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Passions Update Friday 4/20/07

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Written By Suzanne

At Valerie's house, Chad stops Valerie from calling the police on Vincent, who has beaten her up. He convinces her by pointing out that it would be bad publicity for the Cranes and that she might lose her job. Valerie agrees. She wonders if she will find a man like Chad but remembers that he cheated on Whitney, too. She asks if Chad is still cheating on Whitney, but he sidesteps to avoid answering. Chad offers to come to her aid if Vincent comes back. Later, Valerie can tell that someone is rattling her doorknob, so she yells at Vincent to go away.

At home, Whitney reads a story about a bad witch to her son while he plays with his toys. She gets drowsy from drinking medicine, but then she is awakened by a breeze that seems to scare her (it is a bit spooky). She gets ready for bed. Whitney later decides to check the news to see if there is anything about Luis and Miguel. She is shocked to hear that they were convicted. She wants to go see Theresa, so she phones to try to get a sitter. Chad returns, so she tells him about the news. He doesn't want her to leave the house; he thinks she should be in bed, resting. He offers to take her over to see Theresa tomorrow.

Chad gets a phone call from Valerie to ask him to come over because she thinks Vincent may have come back.

At home, Tabitha realizes that Endora wants to go to school with human children. She tries to talk her into going to a dark side school, but Endora insists on going to the local preschool. Tabitha conjures up a ghostly hand to bring back the two women from the preschool. Later, she hears them screaming as they are dragged back to her house. She frets that the evil hand did not manage to get them to forget their previous visit, so she conjures up some forget-me-nots (flowers). She plucks the petals from the plant and, when the hand pushes the women inside the house, she sprinkles the flowers in their faces, and suddenly they are calm and don't remember how they got there. They also don't remember their previous visit. Tabitha and Endora charm the two ladies. Tabitha has to throw more forget-me-notes in their faces when she accidentally lets slip that Endora reads Stephen King and Hannibal Lechter novels. Endora conjures up some snacks, so Tabitha offers the ladies some fresh strawberries. Even though they don't remember their other visit, they are scared by the idea of strawberries. Tabitha flashes back to when she sent the evil strawberries after them. Tabitha and Endora eat some of the normal strawberries, so the ladies do end up eating some after all and enjoy them. The ladies admire Tabitha's antique furniture and are impressed by her seeming good taste and/or wealth, so they conclude that Tabitha and Endora are their kind of people. Tabitha then convinces them to drink one Martimmy each, so they get very drunk and fall asleep. Endora thanks Tabitha for what she did.

In the courtroom, Pilar is very upset about Luis and Miguel being convicted. Theresa and Ethan try to comfort her and give her hope. Ethan tries to keep their hope alive by saying that the conviction may be overturned. Paloma arrives, so they fill her in on what happened. She is shocked. Ethan explains how the judge was blackmailed and that the governor probably was, too. They all vow to figure out who is behind this. Later, Theresa blames herself for what happened, since she didn't listen to the blackmailer. Ethan promises that he will fix this.

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