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Written By Jessica

In the Bennett house, Jessica is holding a Clearblue pregnancy test, muttering that she can't be pregnant. She regrets that they never used protection. Sam knocks on the bathroom door and tells her that he's putting her clothes in her room. She says she'll be out in a minute. Sam smiles to himself and is glad that Jessica is hogging the bathroom just like she used to. Some things never change. He goes up to the door again and tells Jessica to meet him downstairs for he has surprise for her. In the bathroom, Jessica says that the test as supposed to be the easiest one. She says if the test comes up positive, everything will change.

At the restaurant, Chad asks Whitney if she's having a good time. She begins obsessing as to way Valerie hasn't called her back yet. Chad becomes frustrated and tells her to forget about Vincent and Valerie. He asks her to be with him. Whitney apologizes, grabbing his hand. He tells her that it's nice she's worrying about Valerie. Whitney shakes her head and says she should be with her husband. She says she'll go to the bathroom to powder her nose and when she comes back, she'll give her undivided attention. Whitney gets up and leaves. Chad's phone rings and he picks up, thinking it is the office. It's Vincent. He asks if Chad can get a hold on is wife. Chad says he can't talk right now, but Vincent is persistent. He tells Chad that he was with Valerie so he managed to intercept Whitney's message. He warns that if Whitney tells Valerie about him, that it'll be the last thing she eve does. Chad shifts in his chair uncomfortably.

At the courthouse, Theresa is pacing while Ethan sits on a bench, rubbing his hands together. Kay and Miguel walk in and Kay tells them that there was a thing on the news that said Judge Reilly was having a hearing. Miguel asks what is going on and Ethan tells him that they're being railroaded. Fancy rolls Luis in his wheel chair. He's wearing an orange prison suit while Fancy is in her uniform. She asks he guard why Luis has to be shackled to the wheel chair but the guard just crosses his arms and says its standard procedure. Theresa argues that he's just been shot and that he should be at the hospital. The guard tells her to tell that to the judge and she glares at him, telling him that he's rude. Fancy apologizes and says that she never imagined her first assignment, as a cop would be to take Luis to his hearing. Luis shrugs it off and tells her that she's just doing her duty. He asks what's going on and Ethan tells him, with many pauses in between, that his and Miguel's hearings have been moved up.

Theresa blames everything on herself. When Jay asks what she did, Ethan quickly interjects and says that it doesn't matter. He tells Theresa that it wasn't her fault and she softens a bit. He tells them that they're at the mercy of a wacko. Kay asks what he means as Fox walks in the room with them. Kay asks what he's doing there and he straightens his tie, telling everyone that he was summoned since he was the victim of the crime. Miguel protests, saying he didn't try to kill her, and Kay agrees with Miguel. Fox disagrees, saying he saw him. Kay argues that it was dark but Fox is persistent. Ethan says that everyone is being set up, even Fox, by the blackmailer. Miguel asks why Ethan can't tell that to the judge but Ethan says that it won't work. He says that the blackmailer got to the judge and that's why the hearing was moved up. Fox asks if he can really do that and Ethan tells him that they're all here. It's doomed. Miguel sighs and says that he's going to go to jail. Luis says he is going to go to prison.  They all look around, distraught.

In the bathroom, Jessica waits for the pregnancy test. Sam knocks again and asks if everything all right. Jessica tells him not to worry; she's not cutting or doing drugs. He apologizes and Jessica says that she will regain his trust eventually. He agrees and she says she's almost done, and then they can talk. He reminds her of the surprise and she mutters that she might have a surprise for him too.

Chad tells Vincent never to threaten his wife.  Vincent tells him as long as Whitney doesn't say anything. Chad asks why he has to do it and Vincent reminds him that he's only in trouble because he was protecting Chad.  Chad has a flashback to Whitney almost caught him and Chad in the bathroom, when Vincent admitted he was having an affair, and when He and Vincent were making love. Chad argues that it was sex not love, but Vincent says that the point is Whitney thinks he's having an affair. They argue about it and Vincent tells him that if Whitney does tell, she's going to regret it.

Luis mutters that that's great; the blackmailer also has Judge Reilly. Fancy asks if there is anything Ethan can do and he tells her that he's filed something that prevents the judge from doing an immediate trial. He hopes that it will stop the blackmailer's threats without having the secrets exposed. He's waiting to hear the judge's decision. He admits that things are not good and Miguel sighs in exasperation. Theresa says that she's sorry and goes to hug Luis but the guard stops her. They argue and he says fine. Luis thanks god that Pilar isn't there and Theresa says she doesn't know yet. Luis tells her that she and Paloma have to be strong for her. She smiles and tells him that even though he's facing god knows what, he still cares about everyone else, as does Miguel. Fox rolls his eyes and Theresa tells Luis that she knows what he said about her being with Luis. Miguel agrees with Luis but Theresa says that she wants everyone to happy but they can't. She doesn't know what she will do if they are found guilty. Miguel tells her not to go there. They say that something can be done, but Fox points out that no clues have been found. Fancy tells him that he's not helping as the judge walks in. He tells everyone that he will hold the hearings in his chamber and they all follow him.

Miguel pulls Kay aside and tells her that she needs to tell Fox about them. She says after the judge tells them what is going one. Fox pulls out his phone and calls his father. He asks if he blackmailed the judge again. Julian says no and Fox tells him that someone did, and Miguel is going to go to jail. That way, Kay will be his wife and when the doctor discovers a cure, Kay will be his forever. He says he doesn't know whom the blackmailer is but when he finds out, he's going to thank them. He hangs up the phone.

Chad sees Whitney at the table and hangs up the phone. She asks if someone is threatening him but he shrugs it off as just work. She offers to let him go back to work but he refuses and tells her to sit down.  She says she'll stop talking about Vincent and Valerie, but still talks about how disgusting it is. Chad tells her that sometimes men need release. She looks worried and asks if that's his point of view but he reassures her that its not. She starts talking about how that would be the ultimate betrayal but Chad tells her to stop. They argue some more about whether or not to tell Valerie about Vincent and Whitney wonders why he's sticking up for Vincent. She says she's going to call Valerie again and reaches for her phone but Chad stops her.

Jessica tries to reassure herself that everything will be all right. She looks at the test that reads pregnant. She smiles and is happy that she will finally be a mother. She throws away the test and is glad she moved back home. She can't wait to tell her father. She runs downstairs about to tell him but sees that box of baby clothes in front of Sam. He tells her that they used to be hers. They talk about how much they miss her and he says she's glad that Jessica is starting over and doesn't have anything to ruin her life, like getting hooked on drugs that could have cause damage, or getting pregnant with Spike, or else she'd never be rid of him.

Whitney asks how he can let her not call Valerie. He insists that he's not and she tells him to give back her phone. He tells her that it would be better to do it in person. Whitney agrees with Chad and says she won't tell Valerie over the phone, but she'll tell her in person. Her phone rings, it's Theresa. Theresa asks if Whitney can come down to the courtrooms. Whitney complies and heads down. Chad sighs watching her leave. Vincent walk up and tells Chad that he better put a muzzle on Whitney or else.

In the courtroom, the judge tries to get a hold of his secretary, but he has to get up and get the papers. Luis apologizes to Fancy but she tells him that's it's all right. Fox walks in the room and looks over at Miguel and Kay menacingly. Theresa pulls Ethan aside and hopes that the judge will grant the notions, but Ethan doesn't think so. She says that if it weren't for them, none of this would be happening but Ethan disagrees, it was his fault. He was insistent. The judge walks back in and he and Ethan began to discuss the notions, including him not being present for the trials. Ethan asks if he can be blunt and the judge says no. Kay asks if judges are supposed to be all about the truth but he shrugs her off. Ethan admits everyone is being blackmailed but the judge becomes flustered, saying he doesn't know anything and that Ethan can't prove it. Ethan thinks if they go out of Harmony then the blackmailer will have a harder time. The judge almost considers it but then a strange laughing is heard throughout the room. Everyone looks around questionably, but no one knows whom it is. They all check their cell phones and on them is a picture of the blackmailer laughing. The judge denies the notion and will not step down from the case. Luis and Miguel will be tried immediately.

Jessica asks that if Spike had gotten her pregnant if he wouldn't want the baby. He tells her no but e doesn't want anything tying her to Spike. He tells her about all the horrible things he knew Spike was doing. He says now she free to get married and have a baby. He shudders and feels sorry for anyone who would have SpikeŽ baby.

Chad gets up and walks towards Vincent. He pulls him aside and tells him to stay away. Vincent wonders how long Whitey will be his wife because secrets always come out. Whitney realizes she forgot her purse and heads back. Vincent says that Whitney will find out about them. She'll see them close or she'll catch them in bed. Once Whitney fins out they're loves, Chad's marriage is over.

The guard turns off the computer near Judge Reilly and he thanks him, telling him that he'll be head of court house security tomorrow. Then the judge searches around for his pills. When the guard finds them, the judge tells him that he needs a new assistant. Ethan catches the judge's attention again and asks if he can have more time to gather evidence. He is denied, but still persists, saying that the judge is being blackmailed. They argue and Ethan asks to remove the evidence from the bartender's apartment, on grounds that it was obtained illegally. Fox tells Miguel that he wishes he could do something but he run him over. Kay intervenes and she and Fox argue about it. The judge threatens to take Ethan off the case and something else that affects everyone else. Fancy tells Luis that things are getting worse.

Sam goes to put the clothes away, but Jessica stops him. She asks what if Spike did get her pregnant. He tells her that he'll love her babies, but he's glad hat she's not. He knows she's scarred, but she'll be better soon. And she'll be married with a family. Really in love. She has to have faith in God, her family, and herself. He asks what she wants to tell him.

Whitney tells Theresa that she'll be there after she grabs her purse. Chad sees her and Vincent is pleased. He wants to tell Whitney about them, but Chad tells him not to. They argue about it and Vincent leaves. Chad sits back down as Whitney walks up. She asks who he was talking to but he just says it was the waiter. He asks what she's doing there but she just needs to grab her purse. She is still going to tell Valerie about Vincent. Vincent threatens that she'll never get to talk to Valerie.

Theresa asks Ethan not to upset the judge and the judge agrees. Ethan agrees and they talk about the charges. He says he can't separate the crimes, but Ethan argues. The judge won't give up and demands that they have a double trial. Ethan argues that if this happens. His clients will be found guilty. The judge only replies, exactly.

Chad is trying to call Vincent and threatens that nothing better happen to Whitney.

Jessica tells Sam that she's just happy to be happy. Sam phone rings; it's Judge Reilly. He has to take this, for it's about Luis and Miguel's case. He leaves and Jessica worries over her pregnancy.

Luis holds Fancy's hand as Ethan argues about the double trial. The judge tells him that he can do anything he wants and Ethan better begin working a case. Everyone but Fox is distraught. Whitney walks in the courtroom right near two ladders with a board over them. The ladders shake and a brick looking thing falls right where Whitney is standing. She screams and ducks, holding her hands above her head.

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