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Passions Update Thursday 4/19/07

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Written By Jessica
Pictures by Amanda

Chad continues to bang on the door, saying that he needs to get in. He hears Valerie screaming and Vincent smashing things. Chad breaks through the door.

Paloma and Noah are standing by the fire. Paloma says that the fire wasn’t as warm as she thought, but Noah has other ways of staying warm. They kiss.

Sheridan continues to look at a picture of her, Chris, and James. She’s devastated for she’s lost everything. She turns on the TV and the reporter tells Luis and Miguel’s sentencing. She turns off the TV and says that Luis can’t die; she’s got to stop this.

The crowd at the courtroom is rowdy. The judge calls the room into order and Fancy asks if Ethan is going to fix this. He says he’s going to try. Fancy apologizes and Kay tells Maria that her father can’t go to prison. Julian tells Fox not to gloat in public. Fox says he’s not and asks Julian if he thinks Luis is guilty. Theresa tells Pilar they have to stop this and she agrees. Pilar has already lost one son, she can’t lose another. Luis tries to reassure everyone but Pilar goes into hysterics. He tries to comfort him. Theresa says that her brothers are innocent and Pilar rushes to the judge. She pleads with him, telling him that her sons are good. Ethan comes to try to get her off but she rushes to the judge. She grabs him and begs him but the guard pulls her off. Ethan tries to calm her and says it’s his fault, but he’s going to get an appeal. The fact that Luis and Miguel were tried at the same time is outrageous. Ethan’s going to get proof to take it into a higher court. Pilar asks if it’s going to work and he says it has to. He points out all the things that were wrong with the case and says he’s going to get it appealed. Fancy asks what if he can’t and Theresa says the blackmailer is always one step ahead of them. Theresa asks if he can’t it appealed. He doesn’t say anything and Pilar once again goes into hysterics.

Theresa walks up to the judge and says that her mother has had enough. The judge says that her mother’s state has nothing to do with this court and Theresa tells him that she will fight to the Supreme Court until the verdicts are overruled. The judge wishes her luck and she tells him that he is a selfish, corrupted man. She says that he underestimated the power of love. She loves her brothers and since he hurt them, he hurt her, so he better be warned. He says that if he thought her threats held anything, he would have her arrested, but he doesn’t, and his work is done. The guards go to collect Luis and Miguel but Theresa asks for a minute. Theresa tries to reassure her mother but Pilar is defeated. Theresa says she not going to give up and she hugs Pilar.

Outside, Kay is holding Maria. Miguel walks out and sees Maria. He tells her that he loves her and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do without her. Kay tells him not to talk that way for Theresa’s going to try her best. He says that he can’t guarantee Theresa will pull though. He wants Kay to promise that she will bring Maria to see him. Kay tells him to stop talking like that for the verdict will get thrown out and then they can be a family. They hug as Fox walks out of the courtroom. He tries to stop them but Julian pulls him back, telling him not to interrupt.

Valerie is on the floor screaming but Chad tells her that it’s just him. He pulls her up and yells for Vincent. He goes up to a door and knocks on it, yelling that he’s not going to leave until he comes out. He can’t believe Vincent would hit a woman. He asks for the key and Valerie gives him a screwdriver that came from under the kitchen sink. Chad breaks through the door into the bathroom and sees the bathtub. He charges to it, yelling that he’s got him. No one is in there. He swears, but Valerie says that he probably escaped through the window. He wants to go find him but Valerie doesn’t want to be alone. She fears he might come back. Chad leads her to the couch and she sits, rubbing her neck. He asks if she needs a doctor but she’s worried about her face. She’s worried she’ll be hideous. He says she looks fine. She tells him that Vincent just went crazy and she thanks Chad for saving her life.

Paloma and Noah are kissing but Paloma pulls away. She’s worried about someone coming in and her getting caught. He gives her a blanket and they sit down on the couch. He says that it’s fun being half naked in a forbidden place and Paloma says he’s evil. He agrees and says that no one’s there and they have a roaring fire. Paloma says that they can roast marshmallows, but he isn’t thinking about that. He says that when a man is sitting by a fire, half naked, with what could be the most beautiful woman right there, roasting marshmallows is the last thing on his mind. She kisses him but feels weird, for it’s her sister’s house. Noah says that his sister would want her to be happy and since Noah makes her happy, she should do what makes her happy. Paloma says she never listens to her sister but Noah thinks that she should start. They kiss on the couch.

Theresa and Ethan tell Pilar that they are going to do everything to stop this. Pilar thanks them and they walk off. Fox asks Julian if he’s crazy but he says that Miguel is entitled to say goodbye to Maria. Julian reminds Fox that he won, and lists all of the things that Fox did to win. Fox says he’s nearly killed himself achieving this but Julian says that’s what so great about this country. Those who work hard achieve. Now Fox has Kay in his life and in his bed and Miguel is going to jail. Alistair would be proud for Fox has Kay but all Miguel has is jail, murderous roommates, and one hour of exercise a day. Fox agrees but still goes to stop them. Luckily, Julian pulls him back, telling him not to break them up or he’d seem jealous. He wants Fox to let them have their goodbyes for Fox is the one who’s going to have Kay in his bed forever. Fox hopes so.

Fancy apologizes but Luis doesn’t blame her. He says she did the best she could. Fancy says if he has to blame someone, blame Sheridan. He tries to protest but she says that Sheridan is the reason he’s dying. At the same time, Sheridan rushes in. She says that she can’t believe it, but she will not rest until he’s a free man. She goes to hug him but Luis pushes her away.

Valerie thanks Chad again. She says if he didn’t come in, she would have been dead. She can’t believe what a horrible person Vincent is. She says the violence came out of nowhere and Chad promises not to let Vincent ever hurt her again.

Julian tells Fox to cool it. If it comes out that Fox faked all this Fox will take Miguel’s place in prison. Fox agrees to leave them alone for now and Julian says that he learned the hard way never to let anger in. He lost Eve because of it. Fox says he understands and Julian says he won’t be sorry.

Kay promises to bring Maria everyday but Miguel disagrees. Kay says she doesn’t need his approval but it doesn’t matter because she has faith in Ethan and Theresa.

Fancy tells Sheridan that she has some nerve coming back after what she did. Sheridan can’t believe this, she only told the truth. She only wants to help. She goes to hug Luis again but he turns away. Sheridan says she was only looking out for him but Fancy doesn’t believe it, considering what happened on the witness stand. Sheridan says that Fancy accused Luis of attacking her over and over again so how could it be anyone but her fault.

Valerie locks the door and says she can’t stop shaking. Chad hands her some brandy and asks what happened. Valerie doesn’t want to talk about it but Chad persists. She relents. She doesn’t know how she could be so wrong about a person. When she confronted him he went crazy. She loved him. Chad says that Whitney should have never interfered but Valerie is glad she did. Valerie thought about marrying him, so she’s glad she found out. What a disaster that would have been, she remarked.

Noah sits down on the couch holding a bottle of champagne. He says the Cranes won’t miss one bottle but Paloma says that there are cameras and they could be reporting a naked champagne thief right now. He says he’s only naked because she’s hogging the blanket but she informs him that the girl always gets the blanket. She remarks on how romantic it is and kisses him, telling him he tastes like champagne. He kisses her neck and she looks over at a picture of Theresa, Miguel, Pilar, and Luis. She says again that it is not right for her to be having fun while Luis and Miguel are on trial. Noah says it’s such a shame and he turns on the TV. The reporter relays the news and Paloma is shocked.

Kay tells Miguel that he has to be strong and Miguel agrees. Fox begins to go but Julian says to do it gently. Fox walks over and apologizes to Miguel, but he isn’t buying it. Miguel says that it was his testimony that sentenced him. Fox tries to explain but Miguel thinks that Fox is happy that Miguel is going to jail.

Pilar goes on about losing her sons but Theresa tries to calm her. Pilar is so upset. Theresa pulls out something and hands it to Pilar, telling her to pray. Ethan and Theresa leave and Theresa begins to cry. She blames it on herself but Ethan says that she should blame the blackmailer. Ethan says that they love each other and they can’t hide that. She suggests working on the appeal and reminds Ethan that money is no object.

Sheridan asks how any of this is her fault. Fancy says that she made her seem like an unstable nutcase but Sheridan argues that she is. Sheridan points out that the jury doesn’t really know what happened. Sheridan was just trying to save Luis but he disagrees. She tries to convince him that she was trying to help because she loves him and always will.

Valerie and Chad sit down on the couch and Chad asks if Vincent told her who he was cheating with. She replies no, but it was probably a whore. She tells Chad how everything went down. She confronted him but he lied about it. Valerie told him that Whitney told her and he went ballistic. Chad promises that he won’t let Vincent hurt her anymore. Valerie says that his first priority is his wife and child. Then he has his job, he doesn’t have time to protect her. She wants to go to the police to lock him up or at least get a restraining order. Chad has a flashback to Vincent threatening to expose him if Whitney tells Valerie. He thinks he’s dead.

Luis tells Sheridan he’s having a hard time believing she still love him. He says that she’s told him that she’s loved him before but she covered it and then she told on the witness stand that she loved him. He asks if that was a lie too but she says the only lies are the ones she’s been telling herself. But she can’t do it anymore, and Luis can’t forget the love they shared. Fancy rolls her eyes and Luis reminds Sheridan that she’s married and has adopted James. She tells Luis about Chris leaving her so now she is alone. Fancy sneers and can’t believe that the minute she gets dumped she comes chasing after Luis. Sheridan says she’s not chasing but it’s not her fault that their relationship wasn’t meant to last. Fancy says that she’s after Luis but he says that her timings pretty bad, for he’s about to get buried. Sheridan says not to talk like that and even though she’s not after him, but she does love him. And if he is wise, he’ll remember his love for her. Luis says he doesn’t love her anymore. He turns to Fancy and says that he loves her now. Fancy smirks at Sheridan.

Valerie begins to call the police and Chad worries.

Paloma begins to cry and Noah confronts her. She fears for Pilar. She’s says her whole family is being torn apart.

Fancy says that even though Luis has a choice, he still picks her. Sheridan can’t believe it and doesn’t understand. Luis says that what happened to them was sad; she married, moved on, and asked him to do the same. It hurt him but he did move on. He loves Fancy now. Sheridan says she can’t and Luis apologizes. The guard says its time to go and Fancy tells him not to give up hope.

The guard comes out and tells him to wrap it up. Miguel kisses Maria and tells her that he loves her. Kay and Miguel hug and Fox is upset. Miguel leaves and Kay begins to cry. Miguel is pushed into the courtroom and Pilar begs for more time. She says she’s praying for them and asks them to pray too. There are a lot of people who love and want to help them. She hugs them and cries. Fancy hugs Luis and Sheridan swears that she will not lose Luis.

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