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Passions Update Wednesday 4/11/07--Canada; Thursday 4/12/07--USA

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Written By Jessica

Chad sees Vincent holding a knife up to Whitney’s back and he tackles him. He holds Vincent but Whitney yells at him to stop. They try to convince him that it’s a mistake, but he won’t listen.

Theresa is worried. She doesn’t trust Judge Reilly. She goes up and hugs Miguel and apologizes, saying it’s her fault again. He disagrees and they argue about it some more. Julian and Fox watch as Miguel and Kay embrace and Julian won’t stand for it. Fox keeps his cool. Fancy is worried as well but Ethan tries to calm her. They discuss Judge Reilly. The jury is their only hope. She worries about her testimony but Ethan and Luis reassure her that everything will be fine. The jury comes back and the case proceeds. Fancy is called to the stand, but Sheridan pulls her back and tells her to be careful. Fancy is sworn in and she takes her seat. Luis worries that Fancy won’t be able to convince the jury that she doesn’t believe Luis did anything to her. Ethan and he both agree that it would be bad.

Chad tells Whitney that Vincent was trying to hurt her. She doesn’t think so and Vincent tries to convince him of that as well. Chad doesn’t buy it until Whitney tells him that Vincent was helping her peel an apple. Chad lets go of him and Whitney holds up the apple. Whitney wants to know why Vincent would kill her.

Outside side the courtroom, Paloma is asking Sam why she can’t go into the courtroom. She is their sister and she wants to be in there. She and Sam discuss Luis and Miguel’s framing, but Sam still won’t let her in. Noah tries to get him to let her but he won’t give. Instead, he asks if she will go on patrol. It’s her day off, and she argues a bit. Sam tells her of the muggings that are happening at the wharf. One of the victims was killed last night. She agrees to go and Sam says that he knew he could count on her. He leaves and Paloma tells Noah that she couldn’t say no. He says that he can. He’s not going to let her go.

Grace begins to question Fancy. She asks Fancy about the first time she was attacked and Fancy says that Luis was the one who chased the attacker off. There is proof that he was not the person who attacked her the first time. Ethan smiled but Grace looks worried.

Vincent begins to get up and criticize Chad but Chad pushes him down again. Whitney holds him back and Vincent gets up. He says that no good deed goes unpunished and claims that that was the last nice thing he was going to do for Whitney. Chad agrees but Whitney tries to calm everyone down. She explains that she and Vincent have been talking and he tells Chad he came over to apologize. Miles starts to cry and Whitney goes to him. When she leaves, Chad starts to ‘yell’ at Vincent. They argue about whether or not Vincent is trying to kill Whitney. Chad says that it’s the second time and Vincent says third times a charm. Chad and Vincent fight some more and Vincent continues to threaten him.

Grace asks for a second to review her notes and Ethan and Luis discuss Fancy’s first answer. They’re pleased. Grace didn’t know about Luis’s alibi for the first attack. Miguel hopes she’s unprepared for his case too. Ethan thinks it might be a good idea for Miguel to leave and Miguel is escorted out. Kay leaves as well and Julian tells Fox to go after her and Fox complies. Grace agrees hat Luis had an alibi, on the first attack, but not on the others. Fancy doesn’t think that means he attacked her but the judge tells her not to speak unless spoken too. Grace doesn’t think it’s right for Fancy to trust Luis, for when she was under police protection, someone poured acid on her face. It’s only a good thing it was on her legs and not her face. She tells Fancy that Luis was stationed outside and when Fancy was awoken, she saw Luis with the bottle of acid. Also, Luis was found with the key to her door. Luis yells that someone planted it there but the judge demands that he be quiet or he’ll add contempt. Fancy thinks there must be someone else, but Grace doesn’t think its possible. Fancy doesn’t know how they got out, but she’s sure that they did. She yells that Luis would never attack her. Grace asks that if that were true, why didn’t she let Luis touch her after that. Fancy stutters and Grace asks if her subconscious knew that Luis was the real attacker.

Chad continues to grab Chad and Vincent tell shim that he loves it when he rough with him. Chad lets go and tells him never to go near Whitney. Vincent mocks Chad and Chad threatens him. Vincent still threatens to kill Whitney and Chad promises she won’t say anything. Vincent informs him that his promises don’t mean anything. Vincent tells Chad that it would ironic if Whitney not only knew the person he was cheating with, but knew him intimately. They both turn around and Whitney is standing behind them, a shocked look on her face.

Paloma and Noah burst into the police office and Paloma is mad at Noah. She can’t believe he’s stopping her from doing her job. He tells her it’s too dangerous and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. They argue about it and Noah admits that it’s hard for him. Paloma tells him to let her do this, if she can’t help her brothers, she needs to help someone else. She loves being a cop.

The court room is restless and Ethan begins to argue with the judge. He tells Ethan that it’s his final warning. Grace continues and she asks if Fancy remember shooting Luis in the apartment. Fancy says she didn’t know it was Luis but Grace turns her subconscious on her again. She says that Fancy knew that Luis deserved to be shot.

Noah is lounging on the couch and understands that he’ll never be able to talk her out of it. She agrees and tells her to take it up with his dad. He offers to drive her but she declines. She wants the attacker to think she’s a civilian. She asks him to go back to the trial and let her know the second he knows something. They kiss and she leaves. Noah whispers that he wouldn’t know what to if he lost her.

Kay doesn’t know what to do, but Miguel tries to calm her. He’s upset that they haven’t told Fox about them. They talk about telling Fox and even though she doesn’t want to hurt Fox, she loves Miguel. They discuss the case and someone knocks at the door. Fox comes in and Kay tells him that she has something to tell him.

Grace continues to argue that it was Fancy’s subconscious telling her that Luis was the attacker and Fancy begins to cry. Grace leaves and Ethan asks for a brief recess. Fancy apologizes to Luis and holds his hand. Ethan takes hold of her and tries to calm her. Fancy is distraught. He tells her to hang in there. Ethan is just glad she didn’t bring up her past with Pretty. Fancy says that she doesn’t have anything to do with this. Theresa asks what Ethan is going to do and he’s going to try and undo the damage. But Theresa doesn’t think that’s a good idea. She thinks that he should ruin her credibility so the jury won’t take anything she says seriously.

Whitney asks if Chad knows the person who Vincent is having an affair with and Vincent says that it was just guy talk. Whitney doesn’t think so. She thinks that since Chad knows who Vincent is cheating on, then he must be cheating with her too. Chad tells her that that’s ridiculous and she agrees, blaming her overactive mind. They hug and Vincent looks at them with disgust.

Paloma is walking around the wharf and something startles her, but it’s nothing. She walks away but a man follows her.

Fox interrupts Kay and tells them he realizes that he’s being selfish. He decides not to say that Miguel drove him down. Kay and Miguel are shocked. Fox says that if he changes his story, Miguel won’t go to jail. Kay hugs him and Fox looks menacingly over at Miguel.

Theresa tries to get Ethan to do it but Ethan says no. He asks her to trust him and he calls Fancy to the stand again. He asks her if she loves Luis and she says yes. Even though she shied away from him. Ethan says that the first thing Fancy did during the recess was go to Luis. Fancy tells him that she wanted Luis to hold her because she always felt safe in his arms. Ethan pulls out a paper from a therapist that says that often people who have been raped don’t want anyone touching them. Not their boyfriend, friends, not even parents. He points that it doesn’t seem right to assume that she thinks its Luis because of a few weeks on mistrusts. He asks her to tell the jury why she loves Luis. The first ting she says is that he’s the kindest, gentlest, most compassionate person. He loves his family and she loves that about him. How he’s always willing to sacrifice anything for anyone who needs help. She doesn’t think he’s capable of hurting another human being. Ethan stops questioning her and Luis smiles.

Vincent announces that he has to go. He hopes he doesn’t look as bad as he feels. Whitney insists that Chad give him an apology but Chad doesn’t want to. Whitney apologizes for him, but she still doesn’t like him. He starts to leave but stops and asks if Whitney was still going to tell Valerie about him cheating on her while he’s holding a knife behind his back.

Paloma is walking around the dock, and she knows she’s being followed. She speeds up and hides behind a bunch of crates. When the follower comes around the corner, she grabs him and throws him to the floor.

Kay is amazed that Fox changed his mind, but she’s happy. Miguel appreciates it but Fox tells him that it’s not for him. He explains it again as Julian walks in. Julian doesn’t like what Fox is doing and doesn’t want him too.

Ethan is optimistic but Sheridan is worried. Ethan says that the jury is there only hope. At least they planted reasonable doubt. Grace talks to Judge Reilly about the case. They are upset that Ethan managed to turn the case around. Grace gets an email telling her to call Sheridan to the stand and ask about Pretty. Grace wants to do it, but Judge Reilly is hesitant. He says it’s not a joke. But she goes ahead and calls Sheridan to the stand. Sheridan panics and Ethan tries to stop it but the judge overrides it. Sheridan is sworn in and Grace begins. Grace begins immediately by asking about Pretty. She wants to know why Pretty left town. Ethan tries to object and everyone panics.

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