them and acts in a threatening manner, especially to Miguel. They are shown to their cells. The other inmates shout lewd things at them. Luis and Miguel are in opposite cells.  Luis tries to keep Miguel from losing hope. The guard tells Luis that he has a blonde visitor.

Sheridan visits Luis, but he's not happy to see her. He yells at her for what she did to Fancy in court. Sheridan tries to convince Luis that Fancy is a selfish lair and that he doesn't know her. Luis counters that it's Sheridan that he doesn't know, and he wonders if he ever did. She begs him not to leave her the way Marty, Chris and James have. He is sorry that she lost the little boy. They rehash their history a little bit, about who left whom and whose fault it was - the usual stuff! Sheridan then blames Fancy for Luis being in jail. Luis asks her to stop bad-mouthing Fancy and says that he loves her. He tells Sheridan, despite her protests, that he is going to die, so he would like her to leave Fancy alone.

Meanwhile, Miguel meets another guy who is in for life named Steve. Steve tells Miguel that he and the other real criminals know that Miguel and Luis were innocent and being framed. Miguel tries to find out information about who might be framing them.

The blackmailer watches Theresa and Ethan hold each other naked in bed and say, "I love you". She says that Theresa is a dead woman, while she holds a knife, and that Ethan should be touching her like that instead. (Ha, it must be Gwen!) Theresa and Ethan are glad to finally be together, despite the family problems. They are still determined to find out who the blackmailer is, though they have no idea that she is watching them. Theresa wants to tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son, but she can't bring herself to give up the power and money. Ethan wonders what secrets Theresa is keeping, but she doesn't answer. He suddenly realizes something and rushes off, saying he has to do something important at the office. The blackmailer says that it's time for Theresa to die. Ethan returns and tells Theresa that the blackmailer has been watching them. He brings an axe with him and starts hitting the wall with it, saying he's coming after the guy.

Ivy visits Fancy in her room to try to help her feel better. Fancy is angry that Ivy thought Luis was her attacker. Ivy still wonders how Fancy is sure that he was set up. Fancy is determined to help Luis and Miguel get out of this situation. Fancy still has hope that Ethan will be able to help or that they can get the blackmailer, but Ivy doesn't think she's being realistic. Ivy wants her to let it go, but Fancy is outraged at the very idea. She refuses to give up on Luis. Ivy points out that even her call to the governor didn't help. Fancy refuses to give up on Luis now that she has found love. Ivy tells Fancy about her history with Sam and Julian. Ivy worries that Fancy will turn into a real Crane like Sheridan has.

Kay visits Fox while he's having his treatment at the hospital. She tells him how much he changed her life but says that people change. She tells him the truth about her feelings for Miguel and why she married him. However, Fox pretends to have fallen asleep, so she thinks that he doesn't hear any of it. She tries to wake him up, but she can't.

Sheridan is told that she has to leave because Luis has another visitor. She vows to get Luis out of prison. Sheridan is annoyed to find that Fancy is the other visitor. Fancy is surprised to see her, too.

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