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Written By Jessica

Whitney walks into the courthouse and mutters that Theresa wanted her to meet her there. She walks underneath the ladder and a large piece of marble begins to fall. Chad runs in, pushing Whitney out of the way. It falls on him and they both end up sprawled on the floor, the pieces of the marble all around them. The paint man walks in and sees Chad and Whitney on the floor and he thinks they’re dead. Vincent comes out from behind the ladder and whispers that Chad was warned. Since Chad didn’t shut Whitney up, he had to do it for him.

At Tabitha’s house, there is a chalkboard that says Witchery 101 Miss Lennox’s Class in white chalk. Tabitha tells Endora to listen up, for Transfiguration spells can be tricky. She mutters a spell that enchants the chalk to write on the board. The chalk writes To fly out like a vampire bat. Endora says that she already knows how to cast spells, but Tabitha’s insists on Witch’s School, for it will develop her powers. Endora makes the chalk write Ms. Lennox is a doo-doo head on the board. Tabitha goes on about how she’s so glad she decided to home school Endora. Stupid Hogwarts would have wanted to conform her to their standards she complains. Now that Endora is being home school, she and Tabitha will spend all their time together. Endora conjures an apple on Tabitha’s desk, but it is a poisonous one, though Tabitha doesn’t mind. She is happy about it. Suddenly, a video screen appears on the chalkboard. It is showing Luis and Miguel getting ready to go to trail, then flashes to Whitney and Chad on the floor, unconscious, then flashes to the blackmailer holding a knife. Endora thinks it’s the next lesson but Tabitha is upset. Someone else is taking her ‘thunder.’ Though she and Endora won’t be affected, others will. She can’t even figure out who the blackmailer is.

Ethan burst into the court room with Theresa coming in after him. He’s really upset that the trial was moved up. Fancy, Luis, Miguel, and Kay walk in as well. Theresa tries to calm him down but he won’t. He says that the blackmailer must have something on Judge Reilly Sam and Sheridan walk in and Sam tells them that he just heard about the trial. Ethan explains the situation and they discuss the legality of it all. They discuss the blackmailer and are all disgusted.

Grace Nancier walks in the courtroom and everyone is distraught. She’s a TV lawyer and she is horrible. She argues, saying the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers are horrible. She states all of their ‘crimes.’ Ethan interjects by asking what she doing here and she informs them of her new position. Harmony’s DA. She will do everything to prove them guilty. She walks back to her desk and everyone looks at each other, shock shown clearly on their faces.

Tabitha erases the screen and wants to get back to work, but Endora wants to play. Tabitha tells her they are going to work on her cauldron techniques, so Endora conjures up her cauldron. She says they should start off with something easy, like nitroglycerin. Endora points and the cauldron fills with the substance. Tabitha sets Endora on the table and tells her to stir slowly. She starts stirring faster and the pot begins to overflow. She enchants the spoon to stir faster until the whole thing blows up.

The paint man mumbles about calling an ambulance just as Chad stirs. He rushes over, making sure both of them are alive. They are, but Vincent is upset. Eve walks in and rushes over. She wants to know what happened exactly, and Whitney explains it to her. They don’t have any damage except bruises and scrapes. Eve tells Whitney that she’s here for the trial, and so is Whitney. She wants to know what Chad was doing there. He has a flashback to when he and Vincent were on the phone. He uses the excuse that he heard about the trial too. Eve insists they go home and Whitney agrees. The paint man apologizes. Vincent is upset, but he will try again. Eve complains that they took ten years off her life but she’s glad they’re fine. Chad sees Vincent leave and he knows the truth.

Ethan complains that there is no way to stop this trial. He says the only way is to have an unbiased jury. The judge walks in but Ethan is confused. They haven’t heard the rules of procedure. He begins to protest, but the judge shuts him up. He announces that they are here to condemn, he means try, Luis and Miguel for all of their crimes. He tells the bailiff to bring in the jury and they walk in. Ethan is once again confused. He asks who they are and Grace tells him that they are the jury. The judge silences Ethan and tells him since he wasn’t there for jury selection, Grace got to do it. Ethan protests and Grace explains that they are all death penalty loving people. Everything looks hopeless.

Tabitha and Endora rise from behind the chair. Tabitha is upset and looks around at the disaster before her. Endora says that school is a blast. The boys from the basement spit fire and Tabitha apologizes. Endora asks why they are upset and Tabitha explains that since the No Demon Left Behind system, witch schooling is taken very seriously, and the boys want it for her. They will test and test and test Endora. The doorbell rings and Tabitha asks Endora to clean up. She walks to the door, muttering that Endora should take school more seriously. Julian is at the door, and no surprise, she’s not happy. He’s here to talk about Endora’s future and he heard what Tabitha was saying. He asks what witch school is and Tabitha is worried.

Ethan sits down and Sheridan asks if there is anything they can do. The governor isn’t answering Ethan’s calls. Fancy hates this, and Sheridan begins yelling at her. Luis tells her to stop and she apologizes. Ethan wants everyone to stay together. Ethan warns Sam that Grace will use him too, since Miguel is the father of his grandchild. The judge calls everyone to order. Ethan asks if they are going to have open statements but the judge reprimands him. Grace sucks up to the judge and Ethan cannot believe what is happening. Grace introduces her first witness. She calls to the stand Sam. He walks up, giving worried glances to the group.

Julian laughs at Tabitha’s ‘witch school.’ She uses the excuse she said ‘which’ school Endora should go to. Tabitha tells him that she’s going to home school Endora and she and Julian argue. Endora shows up and Julian hugs her. He tells Tabitha that he set up an interview for a preschool. Tabitha is not happy; she doesn’t want Endora to go to a snob school. They argue.

Chad asks if Whitney is ok and she says she’s fine. Eve tells her what to do to make and thank Chad again. He has a flashback to when he aw Vincent leaving and announces that he’s going to the drugstore. He leaves, and plans to track down Vincent and make him pay. Vincent comes around the corner just as Chad leaves and he promises to make sure Whitney won’t tell Valerie anything.

Grace begins to question Sam. She asks if he arrested them. He says yes and she asks if the evidence is overwhelming. He also says yes. She reminds him of an interview he had where he said that if the case was given to him without names, they would be guilty as hell. She asks if that’s what he says and he has to say yes. Kay and Fancy both hold the hands of their loves just as Fox walks in. He glares at Fox and Kay. Judge Reilly yells at them to keep their hands on their side.

Tabitha reminds Julian that she doesn’t want him in his life. Julian argues that his daughter is a Crane and she needs to go to the best. They argue about Endora going to the preschool. He picks up the apple and she tries to get him to eat, but he declines. Tabitha tells him that Endora is not going to preschool and that is final.

Eve and Whitney talk about Chad and Miles and their marriage. Whitney wishes everyone could be in their kind of relationship. She asks Eve for advice about Vincent and Valerie. Before Eve can answer, her phone rings. She has to leave, the hospital needs her. She tells Whitney to get some rest and says not to tell Valerie. It could end up badly. But then again, she doesn’t like it when people are lied to. Whitney decides to tell Valerie and Eve agrees. She leaves, and Vincent watches her go, a knife in his hand. The next time Eve see her daughter, she’ll be dead.

The judge ordered the bailiff to remove Kay and Fancy but Grace says that’s not necessary. It must be hard for them considering the chief of police juts admitted they’re guilty. Sam argues, saying that he then said that he knows Luis and Miguel and they would never do that. Judge Reilly tells the jury to disregard his last statement. Ethan orders the bailiff to remove his clients. He wants to regroup. The judge denies it and Ethan tells them to go. The only plan Ethan has it to prove that Fox couldn’t see Miguel and make Fancy go to the witness stand. He believes that once they know that Fancy is sure that Luis could never hurt her, everything will be ok. Fancy looks worried. It all comes down to her testimony.

Vincent walks in and startles Whitney. He holds the knife behind his back. He tells her he was worried about her. She thanks him. But she just wants to rest. She says that if he’s here to try to stop her from telling Valerie, it won’t work. He admits that she caught him, and says he will do anything to stop her.

Grace tells the things Miguel said about Fox and asked if he really did say that. She also says that three times, Luis escaped. Ethan mutters that it’s up to Fancy and he hopes she’s pulled through. Outside, Sheridan yells at Fancy, saying she better not screw up. She will hold Fancy responsible if Luis is proven guilt. And then Fancy will have to answer to her.

Tabitha and Julian continue to argue about Endora’s schooling. Julian says they committee will be there soon. Tabitha pushes Julian out and he threatens that if Tabitha doesn’t behave, he will try to get custody of Endora. He tells her to give the ladies an afternoon they will never forget. Tabitha takes it into the wrong context and decides to definitely give them an afternoon they will never forget. She cackles.

Chad can’t find Vincent. He calls him, but gets his voicemail. He threatens to kill Vincent. Inside, Vincent holds a knife up to Whitney’s back. She turns around and yells Chad!

Ethan, Sam, and Fox walk out of the courtroom where Theresa is pacing. She asks what happened and they tell her the bad news. Ethan warns Fox that he will tear him up on the stand. Fox and Kay argue about him lying on the stand. He tells her that he will testify. Ethan agrees. If Fox’s testimony changes, then Grace will say he’s being manipulated. Kay apologizes and Fox thinks that she will lose Miguel. Fancy asks when she will be called and Grace walks in, saying she’s late. She tells Fancy that she is her star witness. She is the one who will prosecute Luis.

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