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Passions Update Friday 4/6/07--Canada; Monday 4/9/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Chad comes home to Whitney. He has a buzz cut. She says she likes it and asks why he just got home. Whitney admits that she thought Chad was cheating and went to the motel. She apologizes. She says that she shouldn't be worried. She also says that she doesn't know what she would do if she found him cheating.

Whitney also discusses that she should tell Valerie about Vincent cheating on her. Chad says no. Whitney says that she already left a message so its to late. She decides to call her again but gets voicemail.

Tabitha wonders about what is going to happen since she had a bad feeling at the house of mirrors. She concludes that it isn't good. She does spy on Kay and Miguel.

Kay has a dream that she is together with Miguel. When she woke up she was in bed with Fox and she was surprised. She asks why Fox isn't in the hospital. She says he should be there to get better.

Miguel is outside her room. When Fox leaves he asks why was he home. She tells him to back off about Fox. He kisses her. Fox goes to see if Miguel's trial can be pushed up but it can't. Fox tells him to not to pay attention to Theresa and get the trial pushed up.

Ethan and Theresa are together. The blackmailer is spying on them. Ethan and Theresa discuss their lives and the blackmailer as usual. Ethan thinks that he can save Luis and Miguel. After they discuss the cases they hug, kiss than sleep together.

The blackmailer is still watching them. He calls her and tells her that her brothers will die in jail. The blackmailer sends a message to Judge Reilly while Fox is there. Judge Reilly is now being blackmailed.

Sam finds Jessica at the door when he is about to leave. He is ready for the graduation of the police cadets that day and he is in full blues. Jessica says that she would like to come home, but he really has no idea what to say to her about that. she knows that she has done some terrible things…He isn't going to say 'no', but he wants her to be sure that she can do it this time. She has left Spike many times before. Jessica is going to try. She just really wants to be a good person again. "Will you let me come in? Can you find it in your heart to forgive me, and let me come home?"

Miguel and Kay are in her bed talking about Miguel's trial. They have made love now that Fox has left the house to do some work. She worries about Miguel and what his fate is going to be. Miguel smiles. He doesn't care about that right now. He knows that any day now he could be sent to prison. Why waste time worrying? He doesn't want to dwell on that. He would like to spend quality time with Kay if that is okay with her. She likes that and they kiss some more.

Fancy thinks about Luis as he sleeps in the hospital beside her, cuffed to the metal bars of the bed…Sam gave her the job of watching Luis while he is in the hospital. Sam was very clear that she is to make sure that Luis doesn't manage to get out of there and escape again. It is up to Fancy to make sure that he is right where he should be until he is transported to other quarters. She promised that she would be professional about things…She wants to do her job right but she can't ever believe that Luis is a criminal. "There is something else that is going on here." It seems to be out of everyone's control.

Paloma is sleeping with Noah by her side. She dreams…She is thinking of the fright that she had when she was with Noah at the fair the night before. He wasn't doing anything but it was so hideous to see…She wakes up screaming and Noah is there. she tells him that she dreamed of the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' that she saw in the reflection of the mirrors at the House of Mirrors at the carnival. Paloma knows nothing of what that person or thing was, but she does know that the thing was evil.

The Peeping Tom Rapist is watching Theresa and Ethan from the hole in the wall and he tells Theresa that she is going to pay for messing up again. "You have no one to blame but yourself. You could have controlled yourself, but instead you behaved like the little slut that you are." The Peeping Tom Rapist tells Theresa that her brothers are going to pay and Ethan will find out that Little Ethan is really his son. Ethan wants the phone from Theresa to talk to this pervert but she won't give it to him.

Noah reminds Paloma that this is the day that she will be graduating from the academy, so she should be happy and not thing about the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' that she saw at the carnival with him the night before. Paloma smiles when he reminds her what a glorious day it is going to be. She has worked so hard to get to this point in her career. Paloma knows that her brother Luis will be so proud of her for her accomplishment of becoming a police officer. She and Noah kiss.

Fancy is in Luis's room…He wakes and smiles when he sees her. He is feeling much better now that he has had time to rest. She is a wonderful sight for him to wake up to. He blames her for none of this. She was just doing her job. "I'm so sorry," she says. He doesn't want her to apologize for doing her job. She was dealing with a terrible trauma before and is still suffering from it. She shrinks away when he touches her and he understands. He will wait for her to get better no matter how long it takes. He would like to help her with her problems. She will help him in any way that she can to beat these charges.

Theresa begs the 'Mysterious Figure' over the phone to give her another chance to do as she is told. Ethan is ranting and the Peeping Tom Rapist hates that Theresa has upset him by breaking his rules. He tells her over the phone that she has forced him…or her to do what he is going to do next. Ethan grabs the phone and talks. "Darling, so nice to hear your voice." The Peeping Tom Rapist promises Ethan that he will have him soon. Ethan calls the person a sick bastard and the call is suddenly over.

Sam hugs his daughter and welcomes her home. He loves her and has been praying for the moment when Jessica would return. This is her home and he has always wanted her there. He brings her in the house and offers to make her some eggs. She isn't hungry, only grateful to be home. "I love you and am so sorry." He doesn't want to hear her apologize. She had a sort of vision of the way that her life could be and she realized that it wasn't too late for her. Sam knows that it isn't too late. "Jessica we are family. We are here for you." She thanks him for saying that.

Kay wishes that she and Miguel could just stay in bed like they are doing now. They feel so safe there. Life is so unfair. Miguel sees the phone flashing and hits the button to listen to the message. Ethan's voice tells that he has been working on Miguel's case and he shouldn’t lose hope. "We can win this and we will." Miguel and Kay smile. They will be optimistic. Miguel knows that with Theresa's money and Ethan working on the case, he will be cleared in no time.

Fancy tells Luis that Ethan will find the evidence they need. The trial shouldn't be for another several months, so that gives Ethan time to look after the case properly. Luis realizes that this is the day that Fancy is graduating from the academy and he wants her to go to the ceremony. She doesn't want anyone else sitting with him. She was given the job to look after him and she will do it. She doesn't want anyone else from the station watching over him. She will be the one to do it.

Noah and Paloma arrive at the hospital and Fancy and Paloma hug. They did it! They graduated. Paloma shows off her new badge and hands Fancy hers. "Cadet Crane! You are now Officer Fancy Crane!" Fancy has done it and no one can call her a bimbo heiress again. Noah is happy for her and that means a lot to Fancy. She shows off her badge to Luis, who knows that she will be a great cop. That means a lot to Fancy…Noah tells Paloma that he is proud of her but reminds her that he can take her down at any time. They kiss.

Theresa tells Ethan what the 'Mysterious Figure' told her over the phone. He is going to wreak havoc in her life. The man…or woman knows every move that they make. Ethan could swear that Alistair is behind all this. This is just what Alistair would do. Theresa panics. The 'Mysterious Figure' told her that the trial dates are going to be moved up. Ethan tells Theresa that is impossible. He plans to beat this for her. The phone rings and Judge Reilly is on the phone. He tells Ethan that he has to be in court this afternoon. "It is regarding your clients Luis and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald and their trials." Judge Reilly announces that the trial dates for these two are going to be moved up. Ethan has a hearing this afternoon but he has to make this appointment. Theresa wonders what they can do to stop this. They decide to get dressed and get going.

"Good job judge," the mysterious figure says over Judge Reilly's computer. Judge Reilly is worried. He knows that Theresa has all the power in town. The 'Mysterious Figure' sets him straight. "I control you. I control Theresa. I control everyone in this town. And I'll destroy anyone who gets in my way!" the 'Mysterious Figure' says. Judge Reilly watches the show onscreen of the 'Mysterious Figure' in black silhouette, with hat and trenchcoat. The faceless figure now chuckles like the devil he…or she really is.

Ethan and Theresa can see by the way that Judge Reilly acts that the blackmailer has gotten to him. Judge Reilly can't be bribed this time. The blackmailer has too much on him. He has to do as he is told. After Ethan and Theresa leave the office, Judge Reilly looks at his computer and the little black figure of the 'Mysterious Figure' waves at him from the screen. Jared is very uncomfortable looking at that thing. "Oh, God, forgive me!" Judge Reilly sputters as he looks at the ominous moving picture.

Jessica can see that her father was worried when she returns from her walk. He thought that there was a chance Ethan she wouldn't return. He is dressed in civilian clothes now and hugs his daughter. He leaves her to go to the garage to get her old clothes. When alone in the house, she goes to her purse and takes out the Clearblue test. "One step and that's it. No! This is silly. I can't be pregnant!"

Miguel and Kay have come to the conclusion that Fox has to be told the truth. Even though he is sick, he needs to know that Kay is really in love with Miguel and wants to have a life with him. Miguel wants Kay to stop worrying. Ethan will deal with the blackmailer and things will be alright. Kay sees the news is on and she turns up the volume. "We interrupt the sixth hour of the TODAY SHOW to tell in an unprecedented move, Judge Reilly has moved up the trials for Luis and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald for their felony crimes."

Fancy tells Luis that he will be cleared of his charges. She knows it! He just has to have faith and believe that things will work out the way that they are supposed to. Luis couldn't do these things to anyone, especially the woman that he loves. Fancy wishes that she could show Luis how she really feels about him. He knows that there will be a day when they can finally make love. "I love you so much." Fancy leans in to Luis now and kisses him and it is fine. She isn't afraid.

In the hall, Noah and Paloma return with balloons and cake for Luis and Fancy. They peek in the room and see the couple is kissing. Paloma and Noah stay in the hall smiling. Things are finally looking up for the pair. Paloma feels that this is a sign that everything is going to be alright for everyone. Noah can see by the smile on Paloma's face that she really believes in the power of love, and what it can do in any situation if one believes in it. She believes that love will conquer all.

At the courthouse, Ethan and Theresa sit in the hall trying to brainstorm on how to get around this court appointment. If the blackmailer is controlling it, then they don't need to speculate about what the outcome of the hearing will be. If they can't stop the blackmailer, then it will be over and her brother Miguel will be sent to prison for life, and Luis will be executed. Ethan feels so responsible but Theresa knows that it really isn't his fault that all this has happened.

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