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Passions Update Monday 4/16/07

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Written By Jessica
Pictures by Amanda

At the Crane Mansion, Paloma thinks Noah is checking up on her again, but he is just delivering a package. She apologizes for jumping to conclusions. They flirt and kiss, but Paloma pulls away and tells him that it is wrong and he shouldn’t be there.

Valerie is with Whitney. When she asks what is wrong, Chad has a flashback to when Vincent was threatening Whitney. Chad fears for Whitney’s life.

Chris has a flashback to when he and Sheridan were talking about Luis. Then the flashback goes to when Sheridan admits her love for Luis in court. Chris whispers that she’s made her choice and he is not her future. Luis is.

The judge asks the jury if they’ve reached their verdict. They say yes and the defendants rise. Luis and Miguel are found guilty. The crowd gasps and Grace smiles. She thinks that everything is going perfectly. Fox thinks that is what Miguel gets for trying to steal his wife. Julian thinks that the plan worked perfectly. Ivy is upset that she’ll have Kay as a daughter in law. Theresa talks to Pilar and they are heartbroken. Kay and Fancy stand up and say that Miguel and Luis are innocent. Grace has high hopes for her career.  Luis and Miguel lean back and sigh. Miguel says that Maria can’t be raised without her father. Ethan apologizes to Theresa but she tells him not to. It’s not his fault, it’s her fault.

Chris picks up a picture of him, Sheridan, him, and James. He says that he was a fool; Sheridan’s heart could never be his since her father hired him. He plans to take James away with the money Spike gave him. That way he and James can have a good life. He sets the picture down with a note attached, saying it’s best if he leaves. James burst through the door. Chris asks him how his play date was with Little Ethan. He says fine and Chris tells him to start packing. James asks all these questions about Sheridan, if she’s coming, why isn’t she coming. Chris tells James that they are helping mommy. James doesn’t understand. He wants her to come, but she can’t.

At the court, Theresa threatens Judge Reilly. The guard and Ethan pull her off but Ivy tells him not to worry about it. Pilar tells her to shut up and Judge Reilly is shocked. Theresa says she’s still head of Crane and she can make his life miserable if she doesn’t overrule the verdict. He calls her to the bench and Julian whispers that he has a death wish. The judge whispers to Theresa that even with her power she was still blackmailed. He won’t overrule. He’s sorry but he can’t do anything. Theresa struggles and tells him he won’t get away from this. Ethan tries to calm her down. She complains that the blackmailer has more leverage. The judge announces that the charges stand. Luis and Miguel are guilty. He thanks the jury for their careful deliberation but Fancy argues that they met for ten minutes. The judge dismisses the jury until sentencing. Pilar, Kay, and Fancy are all distraught.

Noah asks how his being there is wrong. The Crane’s get wine all the time and he was to deliver it. Paloma was worried that he was checking in on her but he didn’t know she was there. They talk about her job and how Noah is impressed with her. Paloma apologizes but Noah just shrugs it off. He cares about her and he worries. He tells her that she has the hottest temper and they discuss about how it got her in trouble. He says she needs an outlet and kisses her.

Chad bursts through the door with flowers and pizza. He claims that he didn’t know Valerie was there but she says she’s not staying long. She got Whitney’s message and is worried for her job. Chad reassures her that she’s is essential to Theresa. Valerie is relieved, for what could be worse than losing a job. Whitney tells her that it is worse, and she has to tell her right now.

Paloma and Noah are kissing but she pulls away, saying she’s on duty. Noah says that no one is here and on one will know. They argue and Noah tries to convince her to take off and spend the night with him. She tells him no and that he has to leave. She says she’ll show him the wine cellar where he can put the wine. He likes that. Paloma tells him that he’s too much and he blames it on her. Whenever he is near her he feels the need to make love to her. She tells him to stop and she blushes. He tells her that he loves spending time with her, whatever they’re doing.

Valerie says she is normally a strong person but she wishes Vincent was there. She and he have grown very close. She thanks Whitney for setting them up. She wants to hear the news, but she wishes Vincent was here. Whitney starts to protest but Chad holds her back. Whitney tells her the news is about Vincent.

Kay asks Pilar what they are going to do. Pilar doesn’t know. She’s sad that they were found guilty. So is Kay. Julian whispers to Fox that they have to prove it. Fox tells him that that was cold even for him. Julian says he knows it’s hard for Fox to see Kay like this but Fox won. Miguel will be gone forever, just like Luis. Ivy is in search of Fancy. She tries to comfort her, but Fancy blames herself. Sheridan accuses Fancy of sentencing Luis. She ruined his life just like she ruined Pretty’s. Ivy objects but Sheridan tells her to butt out. Fancy needs to feel the pain she has caused. Luis is facing the death penalty for crimes he didn’t commit. It’s Fancy’s fault.

Theresa blames herself but Ethan says it’s his fault. He wanted her. They hold hands and she asks if there is anything they can do. Ethan is going to say something positive. Hopefully it will work. He gets everyone attention. He says that they are all devastated but he’s not going to stop. He’s going to appeal. Luis and Miguel will get separate trials and Grace and Judge Reilly will be fired. Kay asks if there is hope and Ethan says that there is always hope.

Miguel and Luis are put in a room. Miguel asks what they do and the guard tells them to wait. Miguel says this is crazy; he didn’t try to kill anyone. Luis didn’t do anything either, but someone is one step ahead of them. Without a miracle, they are not getting out. Miguel wonders who would do that to them but Luis doesn’t know. He says they are the first casualties in this war.

The judge is drinking and feeling guilty. He wonders if it’s not too late. But he gets an email from the blackmailer. He congratulates him. The judge asks him to leave him alone but he won’t. The blackmailer still needs him.

Valerie wonders if Vincent is alright but Whitney reassures her. Whitney begins to tell her but Chad intervenes. He pulls her away and says it’s none of their business. They argue about it but he won’t relent. She wonders why he doesn’t want her to tell Valerie.

James still wants to know why Sheridan can’t come with them. Chris explains again and James says that he will miss her. He asks if she still loves them and Chris says to never doubt it. He says to pack and they can have an adventure. James goes to pack and Chris looks at the picture again. He blames himself for everything and asks to be a good father.

Pilar and Kay agree with Ethan. The case will get thrown out and Judge Reilly will get disbarred. Ethan says everyone can visit Luis and Miguel and everyone rushes in. Ivy tells Fox that Kay rushed right to Miguel but Fox says to shut up. They argue some more and Fox refuses to go in. Julian tells him to be strong but Ivy is upset. Julian and Fox go.

Kay apologizes to Miguel and tells him that he doesn’t deserve this. Fancy tries to reassure Luis as does Theresa. They discuss the appeal and hope for the best. Theresa says until then nothing bad will happen. Sheridan agrees things have to get better. Luis yells at Sheridan for attacking Fancy on the witness stand. He doesn’t want to talk about it, or to her.

Noah and Paloma come back from the cellar. They discuss the weird writing on the wall and they discuss temptation. They kiss a couple times she shoves him out the door.

Whitney can’t believe he is against this. Whitney is worried Valerie will get a disease. They argue but Whitney won’t relent. She wants to tell Valerie what Vincent is doing. Valerie walks in the room at that moment and asks what Vincent is doing.

Paloma drinks her coffee and hears a knock. She goes to investigate but no one is there. We see that someone is looking at her through the bushes.

Valerie wants to know what’s going on. Whitney tells her its something she needs to know. Valerie is scared but Whitney tells her that he’s been cheating on her. Chad worries that Vincent will kill them both.

Sheridan walks into the cottage and Chris is surprised to see her. She tells him that Luis and Miguel were found guilty but Chris isn’t surprised. Sheridan asks what they should do and Chris says that she’ll think of something, she always does. She sees the suitcase and James comes in and says he’s ready to go. Sheridan doesn’t understand. She suddenly realizes that it’s her fault. She asks if he’s leaving with James

Ethan tries to reassure Luis. He’s going to work day and night on their appeals. His phone rings and it’s the judge. The judge says to get the clients back into court and Ethan thinks it is because he’s changed his mind. The judge says it’s because the sentencing is going to begin. Ethan says it’s too soon but Judge Reilly says they will be sentenced immediately.

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