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Passions Update Tuesday 4/3/07--Canada; Wednesday 4/4/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Luis is at the hospital recovering well. Sam, Eve, and Fancy are with him. Sam has to charge Luis with Dylan's murder and arson.

Sheridan finds out about Luis by watching the news. She goes to the hospital and yells at Fancy for shooting Luis. Sheridan also tells Luis that Fancy was the person who shot him. Luis isn't mad at her.

Sam comes back and tells Luis that he is not staying in Harmony. He is going to the state prison.

Ethan and Theresa talk about their relationship, blackmailer, and her brothers. Ethan also talks about being held by the blackmailer. Ethan sends a forensic team to the apartment. Ethan and Theresa kiss. The blackmailer calls Theresa and tells her that he/she knows about them in the apartment kissing. Theresa says she has to leave but Ethan won't let her. He says to tell him her secret and she refuses. Ethan says he wants them to be a family. He won't give up on them.

Whitney is at Chad's hotel room. She doesn't know that he is with Vincent. Vincent comes out to talk to Whitney. He never mentions that he is with Chad. Chad is still hiding in the bathroom.

Whitney decides that she is leaving the Safari Motel now that she has thoroughly embarrassed herself. She has apologized to Vincent for bursting in on his night of love with Valerie, but then she turns and asks to talk to Valerie…Chad cringes in the bathroom when he hears what his wife wants. she would like to apologize to Valerie for showing up there…Whitney goes to the door and twists the door knob…Chad runs to the tiny window at the ceiling to get out of the bathroom unseen.

Tabitha is in the kitchen with Endora while Tabitha cooked over a burning stove. Endora smiles at mummy as she cooks. She gets the jar with the 'Swarm of Happiness' in it and reminds her how she crossed trouble the last time they talked about it…Endora let 'Swarm of Happiness' out of the jar and the town of Harmony was nothing but goodness…Tabitha is cooking now, making a meal of hatred, greed and jealousy. She wants things to get back to normal and for people to be upset again.

Fox watches as Miguel makes love to Kay in the house. She said that she was going home to rest and look after Maria, but a nurse slipped up and said that she had seen Kay going on the roof with someone and so Fox ran up there and now he has tracked the pair to the house where they obviously can't get enough of each other…Fox hates that this is happening…he can't get the thought of Miguel and Kay out of his mind…"No one steals from me," Fox says quietly.

Sam has to transport Luis to the state penitentiary. He has no choice. The mayor has ordered it. Sam and Eve leave to get Luis's paperwork ready. Sheridan is on Fancy's back immediately. Luis begs her to stop that but she can't and won't. Eve comes back in and tells Sheridan that she has to keep her voice down. She wants Sheridan and Fancy to leave the room. She has to get Luis ready for the prison ambulance. Fancy asks Luis if he can forgive her. He can. She was just doing her job. In the hall, Sheridan hopes that Fancy is happy now that Luis is being charged with another murder. Fancy is distraught over this. Sheridan has some ideas and leaves to pull some strings to save Luis. She leaves. Fancy peeks in at Luis and Eve and is sad…"Help me god. How did this happen? I know Luis is innocent, but the evidence is stacked against him. He can't get the death penalty. He can't die!"

Eve knows that Luis is innocent of the terrible charges and she will make sure that he gets good care wherever he goes. She leaves the room and Sheridan comes running up. She has pulled some strings and has fixed things so that Luis doesn't have to go to the state prison. She tells Eve that if she doesn't give Luis the best care possible, there will be hell to pay. Eve/ is a little taken back by Sheridan's Crane-like behavior and she walks off confused. Sheridan turns to go and be with Luis but Sam stops her.

At the house, Fox watches through the window as Miguel makes love to his girl. He should have killed Miguel months ago when he had the chance. A car pulls up and so Fox jumps into the bushes. It is Ethan and he walks to the door and knocks. Miguel and Kay answer the door and Ethan tells that there is bad news about Miguel's case. Ethan is let in the house and the door is closed. Fox comes out of hiding and is happy to hear that Miguel's case isn't going as planned.

Chad tries to climb out the tiny window of the bathroom, while Whitney shouts out, thinking that Valerie is in the bathroom embarrassed to come out. This will have been the second time that she has been caught with her lover, by Whitney at the seedy location. Whitney plans to just come in and she reaches for the door. Chad is trying to hoist himself up to the tiny window to scramble out of there, but he can't do it. "Chad? What the hell are you doing?" Whitney asks when she sees who is behind the door she has just opened.

Whitney is confused by this. What could Chad be hiding in the bathroom for? The men stay silent and watch Whitney as the wheels slowly turn to give her the answers that she needs to unravel this mystery. Valerie is nowhere to be seen. Chad tries to explain but Vincent decides to take over and do it for him. He says that he didn't want Whitney to find out this way. "Chad and I are lovers." Whitney starts falling and Chad runs to catch her before she falls. Vincent smiles.

A puff of smoke flies out of the pot. "That's it! It's ready. Happiness, happiness, fly away home. Your house is on fire, your children are gone." Nothing happens and Tabitha can't understand it. "Happiness, happiness, hear my call. Return to sender, ere disaster fall." Nothing. Endora loves it! Nothing is happening. Her mummy can't get happiness back into the jar where it belongs. Fox arrives home and smells something funny. Tabitha asks if he is on vacation from the hospital. He pours himself some juice and looks miserable. Tabitha loves it. Endora blows her big brother a kiss and he blows it right back. Tabitha rolls her eyes.

Ethan tells Miguel that he should know that his sister has married Jared. Miguel knows that is wrong. She loves Ethan. Everyone knows that. Kay wants to hear all about this. Ethan tells that Theresa is being blackmailed by someone who knows a nasty secret about her. She was forced to marry Jared because of the secret. Ethan also tells that Luis was shot that same night. He has survived but things are not bad. Luis escaped from jail a second time. There was a bartender from the Blue Note who had something from Rae and Luis wanted to see it. Luis went there and then Sam and Fancy showed up and ended up shooting Luis. Whatever was in the envelope is long gone. Now Luis is charged with an additional murder. All the forensic evidence points to Luis and his fingerprints are all over the place. Kay hopes that Theresa's money is going to fix all of this. Ethan isn't sure that money will even fix this.

Sam knew somehow that Sheridan was different…better than the rest of her family. He sees now that he was wrong. He spoke to the station and found out that Sheridan fixed things so that Luis wouldn’t go to prison. Sam knows that Luis is probably innocent but he has to follow the evidence. "Watch it Sheridan. I'll pull you in for Aiding and Abetting, because I'm pretty sure you're the one who drove him up to the cabin. Luis isn't above the law, and certainly neither are you. He needs to remain under constant supervision." Sam calls Officer Barker to stand guard over Luis's room and not let anyone get near him. Sheridan laughs. He can't mean her. Actually, Sam means especially her.

Eve assures Fancy that Luis will be fine and only have a scar where the bullet when in. Fancy breathes a sigh of relief. He is out of the woods and will be safe. Sam comes over and asks Fancy again about how Luis got out of the cell. She can see that he still thinks that she was the one that let him go free for the second time. Fancy tells him again that she wasn't the one that did this. She knows that Luis isn't guilty anyway. Sam knows that any jury in the land would be quick to give Luis the death penalty after all this.

A nurse comes to Officer Barker and tells him that she has to give her patient his medicine. The officer moves and the nurse enters Luis's room. She goes to Luis's bed where he lays gently sleeping, and that is when Sheridan relaxes. She has gotten a brown-haired wig and has disguised herself as a nurse to get in there and it has worked. She knew it. Sam thinks that he is so smart. Nothing could keep them apart. She smiles as she looks upon Luis's beautiful face.

Whitney is livid. Chad has exposed her to all kinds of diseases by doing this. she wants to get away from him. Chad tries to touch her and she shouts at him not to. She gets out of there. Chad tries to follow her but Vincent holds him back. He thinks that this is for the best. Chad hates Vincent for all this. Vincent cackles now and Chad covers hiss ears to block out the noise…It has all been in Chad's head. It all never happened. He has just been envisioning the worst…Whitney is still trying to get in the bathroom but the door is locked. Vincent can't let this go on any further. He tells Whitney that Valerie isn't the one who is in the bathroom…Chad can't believe his ears. "No, you bastard. Don't you dare," he whispers.

Chad is holding his breath as he listens though the bathroom door…Vincent says that he is cheating on Valerie and didn't want to admit it at first…Chad could kill himself right now…Whitney apologizes and starts heading to the door again. Vincent knows that Whitney thought that her husband and was cheating but he says that Chad is too high-classed for that. Whitney tells Vincent that he could learn a thing or two from Chad who is the most honest man that she knows.

Ethan tells Miguel and Kay of the blackmailer's place and what he saw there. Every one in Harmony were in pictures that were hanging on the wall. The person is clearly watching them all. The pictures have since been removed though. Ethan returned to the place and nothing is there now. The evidence against Luis and Miguel is mounting and Ethan is getting concerned that he can't do anything about it. Miguel is sure that Fox is the one behind this.

Tabitha asks Fox what he is doing there. He feels awful but he had to get away and spend time with his wife. Tabitha has no idea where Kay is right now. Fox knows but doesn't want to talk about it. Fox looks at Tabby's stew and is disgusted by the pea green mixture of muck. Tabitha says that this is homemade modeling clay. When Fox's back is turned, a mist of green fog flies out of the pot. The spell is working. Tabitha has to rush Fox out of the room so he doesn't see anything that he shouldn't. The 'Swarm of Happiness' is everywhere. It has returned like she wanted it to.

Sheridan rubs Luis's head as he sleeps. She would do anything to get him out of there…anything. I just get so angry. I never used to be like that. But I do it out of love. I do it because I want o protect you. You're everything to me. You're my life. Everything stems from you." Fancy comes into the room behind the nurse and Sheridan suddenly realizes that she is cornered. She has to get out of there but she can't turn around or Fancy will see her face and know that her brown hair is nothing but a wig to be with Luis. Fancy moves closer to the nurse, but she moves away. When Fancy moves closer again, she realizes that something is terribly wrong. She grabs the nurse by the hair, and it comes off. "Aunt Sheridan!" Sheridan holds her head in surprise and turns to face her niece.

Fancy thinks that her aunt is losing her mind. She refuses to leave the room. Fancy says that she will be the one to take care of Luis. Sheridan feels that the woman who thinks that Luis is guilty of raping her shouldn’t be the one taking care of him. Fancy tells Sheridan that she will be arrested if she doesn't leave the room right now. Sheridan ignores her and goes to Luis's bedside. Sheridan begs to be allowed to stay with Luis. "Not a chance!" Fancy shouts at her.

Tabitha opens the door and lets the 'Swarm of Happiness' in the house where it belongs. Since the damn thing has been out and about in Harmony, people have been getting along and being good. She hates that. She! Herself! Even tap-danced at the sight of them. This has to stop! She gets her jar and scoops up 'Swarm of Happiness' bit by bit as it floats through the air. Endora claps with glee at the sight of it all. Tabitha has all but one of the varmints, but she manages to scoop that up too. "Now happiness will never reign in Harmony!"

Miguel sees that all his hopes for himself and his brother are dashed. Ethan has laid it all out for him and he sees that things are very bleak…very bleak indeed. He is going to prison for sure and so is his brother. His poor sister if married to the man that she DOESN'T love and it all makes no sense. Ethan is doing his best but this is above his powers. He has to think of something and it will have to be big, or Miguel and Luis will end up in prison…Fox has been listening and likes what he is hearing.

Chad continues to listen to Vincent and Whitney through the bathroom door…"you are a pig. You're the most disgusting form of human filth that there is." Vincent asks that he not be judged. He gets something from his lover that he can't get from Valerie. Vincent asks Whitney if she has ever tried something different. "give in to it Whitney"…Chad hears Vincent coming on to his wife and he doesn't like it one bit. He hopes that Vincent will not touch his wife, cause if he does…Vincent continues trying to work his magic on Whitney as she stares blankly into his eyes.

Whitney tells Vincent to get away from her. She loves her husband and she isn't interested in anything that Vincent has to offer. Vincent tells her that he has a great reputation… She doesn't care what he has. She gets turned on by monogamy! Vincent tells Whitney that she is crazy if she thinks that Chad isn't cheating on her! Whitney is done. She turns and leaves. "Coast is clear, lover boy. You can come out of the closet. Oops, I mean bathroom. My go. How do you stand her?" Vincent taunts. Chad rushes to the man he just made love to and grabs him by the collar. "You shut up!"

Tabitha rests easy now. She has gotten all of the 'Swarm of Happiness'…or has she. There is a tiny beam of light left floating around and it makes its way to Fox. Fox sees that Ethan, Miguel and Kay are returning to the room and he hides. Ethan tells the pair that he has to get going and he leaves. Kay is upset that Miguel is going to prison. Miguel only cares that Kay will come and visit him in prison if he has to go. He can endure anything but her being with Fox. She can't talk about that now…Fox watches everything.

Sheridan will not leave Luis's side. Fancy will get Sam then and have her aunt arrested. She leaves. "Fancy?" Luis asks groggily. Sheridan tells him that it is she and that Fancy doesn't believe in him and thinks that he is guilty as charged. Luis stares up into Sheridan's face as if wounded by her words. Sheridan smiles down on him, determined not to ever, EVER leave his side. She doesn't care that Sam is coming. She will deal with him when he gets there.

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