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Passions Update Wednesday 4/4/07--Canada; Thursday 4/5/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Noah and Paloma lay in bed basking in the glow of their lovemaking. They just experienced their first time together and it was great! She can't believe that he went to all the trouble that he did the night before to make things special for her. He decorated the wharf to look like the place where she grew up at her aunt's house. The gesture really touched her heart. It was inevitable that they ended up in bed together. They are glad that they waited to make love. Now they can make up for lost time.

Chad beats Vincent up. Vincent makes cutting remarks about how annoying Whitney is, and how she is stupid for thinking that Chad wasn't cheating on her. He feels that she is really being misled if she thinks that Chad loves her and no one else. Chad tells Vincent to shut up, but he doesn't. Chad rushes him and grabs him by the collar to drive his point home. Vincent tells that he knows that Chad loves him most of all, even though Chad proclaims that he only loves Whitney. Chad punches the man to a pulp.

Tabitha and Endora are at the carnival ready to have some fun. They can go on the Ferris Wheel. Endora wants cotton candy. I fake witch jumps out at the two and Tabitha is furious…Jessica is at the carnival alone and she smiles at what happened…She can go home again…Spike grabs her. He has been looking for her everywhere. Jessica sees that his hair is super poufy and she wants to know why. Spike is terrified when he spots Tabitha and Endora nearby. "She did it! She did it!"

Ethan and Theresa are at the hospital and he tells how Miguel's world is falling apart. Ethan will keep trying to fix things but he feels that it is worthless to try. Theresa knows that she is the one that caused all this. Ethan feels like he is the root of all this. He would like to help her brothers but he can't stop thinking about her. She wants him to realize that they can't be married. She starts shouting to the air. "Do you hear me! Are you listening to me right now? I married Jared. I did exactly what you wanted. Ethan is free of me forever!"

Noah can't make love right now even though that is what he would most like to do to Paloma right now. He feels like he has done something wrong and stops himself. She reminds him that they have already made love, so not doing it now is sort of a mute point. Grace raised him to be a perfect gentleman and he should have stayed away from her. He realizes that now. He is sad and sits up in bed to talk. He has news for Paloma, and it is bad for he and she; and it is permanent.

Tabitha gives the fake witch an ear's worth. "I despise stereotypes. Witches don't get old and ugly and grow hunchbacks. We stay…they stay young and vibrant. They take care of themselves…" Whitney comes over and Tabitha reports that this horrible fake witch scared her Endora. The woman apologizes to Tabitha and Endora and walks off…ZAP! Endora makes the horrible thing disappear from sight when she is out of Whitney's sight…Spike tells Jessica that Tabitha is a witch or something. Jessica finds that hard to believe. She has known Tabitha for her whole life and the woman is just eccentric!

Theresa is still shouting at the walls shouting for the 'Half-Man, Half-Woman' to leave her brothers alone and let her live her life. She has done everything that he…or she has been told to do. She wants her brothers to be left alone now. Ethan knows that this sick, perverted psycho is responsible for everything that has happened. Ethan will have Theresa undo her marriage when they get this psycho under control. Theresa knows that breaking it off with Jared will break his heart. Ethan wishes that he had seen the blackmailer but he had gauze over his eyes.

Vincent laughs as Chad straddles him and beats him up in a room at the Safari Motel. Vincent violently reacts to Vincent's ideas on what is really going on between the two of them. Suddenly, Vincent gets a leg up, and is on top of Chad, pinning him to the bed. Chad fights and fights, and that seems to be what Chad wants. When the fight is all out of Chad and there isn't anything else let in him, he pulls Vincent to him and they are hugging and kissing all over again.

Chad suddenly jumps out of the bed shouting that this was all just sex. Vincent laughs as he looks up at the man of his dreams. He sees that Chad is fighting it, but he knows that as much as Chad proclaims his 'straightness', he just can't do without their love. He can't love Vincent, Chad says. He loves Whitney. Vincent reminds Chad how he keeps running back, begging for more of their special kind of sex. Chad hates himself. If Whitney finds out about he and Vincent, he knows that it will kill her.

Tabitha tells Whitney that the old woman dressed as a witch was awful. Whitney thinks that Tabitha is overreacting a bit. "I hate witch-o-phobic people," Tabitha says. She has seen it hundreds of time. Something goes wrong in society and the next thing that you know, someone is having a bon fire burned under her…Actually, Tabitha had that done to her back in history…Whitney knows about prejudice. She has experienced it herself…Spike tells Jessica about what happened to him and how Tabitha has hell in her basement…He tells about the heat and the smoke and the creatures that were down there coming after him, dragging him to the flames in the basement…He luckily escaped out the tiny basement window, but still they were clawing for him.

Paloma is getting really worried now. She can tell that Noah is going to tell her something awful. She immediately thinks that this is about some disease that he has given her. He tells her that he is sick with love for her. She hits him on the arm, angry that he tried to scare her to death. He laughs. "You've got to forgive me!" He can't help the way that he feels when he is around her. He has symptoms. It is an incurable case. "I loveyou, Paloma, and I'm hoping that you love me too." They kiss.

Theresa goes over the emotions that she has been feeling since this whole thing started with the blackmailer. Theresa is married to Jared now and she can't see a way out of that. She wants Ethan to see what is really going on here. He thinks that she can change things but she knows that she is stuck with Jared forever. Theresa thinks that Ethan should get back together with Gwen. She tells him to call her, but Ethan doesn't want to do that. He wants to be with Theresa. He wants to spend the rest of his life with …Theresa…

Jessica thinks that Spike just had a bad batch of drugs. He says that the hasn't, and he refuses to go to the doctor. Spike is sure of it. Tabitha is a witch!…Tabitha tells Whitney that she looks a little upset and asks what that could be. Whitney tells that something did happen. "Well, I discovered something about someone I know, someone I thought I liked. You know, and trust me, it's terrible. I just don't know what to do, because what I found out…" Whitney would like to tell Valerie, but then again it really isn't her business.

Chad admits it. he wants to be with Whitney but he can't stop seeing Vincent. "You know you're just like the rest of them. Maybe if you stop lying to yourself, it wouldn't' be so bad. I remember the first night you walked into that bar, down at the piers, when you still thought that Whitney was your sister. You took one step in there and everyone smiled to themselves, marked you down as a first-time."…Chad came into the bar that night and it was full of men. Vincent approached Chad immediately. "Today is your lucky day," was his opening line…Chad remembers that night. "Walking into that bar was the worst mistake I've made in my life."

It is killing Ethan seeing Theresa married to Jared and having her refuse to pull herself out of it. He is starting to understand that she isn't going to end her marriage, at least not yet. He watched the end of it all at the doorway to Jared's room. Ethan asks Theresa if they have made love yet. They haven't. Jared is too weak for that. Ethan knows that soon, Jared is going to be better and want to make love to his wife. Ethan really needs to know what Theresa is going to do when that happens. How is she going to handle it?

Ethan feels that he has a right to ask this question of Theresa. She really thinks that this isn't any of his business. Ethan is taking things too far asking about Jared and if she will sleep with him when the time comes. Ethan feels that he has invested enough in Theresa and their feelings to ask this question, and he demands an answer. Jared will want to sleep with Theresa and so he needs to know what Theresa will do. She looks up into his eyes. Of course she will be making love to her husband.

Noah and Paloma lay in bed and he tells her that after things fell apart with Fancy, he never thought that he would be happy again. He feels silly bringing up Fancy's name, but Paloma is fine with that. she knows all about Fancy and Noah. It is common knowledge in Harmony. He is happy now, and that is all that really matters at the end of the day! Paloma is happy too. "Who knew that my friend's brother would become the love of my life?" The two decide to celebrate. The carnival is in town and so they decide to head over there.

Spike wants to go to the government about Tabitha and how much of a witch she is. His hair was standing on end from the fright that he got at her house. Jessica feels that he might have hallucinated the whole thing. She is sorry that he had a bad experience with Tabitha but she had a good one in the attic. She finally sees how she can get her old life back. She is going home. Spike tells Jessica that part of her life is over and done with. She knows what she can have and she is going to have it. "I am tired of being rude and crude and it's killing me Spike, and I won't do it anymore. I'm leaving." Spike grabs her. She isn't going anywhere.

Whitney doesn't give Tabitha the details of what happened with Vincent at the Safari Motel, but she does say that she has a dilemma on her hands and she has to figure out what to do about it. She could poke her nose in and alert a friend that she is getting screwed over, or she could let a friend get hurt really badly by finding this news out in time. Tabitha tells Whitney that she should leave it alone and stay out of it. It is clear to her that this person is going to get hurt anyway.

Chad and Vincent relive the early days…Vincent remembers how Chad told him that he wasn't gay. Vincent wondered why Chad decided to come to that gay bar instead of a straight one. Chad says that he only came in for a beer, and nothing else. Vincent could see right away that the guy was attached. Chad had just broken up with Whitney back then. He described her as beautiful, lovely and kind. Vincent likened Chad's story to a white-picket fence one he has heard before. Chad told the flaming Vincent that Whitney won't marry him. Vincent says that he loves women as well as men. To him, a warm body is a warm body. Vincent suggested that Whitney could see his gayness, even though Chad can't…Chad thinks calmly now on that first meeting with Vincent.

Vincent knows that Chad has to be tired of fighting and making up, fighting and making up. He wants Chad to make a clean break of it and end it with Whitney. Vincent knows that Whitney's heart is going to be broken at the end of all this. Chad knows that breaking it off with Vincent is the answer. Vincent finds Chad to be the problem. Now Whitney might go and tell Valerie that Vincent is having an affair. Vincent thinks that Whitney BETTER KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT!

Whitney sees toys and trinkets suddenly in Endora's possession and wonders where all that came from. Endora didn’t have that stuff before. Tabitha ignores her and runs off to the haunted house with Endora…Whitney decides that she will tell Valerie the truth, even though it is going to devastate her…Noah and Paloma arrive at the carnival and immediately get cotton candy. Next they head to the House of Mirrors…Tabitha and Endora are in the haunted house and they see some mirrors that distort their shapes…Jessica tries to get Spike's hands off her but he won't let go…Noah and Paloma go to the haunted house of mirrors and find it is spookier than they thought it would be. They have a couple of frights and then they are kissing.

Ethan hates the news that Theresa gives him about making love to Jared. She is going to treat him as if he is the man that she loves the most, just because she is married to him. He knows that there has to be another answer. Still he prefers that she tell him the truth. He has to face that she is a married woman and Ethan can't make a claim for her. He wonders what is going to help him get over this. He was finally able to be with her. "If I ever find this blackmailer. God help me! I will kill him!"

Vincent tells Chad that he better keep Whitney's mouth shut or both she and her husband will pay.

Whitney calls Valerie and leaves a voicemail for her. "I really hope you check your messages. And I'm sorry to be calling so late, but I really need to see you"…Tabitha and Endora are in the haunted house and Tabitha has this terrible feeling that someone is walking over her grave. Tabitha is actually frightened. She collects her baby and gets out of there…Jessica tells Spike, that if he touches her again, she will call the police. She shouts and Spike lets her go. He will make her come back. The Spikeman always gets what he wants…In the House of Mirrors, Noah and Paloma are having fun and then Paloma feels like ice water is running down her spine. She looks up at the mirror and sees a black and red…'Mysterious Figure' in the reflection. Paloma screams.

The nurse comes to get Theresa for Jared. She will be in for a minute. Ethan tells Theresa to go. "What choice do I have, Ethan, really? I have to go, I am sorry." He begs her not to leave him but she has to. She walks off.

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