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Passions Update Wednesday 4/18/07

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Written By Jessica
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha has a flashback to when she was torturing the interviewers. She tells Endora that she won’t ever have to go to the preschool. Endora looks out the window and Tabitha wonders if maybe Endora wants to go to the school. 

Paloma is investigating the noise she heard when a hand touches her shoulder. She flings the person on the ground, holding his arm against his back. 

Whitney apologizes for telling Valeria about Vincent. Valerie doesn’t believe here. Chad worries for Whitney’s life. 

James hugs Sheridan. She wants to know what is going on. Chris dismisses James and tells Sheridan that he and James are leaving her. Their marriage is over. 

Ethan says he understands and hangs up his phone. Everyone asks what’s going on. He tells them that the judge has decided to do the sentencing. Dread is shown clearly on their faces. 

Valerie still doesn’t believe Whitney. She asks how she knows this and Whitney tells her how the whole situation went. Valerie is heartbroken. She tells Whitney how lucky she is to have Chad. Whitney agrees, for she thinks he would never cheat on her or hurt her in anyway. 

Sheridan is upset. She tries to argue with Chris but he won’t be with Sheridan when she loves Luis. She tries to convince him otherwise but he doesn’t fall for it. Sheridan admits she loves Luis because of their history and their child. Chris points out that they had a child and they didn’t bond. Sheridan says that he’s her heart but he just tells her that in her heart, she loves Luis the most. 

Fancy asks about reconvening the jury and the DA having to be present. Ethan says that he’s going on without them. Even though he can’t, he is.  They talk about the setup and Theresa tries to find hope. Ethan is trying to set up blocks to stop the judge so then they can appeal. 

Fox and Julian discuss the recent events. Julian couldn’t be more thrilled. He thinks the blackmailer is brilliant. Fox thinks that the blackmailer may have more up his sleeve. Julian asks who would be next. 

Fancy blames herself but Luis insists she’s not. They are being railroaded. Theresa once again blames herself. Kay tells Miguel that she can’t lose him but Miguel tries to reassure her. Pilar asks if there is hope but Ethan doesn’t know.  

Paloma continues to hold the man on the ground. She flips him over and sees that it is Noah. 

Tabitha pulls out Freddy and Jason action figures, saying no one can resist that. She can’t believe Endora would want to go to school. She asks her if she wants to play rip the wings off the angels but Endora tells her not now. Tabitha tries again but still Endora is unenthusiastic. Tabitha puts on a pair of glasses and prepares to read Endora’s mind. A black thought bubble pops up ad it says that she would love to have human friends to play with. Tabitha takes off the glasses and is sad Endora doesn’t want to play with just her. 

Chad fears for Whitney’s life. Valerie becomes mad at Vincent and wants to call him but Chad stops her. They ask him why and Chad has a flashback to one of the times Vincent threatened Vincent. Whitney asks again and Chad pauses before answering.  

Paloma unhooks the handcuffs and asks what Noah is doing there. She thinks that he still doesn’t trust her. He tells her that his car wouldn’t start and asks her to apologize. She accuses him of sneaking up on her but he argues that he was right in front of her. They argue some more and Paloma asks what she should do. Noah says that she should jump him and she complies. They land on the ground laughing and begin to kiss. 

Tabitha remembers when Timmy wished he could be a caroler. She remembers how she kept him from it. How she sheltered him. She has flashbacks of she and Timmy’s adventures, when things didn’t go as planned. She says that Timmy wanted to be mortal, just like Endora. She asks Timmy if she’s going to lose her like she lost him. She has a flashback to when Timmy died. She can’t imagine losing Endora. She doesn’t believe anyone should go through that twice. She asks Timmy what to do that is best for Endora. 

Whitney and Valerie ask Chad again and he says that he doesn’t want things to get worse. They argue, both Whitney and Valerie want Vincent to pay. Chad asks them to think them through and Valerie agrees. She’s going to confront Vincent and make him tell her about it. Chad tries to stop her but Whitney butts in. She tells Valerie to call her when she finds him. Valerie leaves and Whitney feels relieved. She asks what is wrong with Chad and he says he has something to do at the office. He leaves and plans to stop Valerie from finding Vincent.  

Chris can’t deny his gut. He says he’ll always be her second choice. She tries to convince him that he’s not. Chris doesn’t agree. She tries to convince him that he loves her. She tries to stop them from leaving. She says James helped her and then Chris taught her to love again. She wants to prove to him that she can be the wife he deserves. She begs him not to go. 

Fancy and Ivy discuss the situation. Ivy tells her to think positive. Fancy asks if it was Sam if Ivy would be able to think positively and Ivy says no. She blames their misfortunes on Theresa. She says that Theresa should have stayed away from Ethan or they wouldn’t be in this mess. Fancy says she’s too worried to think about blame. Ivy tells her she just wants her to be happy. She asks if she could step out for awhile. Fancy says ok and Ivy leaves.  

Fox asks of Kay will sit with him but she’s going to sit next to Pilar, since she’s Maria’s grandmother. Fox allows her but Julian doesn’t like it. He says something nasty about Pilar and he and Fox argue about it. Fox says that the blackmailer and not Julian is responsible for Luis and Miguel’s soon to be deaths.  

Theresa asks Ethan if his phone is charged. He check and it is. She starts to worry but Ethan tells her not to, for he’s going to take care of it.  The hearing is about to start but Ethan says Kevin has always come though for him. The judge walks in and Ethan’s phone rings. He says that Kevin found a couple cases while this occurred and the judge was always stopped. He says that’s very good. He can stop Judge Reilly.

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