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Passions Update Thursday 4/5/07--Canada; Friday 4/6/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Ethan is with Theresa at the hospital. He wants to know what Theresa plans to do about being married to Jared. Theresa says its not his business. Ethan doesn't want his dream of them to be a family to go away. Theresa says she has no choice and she has to be with Jared.

Chad is still with Vincent in the hotel room remembering the first time he met Vincent. Chad brings up Whitney knowing that he is cheating on Valerie. Vincent tells Chad that she better not say anything.

Whitney is talking to Tabitha about the issue of Vincent cheating on Valerie. She wants Tabitha's advice but Tabby doesn't really help. Whitney decides to call Valerie. Val doesn't pick up so she leaves a message saying they need to talk.

Spike and Jessica discuss what happened at Tabitha's. Jessica doesn't believe what Spike told her about the monsters in the basement. Jessica tells him about her vision and tells him she is going back home. He says no. She decides to leave him, but will she really?

Noah and Paloma are together again. They decide to go to the carnival. They go to the house of mirrors. Paloma sees a demon.

Whitney dreams as she sleeps in her bed…Chad sits up beside her in bed. He worries about his situation and what could happen if Whitney ever found out that not only has he been cheating, but he has been cheating with a man…He remembers almost getting busted. He was in the bathroom waiting for her to leave the Safari Motel room…He can't let her know what he has done. Whitney gets up and hears Chad talking about what he has done. She asks him now what it was that he has done.

Kay wakes and finds Miguel beside her in bed and he is asleep. She reaches for him and rubs his chest. Miguel wakes and tells Kay that they haven't much time to get together anymore, so they should try and enjoy it. They should make the most of every moment that they get together now. He kisses her from head to foot, and ;she loves it. Every moment of it…Suddenly, Kay wakes and jumps. She finds that Fox is in bed with her, kissing her from head to foot.

Tabitha is in the kitchen and grabs the kettle when it whistles. The noise startles her and she is all jittery. She jumps to the stove and breathes a sigh of relief when the noise stops. She remembers the night before and how it affected her…She was spooked while in the House of Mirrors at the carnival. She felt evil and she was frightened. She grabbed her toddler and scurried out of there…She spills the coffee now as she pours it. she is nervous and this will not do at all.

Theresa is in bed sleeping alone…The door to her bedroom opens and Ethan comes over to her body and kisses her neck. She wakes and greets him with a proper morning kiss, returning it with all the passion that she has in her heart for him. He falls to her bed and she pulls him to her hungrily…Her fingers are almost digging into his back as she is thinking that this is the man that she really loves. She loves him, she wants to be with him most of all and right now they can be together.

Chad tells Whitney that he was only going to upset Whitney when she saw that he had cut his hair. She loves it. He was up and decided to get it cut…He remembers that he was with Vincent earlier…But now he lies, saying that he was at the office. He is about to make breakfast, but she stops him. She has to tell him something before Vincent tells him. "I lost it again. I promised that it wouldn't ever happen ever again." She has done something awful and hopes that he will be able to forgive her.

Fox asks why Kay was horrified when she woke up and found him kissing her just now. She had a look of positive horror on her face when she saw it was he. She says that she was just surprised to find him in bed with her. He finds that a strange way for her to answer his question. He wonders now who it was that she expected to find with her in her bed, besides him. She pauses at that question being posed to her and hoists herself up in the bed using her elbows to face him.

Theresa realizes that she is married now and she can't make love to Ethan. He thinks that her marriage isn't what it should be, so it doesn't matter. Ethan knows that he can help Theresa with this if she would only tell him what is really going on. She can't. He has to just believe her and know that the blackmailer will strike if she opens her mouth. Ethan knows that the blackmailer can't know that they are together right now. "I think you've appeased this creep's wishes long enough." In the wall, in the room a wall ornament has two little hole in it…perfect for someone to see through…

Whitney is really ashamed of what she did. "I thought you had gone to that cheap motel by the highway again." Chad fakes surprise and then Whitney tells that she went to the Safari Motel and barged into a room and instead of finding Chad she found Vincent. "I just can't even tell you how sorry I am. I don't even have the words. You know, I…I don't know what happened, I mean, I know better." Chad tells her not to worry about all that. She knows that he is positively incapable of doing anything like what she is thinking. Chad shouts at her to stop her apologize.

Fox is still waiting for an answer as to who Kay thought would be in bed with her besides him…Fox thinks of how he saw Kay the night before with Miguel…"Do you want to say his name, or shall I?" Kay tells Fox that he has things all wrong. Her brain hasn't been working well lately. She left Fox at the hospital last night and now he is in bed with her. He couldn't take the treatment anymore. "If there is anything that is going to make me feel better, it is being with you."

Miguel is in the hall of the house. He is upstairs, on his way to see Kay with the tray of food that he has in his hands. He didn’t spend the night with her but he will spend the morning with her and see how she is doing before she heads back to spend the day with Fox at the hospital. Miguel hasn't any idea that Fox is home in the house, and not at the hospital where Kay left him the night before. He also doesn't know that Fox has been watching the young pair and knows that they are still very much in love.

Endora eats her favorite breakfast Porridge, with chopped newt tails. Tabitha takes it away quickly. They can't risk Maria seeing it and figuring out what it really is. Endora is thinking about her father and Endora doesn't want that going on. She won't talk down about Julian in front of his daughter, but she can think it. Tabitha opens the window and a strong wind blows in and almost knocks her over. "That my child is what we call an ill wind. It's not one of my making…"

Theresa leaves Ethan in the bed and puts on her robe…The 'Mysterious Figure' peers at the two through the wall ornament in the room. Theresa is really worried. Ethan tells her that things seem bad now but it won't stay that way. He knows that if they work harder, they can get Theresa out of this mess and save her brothers. "It's up to you Theresa," Theresa Peeping Tom Rapist says from behind the wall as he watches the two. "You hold all their fates in your hands."

Chad doesn't think that there is anything for him to forgive when he hears what it is that Whitney is upset about. She tells him that he has her undying and unwavering trust from now on. He knows that. He loves her and he isn't ashamed of her losing her faith so quickly. He will not have her beating herself up anymore about this. Whitney will stop but she feels really bad about what she did. She thought that she really was going to catch him doing something wrong and she is just glad that she didn't.

Fox gets dressed now and Kay tells that that she is really worried about him. "I'm handling it," he answers. "We have to learn to live in the world and we have to appreciate whatever time we have left." Kay knows that what he is saying is true. She is his rock, and without her, he wouldn’t want to live. He wouldn’t be taking these treatments if he couldn't be with her. They kiss…Miguel is at the door and has heard everything that Fox has said. Fox can't go in the room right now. He knows that would only make things worse for Kay…Kay plans to go in to work for the day and he heads out. "What am I gonna do?" Kay asks herself.

Ethan feels that he can find something to clear Luis and Miguel. Ethan thanks Theresa for the money that she has been giving him access to. He is able to follow every lead and try to find evidence wherever it is. She hugs him and he can barely keep himself from making love to her. He settles for a kiss instead. But that isn't enough. He pulls her robe off and she pulls his shirt off. Next he pulls her nightie over her head and lays her on the bed to make love to her…"Bad Theresa! Very, very bad," the Peeping Tom Rapist says quietly as he watches the two go at it through the peepholes in the wall.

Chad wants Whitney to remember that he loves her and only her. She knows that but just forgets sometimes. She can't help herself. She is glad that she went to the motel room though. She found out that Vincent is a complete jerk. He had someone besides Valerie in the back room. She wanted to apologize to Valerie for barging in on them but she wouldn't come out. Then Vincent tells that Valerie wasn't in the bathroom. Vincent was there with someone else. He is a two-timing jerk. "He has some nerve if you ask me. And now I see why you have such a problem with him."

Tabitha's big blue pot has a lot of interference and she can't see. Something is funny lately with the weather, her nerves and now this. "Hocus pocus, end this mocus!" The picture in the bowl immediately clears and a scene of Kay and Miguel comes to view. Endora would like to see what is going on in the big blue pot, but Endora won't tell her. Endora wants her big brother Fox to be with Kay, so if she knew that Kay were with Miguel that would anger her to know end.

Miguel still doesn't believe that Fox is sick but he is losing his hair and looking just terrible lately. That is proof enough for Kay that he is ill and not pretending. He is also very weak and tired-looking all the time. Miguel wonders how weak Fox could be at the end of the day. He knows that Fox would love nothing more than to make love to Kay in spite of his condition, and that wouldn't be the symptom of someone who is really as sick as he is supposed to be. Kay tells Miguel to stop this talk about her husband.

Fox goes to see Judge Riley and orders him to get Miguel's trial up on the list as soon as possible. He wants Miguel in prison as soon as possible. Judge Riley poo-poos him. He can't make things happen right now. Judge Riley can't do this thing that Fox wants. Theresa has been pulling the strings lately and she trumps Fox and that is exactly how it is going to be from now on. She has been the one pulling the strings to get her brothers off and he has to stay loyal to her.

Ethan and Theresa are in bed making sweet, sweet love…The Peeping Tom Rapist watches everything. "You shouldn't have succumbed to his charms Theresa. Now look what you've done?" He…or she looks down at her…or his cellphone and sees the video of the 'Mysterious Figure' on it.

Chad wants Whitney to stay out of whatever is going on with Valerie and Vincent. She feels so guilty since she was the one that set them up. Whitney wants to save Valerie and feels that the girl deserves to be warned. She goes to the phone but Chad takes it from her. Whitney knows that it is were her being cheated on, she would want to know…Chad remembers how Vincent warned him about keeping Whitney's big mouth shut…Chad can't let Whitney get involved in this. he won't!

Miguel is angry when Kay says that Fox really seems to think that he was hit by Miguel in the car. She can't take anymore of this right now and she asks Kay to leave. Miguel won't do that. he reminds her that they have a child and he loves them both. He won't give up on them.

Judge Riley can't help Fox. Judge Riley has to do what Theresa tells him. Luis is up for trial first. Fox tells the old judge to switch the names and get Miguel pushed up for trial. BLING! Judge Riley goes to his computer and sees a video message from a 'Mysterious Figure'. The 'Mysterious Figure' tells Judge Riley to move the brothers Lopez-Fitzgerald up on the trial lists. If Judge Riley doesn't do as he is told, he will be exposed for cheating on his wife. A picture of a sexy brunette pops up on the screen and Judge Riley can see that this person means business. Judge Riley has no choice in the matter. There is a chance that he may never be called 'judge' again…The Peeping Tom Rapist stands behind Theresa's wall as he puts the message out to Judge Riley.

Ethan returns to the room with drinks for the both of them. He climbs back into bed with Theresa as they sip their drinks…"Bad girl, Theresa. You'll have to be punished for this!" the Peeping Tom Rapist rasps quietly.

Chad tries his best to stop Whitney from getting involved in Vincent and Valerie's relationship but she is adamant that Valerie needs to be told the truth. She already left Valerie a message to call her back, and now she will try again. She gets the voicemail again. "I really need to talk to you. It's important."

Tabitha can see though the bowl that Miguel and Kay are still arguing about Fox upstairs. Endora wants to see what is going on, but Tabitha quickly walks her out of the room instead.

Kay is kissing Miguel now but she thinks they should stop. Fox could walk in at any moment. Miguel doesn't care. He could lose Kay at any moment. He could go to prison and not be alerted as to when.

The 'Mysterious Figure' tells Judge Riley over the computer that there are other crimes and immoral things about him that could come out if he doesn't do as he is told. Again he is ordered to get the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers to trial as soon as possible and get them locked up and behind bars. Judge Riley sees that his life is at stake here and he can't have that. "To hell with Theresa Crane!" He will do as the 'Mysterious Figure' orders him to. Fox has been listening to the whole thing and he pats Judge Riley on the back when he hears that he is going to finally get what he wants.

Theresa is at home kissing her man when she gets a call. Ethan tells her not to answer it but she has to. When she answers it is the Peeping Tom Rapist who is actually watching her through the wall at the same moment he calls. He tells Theresa that she has really done it this time. She has screwed up everything by being a slut. Theresa can tell that the 'Mysterious Figure' knows that she has just made love to Ethan and she starts apologizing for what she did, promising that she will not do anything wrong after this. The 'Mysterious Figure' is out of patience and tells Theresa that she has really done it this time and that she is all out of chances! Theresa turns to Ethan now and tells him that she has done it. Everyone that she loves is about to suffer, and it is all her fault.

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