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Written By Suzanne

Paloma beats on the hooded guy on the docks. She has him down on the ground with his arm bent behind him. He says he gives up, and she can tell it's Noah. She yells at him, annoyed that he followed her. She yells at him some more. He apologizes, explaining how worried he was. They kiss and make up. Suddenly, a man holds a gun on them. Paloma starts a fight with Noah, who starts arguing back. The mugger gets annoyed about how they are ignoring him. As he steps forward to get their attention, Paloma kicks the gun out of his hand and arrests him. Noah admires how well Paloma can take care of herself. Later, at the police station, Noah gets a call to go to the Blue Note. He tells Paloma about it. Paloma also gets a call from Sam about the man she arrested. She asks about the trial. After she gets off the phone, she tells Noah that she has to supervise some sort of delivery. Noah hopes he can see her later tonight. She wishes she could also be there at the trial for her brothers. He kisses her. She chides him for doing that at her work. They hope to meet up later. Paloma waits for her delivery. It is delivered by Noah. He brings in five wooden crates. They are both pleasantly surprised to see each other.

At the Crane mansion (I think), Vincent has his knife behind his back as he asks Whitney whether she is going to tell Valerie about his affair or not. Whitney stands next to Chad. She reminds him that they agreed to disagree. He puts his knife away as he works on Whitney. He says he'd hate to see her friendship with Valerie ruined over this. Chad pipes up that Vincent is right about that. Whitney agrees not to say anything for now. She leaves to go check on Miles. Chad gets in Vincent's face and threatens him again. Vincent threatens him right back with his big secret. Later, Chad makes sure that Whitney is not going to tell Valerie about the affair. They discuss it. Whitney still worries about Valerie and decides she should tell her after all. She picks up the phone to call her. Valerie is not answering her phone, so Chad points out that it might be fate. He keeps working on Whitney. She concludes that maybe it's not any of her business. Chad kisses her gratefully and offers to go get pizza. Whitney is just really glad that she doesn't have to worry about him being unfaithful. She kisses and hugs him as he looks guilty. Chad returns with flowers and can hear that Valerie is inside with Whitney. He looks worried.

Jessica looks at baby clothes as she flashes back to learning she is pregnant. She tells her baby that she loves it but worries that the daddy will find out. Spike walks in just then and wonders if he heard her say that she was pregnant. Jessica looks sad. He fawns over the baby. She lies that she's not sure yet. He views the baby as a "cash cow" and plans to sell it for big bucks. She yells at him, but he grabs her by the neck. They argue, and Spike keeps grabbing her and bullying her. He starts to kiss her, but she kicks him in the shins and runs. He chases her.

Tabitha paces, annoyed that Julian tried to tell her how to raise Endora. Julian phones to see if the ladies from the preschool have arrived. She tells him again that her baby is not going to the uppity, snobby preschool. They argue again. Julian threatens to take Endora away. Tabitha's doorbell rings, So she tells Endora to watch and learn. Outside, two prim and proper young women are talking about how odd the house looks. Tabitha answers the doorbell and tells the ladies that this will not one of their normal interviews. She then makes flames appear behind her, so the ladies start screaming. Tabitha abruptly stops the fire and then pretends like nothing happened. She asks them what the matter is, and they stammer about how it seemed they were in Hell. Tabitha laughs as if they made a joke and preens that the years have been good to her. She pats her face and asks who would have thought that a woman her age would have a beautiful little daughter. She invites them in to meet Endora. They are reluctant to come in, but she reminds them that Julian Crane called them to come there, so they have to, for him. Tabitha introduces them to Endora. They admire how pretty she is. Endora says to Tabitha that she's smart, too. The lady in pink mentions that Julian said Endora is quite intellectually advanced, to which Tabitha agrees. The lady in grey asks if Endora's motor skills are as advanced, too, since she notices that she still uses a sippy cup. Tabitha says that Endora likes her cup, like other children like their teddy bears and assures them that she has advanced motor skills as well. Endora asks Tabitha if she should show them by levitating, but Tabitha tells her not to. Tabitha asks them to sit down so she can serve them some drinks and treats. They sit down. Tabitha conjures up some pitchers of something in the air above them, and then the pitchers pour down their liquid on the ladies' heads. Tabitha laughs at them for questioning her daughter's motor skills as they scream. Tabitha puts the pitchers down. The ladies are astonished at how the pitchers were floating in the air.

Jessica runs into Tabitha's house. Spike stops short just inside Tabitha's house. Tabitha yells at him that he's brave for showing his face back there. The ladies are disgusted to see Jessica, a known prostitute, at Tabitha's house. Tabitha makes it clear that Jessica is welcome in her home any time. Red smoke comes out of the basement. Spike tells them fearfully that Tabitha is a witch. The ladies are shocked and don't seem to believe it. Spike suggests that Tabitha get burned at the stake. The ladies' brains can't seem to handle all of the excitement and confusion around them. Spike recognizes the women as being prominent figures in the town and yells again that they should burn Tabitha. Tabitha looks annoyed while Endora smiles. Spike keeps on about how Tabitha and Endora are witches, and how they sent him to Hell, etc. Jessica tells him to just leave. Tabitha apologizes to the ladies, saying that the man is obviously deranged. The ladies realize that maybe he's right. Spike keeps babbling on. Jessica asks Tabitha for help, so Tabitha sends her home out the other door, saying she is going to take care of Spike. She puts a hex on Spike, and he can't move his feet. The ladies get up to go leave, but Tabitha says they haven't had their treat yet. Endora zaps a plate of strawberries and cream onto the table. The ladies gasp and exclaim in fear and astonishment. The strawberries stand up and move. They look like nasty evil little men in strawberry costumes, snarling. Tabitha has Endora zap herself upstairs. The strawberries fly off the plate and start attacking the ladies and Spike. Everyone screams, except for Tabitha, who laughs. Tabitha eventually shoos the women out, and then Spike. She laughs quite a bit at their plights and the fun she had. Endora zaps herself back to the stairs, wondering what it would be like to go to school with other children.

Julian goes back to yelling at Fox at the courthouse. Fox tells him that he still plans to say that Miguel was not the one who ran him down. Julian protests, but Kay says that Miguel didn't do it. Miguel says with a sniff that these people don't care about the truth. Kay pleads with them. They all argue about it. Fox takes Julian aside and lets him know that he's just lying to Kay for now and plans to still say whatever he can to put Miguel away.

Chris arrives in the courtroom just as Sheridan goes on the stand. Theresa fills him in that they are asking Sheridan about Fancy's sister, Pretty. The new D.A. Grace Nancier asks Sheridan what Fancy did to make her sister Pretty leave town for good. Sheridan is forced to answer, even though Ethan objects. Sheridan relates that it had to do with a guy and that Fancy lied. The D.A. wonders if Fancy lied about Luis as well and if she's not as innocent as she seems. Ethan objects, so Grace withdraws the question but wants to ask another one about Pretty, which the judge allows. She asks if Fancy hasn't had some disreputable friends in the past. Sheridan admits that Fancy had some friends who went to jail. Fancy stands up and yells that it was only Esme, and the drugs weren't hers. Grace wonders if the drugs were hers, but Ethan objects. Grace is finished, but Ethan has questions of his own. Fancy wonders how her aunt can say those things about her. Luis gives Sheridan an ugly look. The judge has to tell Fancy again to get away from Luis, since she's hanging all over him. Theresa asks Ethan what he's going to do, so he tells her that he's going to have to discredit Sheridan. Theresa wonders in her head where her mother is. Ethan questions Sheridan. He asks if she and Fancy were close over the years. She agrees that was true, even though they lived in different places. He asks if her feelings of affection have disappeared since Fancy has been involved with Luis. Sheridan denies it, but Ethan keeps pointing out all of the terrible things that Sheridan has said. Grace objects, but the judge seems to ignore her. Ethan asks Sheridan if she still loves Luis. Sheridan denies it, but Ethan keeps at her until Sheridan admits it. She says she still loves Luis and that he's the only man she'll ever love. Everyone is shocked, especially her husband, Chris, Fancy, and Luis. The judge finally sustains the objections. Sheridan, in tears, wants to explain, but the judge tells her to step down.

Next, Fox is called to the stand. Kay asks him once again to help Miguel. He tells her that he'll try. The bailiff wheels Luis out to another room. Sheridan tries to explain to Luis, but Chris stops her and asks her to explain to him first. She says she's sorry and follows Luis. Chris says to himself that he should have known her true feelings all along. Luis and Fancy can't understand how Sheridan could do this. Sheridan comes in, saying she's sorry, but Luis cuts her off with, "How could you do it, you bitch?" Meanwhile, Fox is asked whether he told the police that Miguel tried to run him over. He says that he did say that. Before he can say more. Grace stops the questioning. Ethan asks that the lights be turned off for a demonstration. A bright light is turned on to emulate the headlights that night. Ethan asks Fox who is standing behind the light. Fox guesses that it is Ethan, but it's Theresa. Everyone gasps. Ethan points out that it would have been impossible for Fox to identify who the driver was at night, with the headlights on. Grace asks Fox again about his statement and whether he was lying. She babbles on and doesn't really have a question, so she stops after Ethan objects. The judge tells the jury to deliberate and make a swift judgement. Sam praises Ethan, saying he did the best he could. Theresa asks Ethan if her brothers have a chance. He wishes he knew. Miguel and Kay look worried.

Back in the side room, Luis yells at Sheridan for what she said. Fancy also starts yelling at Sheridan. Luis tells Sheridan that she has become like Alistair or Julian, and he will never forgive her. Fancy tells Sheridan that if Luis goes to jail or is executed, it will be her fault. Tears falls down Sheridan's face as she tries to protect, but she can't say much.

Back in the court room, Theresa and Ethan wonder how long the jury will be out. Right then, the judge returns and says that the jury has reached their verdict. Ethan doesn't know what to think. They bring Luis back in. Sheridan sits next to Fancy behind Luis. Fancy gives her a dirty look at her sitting there. The verdict comes back as guilty for both Luis and Miguel. Fox and Julian exchange cryptic looks. Grace looks pleased. The judge looks relieved. Everyone else is horrified and stunned.

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